How do you keep coffee grounds out of a percolator?

How do you keep coffee grounds out of a percolator?

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  1. Honestly? The best way to keep grounds out of your percolator coffee is to not use a percolator! Percolators are the worst possible way to make coffee. At one time you could somewhat understand a person using a percolator if they went camping. But now that’s just not the case.
    Please do yourself a favor and switch to a different form of making coffee. Purchase a moka pot or an Aeropress. They cost about $30 US and make a very good cup of coffee. If you have internet access I’m sure there’s a way to get one to wherever you live. If you’re concerned about the paper filters in the Aeropress, spring for a permanent stainless steel filter and your problem is solved. Keep the percolator pot though. You can use that to heat the water to pour into the Aeropress.

  2. If you’re getting grounds in your drink using a percolator you’re doing something wrong like overfilling the filter or using the wrong filter (you are using a filter i assume?).
    If you actually meant a cafetiere/French press coffee maker i have some tips.
    Use a coarser grind to help stop the grounds getting past the mesh.
    Wait for the coffee to absorb plenty of water before plunging (the grounds will swell and clump under the mesh)
    Plunge slowly and smoothly to avoid grounds slipping between the mesh and the side of the jug.
    I might be English but I tend to drink more coffee than tea these days.

  3. How do you keep coffee grounds out of a percolator?
    Don’t put them in there in the first place.
    Why you’d bother to have a percolator and not want to have coffee in it is another matter.


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