How do I make hot chocolate using cocoa powder, with milk vs. without?

How do I make hot chocolate using cocoa powder, with milk vs. without?

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  1. This recipe here uses cocoa powder and milk. You should check it out. As for the dairy free version, you could use almond milk or other such substitutes. Hope this helps!

  2. 1. In a mug, mix three tablespoons of natural cocoa powder with one tablespoon of sugar.
    2. Add a little bit of cold milk (2% fat) to obtain a thick liquid.
    3. Heat the rest of the milk on the stove (75°C max). Milk burns easily, better heat it slowly and stir it. Alternatively, heat in the microwave.
    4. Pour the warm milk slowly into the mug while stirring at the same time, thus creating a delicious creamy layer on top of the beverage.
    Cocoa powder is the low-fat component of chocolate from which most of the coca butter has been removed. It makes it healthier and more soluble than chocolate.
    In addition, the use of coca powder allows a more accurate balance of the bitterness/sweetness of the beverage, according to one’s taste.

  3. Get dairy milk with 3.5% fat or more (no low fat aka white water!).
    Get dark chocolate with 70% cocoa or more.
    Have some sugar ready.
    Heat the milk but do not cook it; 75°C is enough.
    Rasp your chocolate and stir it into the milk – slowly.
    Add sugar ad lib.
    Enter paradise.
    A good rule of thumb is: 100g of chocolate on 1l of milk … to be improved according to personal taste.
    As this really is all about taste, get high quality chocolate with high quality cocoa butter, ideally made in Switzerland.
    Some gourmets will add a dash of dairy cream on top, others will add half a vanilla pod as a spoon replacement. From here on, you are left with your fantasy.

  4. I mix dark cocoa powder and coconut oil and a bit of honey. Add nuts (walnut or pecan) to the gooey mess in a pan. Then put it in the freezer. Trial and error until you get the best results.

  5. You will need some 95% to 99% dark chocolate or unsweetened coco powder, some whole fat milk or non dairy milk, some sweetener, and some of your favorite toppings. It is super fast to make and very delicious.
    You can add espresso to the drink as a mocha and you can also add in ice to make iced chocolate or mocha.
    Hopefully this helps 🙂

  6. This answer is posted here after Quora Content Review unmerged What technique can I use to ensure full emulsion of hot chocolate powder to my hot milk? from this question.
    For hot chocolate made with water, substitute hot water for the milk as follows:
    Put the cocoa powder (mixed with any other desired powdered ingredients such as sugar and cinnamon) into the cup first. Add a smaller or equal volume of your hot milk and stir to mix very thoroughly, wetting or dissolving all of the powders into a wet paste. Then slowly add, while stirring, the desired hot milk.
    Second-best is to add cold milk to the powdered ingredients, as above, and then heat the mixture.
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  7. Are you asking how to make hot chocolate for drinking, or how to make solid chocolate candies?
    A simple way to make a single mug of hot chocolate:
    Use about two tablespoons of cocoa powder and one or two tablespoons of sugar (you can adjust it to taste later) per mug of cocoa. In the mug or another small dish, stir the cocoa and the sugar together and then add 2 tablespoons of hot
    tap water or hot milk, and stir until smooth. Now fill the rest of the mug with hot milk and stir well, or add cold milk and microwave the whole mug. A splash of vanilla and a dash of salt will add the finishing touches!


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