How do I open a successful coffee shop if I have $10,000?

How do I open a successful coffee shop if I have $10,000?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how to open a successful coffee shop

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  1. You don’t…….You couldn’t even pay a tenth of startup cost….Save 40x the amount and then you are talking….You are not talking Coffee Cart or Kiosk…. Your talking an Independent Coffee Shop……..Get Real…..

  2. starting any successful business all depends on your Market and Environment. For you to open a successful coffee business most importantly depends on your Location/Environment and the Quality of your coffee. Things you need to consider are
    The location of your Coffee Shop, where are you locating it and the type of environment. Is it a Busy environment, a Working environment e.t.c
    The Quality of the coffee you are selling and how good it taste, what are you adding together with the coffee, how do you package your coffee and your customer service.
    The Beauty of the coffee shop is another important thing to consider, how do you present your coffee shop and as we know, first impression matters and the eyes is always attracted to BEAUTY. The spacing and arrangement of your coffee shop will really matter, together with the first impression you are able to deliver onto and into the mind of the people.
    There still many things to consider especially when you study your environment, the right ideas will surely pop up and you need to know and deal with the minds of your customers, once you are able to do so, success is all the way. You can also contact me to help you out fix and arrange one or two things, to make your coffee business a success.

  3. You will go for thing for which you are planning so if you are planning to run a successful coffee business you can definately do it………….First of all is planning you must have to plan many things before you start your business………..
    location of shop matters alot………….choose location which is in reach of most of people
    First impression is the last impression – the outer look of coffee shop must be that much attractive that people just say that lets try it ones……
    Now opportunity comes to show your potential the outer look of your shop had set bait for customers and its your turn to set a normal customer to a daily customer………..
    Afterwards all depends upon your services……..good words cause you nothing pays you much………….
    Good luck…… can do it what you believe you can…….


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