How do I make good iced coffee in the office?

How do I make good iced coffee in the office?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “cold brew coffee for office

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  1. If I was you, I’d have rather ordered canned ready-to-drink Iced Coffee which taste much better then self-made coffee; as ice cubes dilutes the taste and makes it bitter. Only a cold brewed coffee possesses all the sweetness as well as other complex flavor characteristics of an iced coffee. Sometimes I work in the night shift so I ordered some BDB Iced Coffee from leading wholesaler and supplier Export Barn, they also have various flavors to choose from. On the other hand, buying in bulk from them is worth considering a deal.

  2. The longer you let the coffee sit, the longer it oxidizes and gets more bitter. But since you like Starbucks coffee I don’t think that will be a problem…
    Since the coffee is brewed already I would suggest wrapping a glass of it in ice (put the glass of coffee in a bigger container filled with ice) in order to not dilute it and cool it down faster than just put it in a fridge.
    However if you’re up for something less bitter with some acidity that will be a bit more refreshing I suggest to google for “japanese iced coffee” and “peter giuliano”. This recipe takes into account the use of the ice and brews accordingly. You’ll need freshly ground coffee and a coffee dripper for that though.

  3. If you’re tagging this to ask how Starbucks makes their iced coffee to try to emulate it as best you can, then here we go.
    Starbucks first of all, no longer sells the blend they use to make their iced coffee. A close comparison would be an African blend because of it’s high acidity which gives off a crisp taste when iced. I suggest Kenya.
    Next off is how it’s brewed. Starbucks iced coffee is brewed double strength because they immediately add ice once it’s done brewing. That way the ice melts-cools down the coffee and dilutes it back to what would be it’s normal state.
    After that, go forth and add whatever you’d like to it!

  4. At a minimum refrigerate brewed coffee before using it. If you refrigerate the coffee before adding ice, it will be much less diluted and taste better.
    The trouble with adding ice to hot coffee is diluting the coffee with way too much water. If you have access to an espresso maker you’re going to get a better product if you pour those shots over ice and add water. If you haven’t before used one, buy an Aeropress ($30) and use the company’s grinds to make concentrated coffee. That will get you pretty close to what you’re looking for.


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