How do I open a Dutch Bros. franchise?

How do I open a Dutch Bros. franchise?

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  1. First of all where are you planning to open one ? If it is for India they don’t presently have any concrete plans to enter here. They seemed to have recently put out a statement saying they have stopped franchising and they would only expand with company owned outlets in the near future. They were also giving franchises only to their employees or people who had worked with them, presently they seem to be giving franchises to only existing affiliates or franchises of Dutch Bros .
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  2. How do I open a Dutch Bros. franchise?
    I have heard that they are no longer offering new franchises, and are transitioning to a corporate-owned structure, but when they were franchising, they were only offering franchises to people who had worked in an existing Dutch Bros. store for a year, and to those who already own a Dutch Bros. franchise.
    So essentially, you’d have to have enough money to buy a franchise, AND to work for a year as a barista, with no guarantee that you’d even be offered a franchise after that.


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