How do people drink hot coffee or tea?

How do people drink hot coffee or tea?

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  1. By placing their mouth to the cup 😉
    no but I guess it would depend on if where you are is hot or cold but usually I tend to wait until it’s bareable or you can always throw ice cubes in

  2. I drink hot coffee drinks almost every day. Sometimes they seem hotter than other days, and if I buy my drink, many cafes serve their drinks “extra hot”.
    I’ll share a secret: Overly hot drinks can hide poor quality. Nobody says you have suffer to enjoy your hot drink, and a good quality dr…

  3. Let me share with you how to drink hot tea.
    The first thing you need to realize is that the same cup of tea has different flavors at different temperatures . This is because the aromatic substances in the tea leaves will be more active when the water temperature is higher, so the aroma of the tea soup will be stronger. While when the water temperature decreases, the aroma will also diminish.
    The Chinese-style tea infusion method requires the use of the following three vessels.

    How do people drink hot coffee or tea?

    (Three vessels you need in Chinese tea style)
    tea infusing vessel: Gaiwan
    tea sharing vessel: Gongdao Cup
    tea tasting vessels: Pinming Cup
    The Gaiwan is used to infuse the (whole) tea leaves (multiple times).

    How do people drink hot coffee or tea?

    The Gongdao Cup is used to evenly share the tea soup with different guests.

    How do people drink hot coffee or tea?

    (Gongdao Cup)
    The Pinming Cup is a mini cup for each person to enjoy the tea soup.

    How do people drink hot coffee or tea?

    (Pinming cup)
    This process lowers the temperature of the tea soup to a certain extent, and it is recommended to take sips of the tea soup when you drink.

  4. Same as anything else that’s seems impossible at first: practice.
    Over time your lips and tongue get desensitized to heat. Just like chefs can carry seemingly sizzling frying pans in their hands while you and I badly burn ours.
    Just be patient. Blow on the beverage, sip it, inhaling a lot of air at the same time and wait a second before you swallow the liquid without also swallowing the air.

  5. YOu can drink it with a straw when you are drinking it higher than seventy degrees celsius as the hot coffee does not touch your tongue but you can keep some ice cubes in it to start enjoying the hot coffee or hot tea

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  6. A perfect cup of coffee or tea is served at a temperature at which u can sip without burning ur tongue.
    Coffee or tea is never served piping hot.
    Anyways, u’ll get used to it after trying a couple of more times.

  7. Although the coffee was extremely hot I drank it. If coffee is extremely hot, is it easy to drink? Although the coffee is extremely hot, it’s easy to drink. But it’s not safe to drink coffee extremely hot although my mother says that it’s safe. Extremely hot coffee is served at 85 degrees Celsius.

  8. Hello,
    There are many ways to drink coffee: latte, espresso, cortado, cafe de olla (mexican style coffee), mocha etc.. Have a look at this blog where you can find very tasty and easy recipes to prepare and drink coffee:
    Cookipedia: The Cooks wiki. Recipe ideas, food info, photos (search for coffeee recipes)

  9. Though everybody will face that at begining, the best solution will be drink water before tea or coffee, and then try taking hot coffee or tea that makes your tongue to bare the temperature.

  10. Nothing much really, you just don’t hurriedly drink it.
    You test the temperature with your lips. If it feel warm then it’s okay to drink because your lips are thicker than tongue.
    And the best way to cool down a hot beverage is by spinning the drink inside the cup by moving the cup. By making the water spin inside, the temperature of the drink drops rapidly. I don’t know how it works but I found out.
    If the cup is too full to do this then just use a spoon instead, it’ll be slower but you can still cool it down alot by spinning and blowing air into the drink yourself.
    Or if you want to have a taste yet don’t want to make the drink cool just use the teaspoon and sip it from there. Its small for a reason.


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