How do you get a stronger brew from your Keurig?

How do you get a stronger brew from your Keurig?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how to make coffee stronger in keurig

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  1. A@A I have a Keurig VUE. The default is 6 oz. Touch the screen and go to the minus side and put it on 4 oz. When the machine gets done with brewing that 4 oz., open the top and put another pod into the machine. Touch the screen again because it has defaulted again to 6 oz. and put in down to 4 oz. When the brewing is done, you will have eight oz of coffee in the cup that will be very strong. Good luck.

  2. I am drinking the best kcup of coffee I have ever had -right now.
    my Kuerig is about 5 yrs old, I clean it regularly, but this morning it was acting clogged while I attempted to brew my coffee, it only leaked about 2 oz in my cup.
    I was getting upset, I didn’t want to have to go through a cleaning right now I need my coffee!
    I looked at my French press, no dang it, Too much work also, I have a half cup sitting here maybe I just drink it? No
    I remembered buying a hand kcup press from Walmart that I have never used, Presto MyJo,
    I pulled it out, nuked 6 oz of hot water into it and put that part used k cup into it, even while pressing I could SMELL. The coffee, not like normal, oh my this coffee is dark and rich and full of flavor. How did this happen??
    I do sometimes grind and press coffee and this actually tasted comparable? What , I’m serious
    i don’t know if the first drip into the coffee pod soaked into the grounds to release

    How do you get a stronger brew from your Keurig?

    flavor and then when I pressed the 6 oz of water through, idk, I’ll be experimenting with this. ???

  3. The key to making better coffee is to under extract. The best coffee comes from the grounds first then the over extract coffee comes last. So brew a short cup and brew a few more until you get the quantity you want.
    Those pods are ridiculously expensive. Buy good beans, grind fresh and brew strong. Use a pour over, like a Melita, not an automatic. Most automatic do not brew properly. Then tend to spot brew, i.e. over extracted the coffee grounds in spots and under extract in other spots.
    Note: Strong is always a matter of coffee to water ratio – not roast.

  4. Step 1: Unplug your Keurig.
    Step 2: Place it carefully in a cardboard box just large enough for it.
    Step 3: Place the cardboard box in a plastic bag.
    Step 4: Place the plastic bag with the other garbage.
    Step 5: Buy a real coffee machine such as an Aerobie Aeropress or a simple espresso machine, a simple burr grinder and a freshly roasted beans.

  5. The strongest roast would be a French roast. Even the Rite Aid or CVS French roast K-cups are better than any other medium roasts. But if you want a decent cup of coffee, just get an inexpensive Melita drip cone (that sits atop your cup or caraffe) and some paper cone filters (size 4) and pour the boiling water over your grounds. That will be satisfying. And make it French roast!

  6. Hi Justin,
    I keep a Keurig machine just for experimenting. Keurig is a machine I have a have/hate relationship with.
    It’s strength is in the convenience factor it offers consumers. For the manufacturer, it secures them lots of kcup business.
    However, it has it’s limits when it cones to producing a strong cup if coffee.
    So to answer your question directly I have the following suggestions:
    Use a refillable cup. Kcups are under-dosed (for those who want a stronger cup if coffee).
    Fill the cup to the top but do not tamp it down. I know this sounds counter intuitive. If you tamp it down you will choke the machine. Unlike an espresso machine, which uses pressure to force the water though the grinds, a Keurig machine does not have a boiler.
    If you have a grinder (burr grinder), adjust the grind setting one click finer. I am not suggesting to set it to fine (espresso), I am suggesting you set one click below what you would normally use.
    Generally speaking, the finer the grind setting, the more flavor get extracted from the coffee beans.
    Hope this helps you.

  7. We have one of these at my office and I’m happy to share! Here is how you can get the best brew out of your Keurig:
    Step One: make sure it is clean. I cycle a vinegar rinse through every so often to ensure it is clean. I’ve also dissembled it before to completely drain the water, but it’s very complicated. I don’t recommend doing that unless you have been or are planning to be away and not turning on your machine for a while.
    Step Two: use filtered water. Also, don’t forget to change your internal filter in your Keurig tank regularly.
    Step Three: buy a reusable K-Cup. Not only is it great for the environment, but it will give you more selection of coffee and it is easier on your wallet.
    Step Four: get whole bean coffee. I recommend grinding it fresh before putting it in your reusable K-Cup. Remember, lighter roasts have more caffeine, but darker roasts can have more of that full-flavor. So, it all depends on your definition of strong.
    Step Five: use the smallest setting. Do this even if it means refilling your reusable K-Cup and brewing multiple cycles to fill your cup. The smallest setting will send less water through.
    I know you asked about a Keurig, but I also recommend a french press for extra control of your coffee’s flavor and strength.
    Happy brewing!

    Victor Allen’s

  8. Sell your Keurig (eBay, Craigslist, whatever) and buy a better machine. I have a Keurig that I use for hot water, nothing else. For coffee I use an Illy as well as a Nespresso Vertuoline.


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