How do you clean a coffee maker with a cream of tartar?

How do you clean a coffee maker with a cream of tartar?

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  1. Use the cream of tartar as the leavening agent in a cake. Bake a cake, and brew some coffee.
    Then pour some (a cup?) white vinegar into the coffee maker, and settle down with your coffee, cake and a good book for at least half an hour. Overnight is even better.
    Then run the vinegar through the machine, and flush it with at least 2 loads of water.
    It is imperative to get all traces of vinegar out of the coffee machine. It does not make good coffee.
    It also doesn’t make a good cake.
    But cream of tartar is an acid, and will erode the limescale buildup in the coffee maker just like vinegar will. Dissolve it in water, put it in the coffee maker, let it sit a while, and flush. HOw much? No idea, never tried.

  2. I don’t necessarily disagree with the previous answer, which was adorable BTW. Although, I would recommend you used up the cream of tartar in the cake (or maybe a nice pavlova) and enjoyed that desert while you consult the manual for your coffee maker or wait on hold with the customer service department of the company that built the machine.
    I have worked in coffee, including machine sales, for many years. Using any foreign agent in your machine can ruin part or all of the mechanisms inside, and/or can void the manufacturer’s warranty. Not only that, but if corrosive liquids get into the boiler or attached pieces, the machine can breakdown or the boiler can even blow. I have had to deal with at least 20 incidents of people using the wrong chemical in the wrong part of their machines and trying to return them, and unfortunately it just isn’t covered.
    The manufacturer can tell you what chemical agents (or pantry agents) are safe for your machine, how much to use, and in which areas to use them.
    If you are simply looking to remove stains from the exterior pieces (pots or removable metal filter), you can try leaving them for half an hour in a sink with a bit of vinegar and baking soda, or fresh lime juice. Even better, go to your local cafe and ask if they sell or know a supplier who sells purocaff powder or tablets.


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