How do I make coffee?

How do I make coffee?

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  1. For me the coffee press (aka French Press) is the best means. Because the grounds stay in contact with the water it brings out the richness in flavors more than a drip coffee maker.

    How do I make coffee?

    It mainly comes down to personal preference. So trying every method is best to determine what works best for your flavor preference. Just as with what type of coffee or blend you prefer.

  2. I
    my stove-top Bialetti moka pot. It is marketed as an “espresso” maker but I don’t know that it truly qualifies as espresso, as it isn’t pressurizing water at all.
    The result, however, is richer than a traditional brewing machine. It seems to draw the oils out of the beans much like espresso does.
    I have been told (by people in Italy) that this is the type which is most widely used in Italy and that the Moka is “legendary”. I’ve added cardamom, mint, and brown sugar in vari…

  3. My personal experience has been that the key is the temperature of the water. A lot of decent coffee beans in decent coffee makers come out burnt tasting because people use hot hot water. After boiling, you should let the water sit a little to cool off (195-205 degF is ideal).
    The second most important thing I’ve found is the grinder. Blade grinders are terrible. Preground coffee is better than blade ground coffee.
    If you can get the temperature right and grinds right, the brewing method is much more a matter of preference. I personally prefer my Aeropress in the mornings because it’s sooo easy to clean. Also, it’s literally the best thing you can get for the price. For French Press lovers, you can just buy the steel filter and not use the paper filters. You can get the same flavor as a french press without the cleanup hassle.
    I personally don’t like siphon or vacuum coffee makers because the coffee comes out too mild. I like the slightly bitter bite. But I’m also a fan of dark roasts.
    For iced coffee though, by far the best method is Cold brew ing. There is no other way ice coffee should be made.

  4. This question deserves answering in three acts:
    Act 1-Working and drinking coffee all day—Big drip pot with a good heating pad. I use a Cuisinart DCC-3200…14 cup and usually have to make about 8 additional cups a day.
    Act 2-Got some time and yet not a lot—French Press. Cuisinart temp controlled kettle and fresh ground beans from a (you guessed it) Cuisinart burr grinder. I’ve preferred Bodum presses over the years, they are high-quality and quite affordable.
    Act 3-Weekend and time is on my side—on weekends when we are not running around (quite rare), I get out the Chemex pot. Use the same kettle mentioned above and only Chemex filters. Probably the best way to make coffee…there is a technique to blooming the coffee grounds that takes time and patience—about same time I can get a pot going under the Act 1 scenario.
    These are the methods I use to make coffee. Act 1 is where I find myself most of the time, so Act 1 and Act 3 are genuine treats.

  5. I begin with two tea spoons of the delicious coffee of love and latte add milk and sugar and boil it. this is how I begin my mornings! the amazing coffee of love and latte keeps me fresh all day.

    How do I make coffee?

  6. You can use any filter (melitta pour over, v60, cloth filter, stainless steel mesh, etc.), or other equipments (espresso machines, moka pot, aero press, etc.).
    What you must pay attention to is that every method comes with some defaults. You can play with the defaults and create your own, but it’s better to start with the standard practice, for example:
    Standard water temperature is 96°-90° Celcius, this may vary, depends on what filter you are using. A barista friend of mine for example said you can use as low as 86° Celcius. So it depends on how strong you want it. The hotter the bitter.
    Grind sizes are vary according to each method, for example the espresso machines will use a fine grind, but you can’t do that on filters, even more, during cupping we will use the most coarse grind.
    Depends on how you like it, the darker the roast, the bitter, the lighter, it will taste more sour.
    To say which one is best is really depends on personal preference. Some people are espresso fanatics, most 3rd wave cafes prefer the v60 as standard practice.
    As for me, cloth/sock filter works the best, generally made out of organic cotton or food grade cotton, the brew is strong, the beans to water ratio is low, no paper waste, and easy to clean when compared to other home equipments such as french press or moka pot. Most cloth filters is marketed as “woodneck”

  7. Fresh beans. You do the legwork and decide your preference. Colombian Supremo is a good start.
    Grind ’em. Keep a couple days worth ground and in an airtight container. Freeze the remaining unground beans.
    Use a French press. Buy one, read the directions.
    Experiment with the grind until you hit it.
    Easy peasy. Great coffee and for pennies. No filters to buy.

  8. As it is said before, it is very subjective. Personally I believe that if you want to enrich the flavour of good coffee there are two specific options. Made in a espresso machine and made in a French press. Simply because you have control over temperature so the aromas of the coffee is still there.

  9. Ok, so u want to have a taste of coffee with that delicious aroma, huh?
    Nice choice.
    Now let’s get down to business. What and what do you need to accomplish your mission?
    You will require
    Coffee maker
    Paper or mesh filter
    Tea Cup or Coffee mug
    Black+Decker DLX1050B 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker is an excellent coffee maker if you don’t already have one. Click on the link and get yourself one immediately
    You wouldn’t want the coffee ground present in your drink. This can ruin the fun when sipping.
    That’s where the paper or mesh filter comes in. it will help you trap the coffee ground while allowing the liquid coffee to flow through.
    Of course, water is essential which you will pour into the reservoir of the coffee maker.
    You will also need the ground which is our coffee.
    Here’s something interesting about coffee grounds;
    hey, did you know used coffee grounds can be used as an exfoliating agent to remove dirt and dead cells from your skin?
    With a mix of coffee grounds and little water or coconut oil, you can use it directly on your body to scrub off dead skin cells.
    And there’s more, the caffeine in the coffee grounds contains antioxidant components that can help protect your skin from sun damage.
    Interesting, isn’t it?
    And finally, a teacup or a coffee mug to put our brewed coffee into for the tasting.
    So how do you begin?
    pour a single mug or more of water into the machine’s reservoir
    next, scoop your coffee grounds, place into the machine’s filter, and brew
    once it’s brewed, just take the coffee maker’s jug and pour yourself enough coffee to enjoy.
    that’s all the steps you need to follow when using this coffee maker
    sounds easy huh? it sure is.
    if you’re someone who likes to have coffee anytime, this coffee maker is highly recommended because it’s programmable.
    simply follow the earlier described steps and then program the machine to brew your coffee before you get there.
    That’s all there is to make a nice cup of coffee.
    Something you will like to try right away?
    Start here

  10. Whichever way makes you feel the most pretentious I think. So really it needs to pour over while twirling your handle bar mustache.
    Honestly, don’t overthink it. if you can tell the difference in the taste of your coffee between the varying methods, then go with the one that tastes best to you. I’ll stick my Mr. Coffee $12 coffe pot. I will say though that if you aren’t grinding the beans freshly and use them immediately, you are clearly not worthy of living. I use a $20 burr grinder that does just fine.

  11. There are several ingredients you need to brew coffee well, and I will list them below. My opinion is to use the V40 pour-over as your first foray into quality coffee brewing. Most of these things are also useful if you have a machine.
    Good coffee – I prefer medium roast since you get a more even flavor profile.
    A good grinder – A conical burr grinder does the best job of attaining an even grind and this is crucial for an even extraction.
    A good filter – I suggest Hario V2 filters used in the V40 funnel.
    A kettle – This is not as important and you can use any kettle, but the long neck kettles with thin spouts are specific made for pour-over and do function better.
    A scale – A scale will help you measure the coffee in, and water out. This important for getting a baseline to tune from. If you want more coffee flavor you can add more coffee or use less water. I would start with a 1:16 ratio to start (1 gram of coffee to every 16 grams of water).
    Other than that, it’s just a few more details in the actual brewing that will make a positive difference.
    Boil your water and leave it sit for 30 seconds before you pour it on the coffee. Pour about 50 grams of water onto the coffee and let it “bloom” for 30 seconds. Then, pour water onto the coffee grounds in a clockwise circular motion and keep it saturated, but not over full. The longer the water spends with the coffee grounds the more bitter it will be, so nurse it slightly so it doesn’t dry out (this changes the temp), or isn’t sitting in a bath for a minute.
    Your extraction should take about 3–4 minutes. If it is taking longer, make your grind more coarse. If it is going too fast, make your grind more fine.
    I HIGHLY recommend using the scale even for a machine brewer to regulate the beans in and coffee out. It will up your game.
    I HIGHLY recommend getting rid of that POS blade grinder. It makes both powder and boulders of coffee in the same grind and will not extract evenly no matter what you do. It also damages the coffee bean because the blade heats up and burns the bean each time it smashes into it. Burr grinders “crack” the bean ever smaller without developing as much heat.


  12. I come from the UK.
    In short a lot of us drink instant coffee.
    Boil a kettle, spoon a tea spoon of instant coffee into a mug. Pour in water and milk as desired.
    In Hong Kong it’s even easier. You buy a bag of coffee sachets with creamer and sugar already mixed in. You pour it into a mug and add water. Or you put it in a paper cup and go to 7–11 and use their hot water machine 😀

  13. There can be an element of preference if “best” is not defined.
    In the world of Specialty Coffee (see What is gourmet coffee? ), I feel safe in saying that the “best”method of brewing coffee is one that brings out the exceptional qualities of a given coffee, while minimizing “roasty”/charcoal characteristics, and does not leave any flavor of the filter.
    For this reason, paper is almost never good.
    It is also assumed you are grinding your own beans, just before brewing, with a burr grinder on the proper setting.
    Swiss Gold reusable filters are good
    French Press is good (no filter)
    Pour-over is good.
    I love pour-over. Personally, If you aren’t using French Press, I feel the best is a pour-over/melitta is best.
    Otherwise, a gold-filter, and pre-heated water, in a mr. coffee. Pre-heating is important because most home-brew systems can’t get an even temperature.

  14. Grind coffee . It is important that the coffee be ground coarse and with a quality burr (rather than blade) grinder.
    Add coffee to pot.
    Add water.
    Start timer for 4 minutes.
    After 1 minute, you should stir grounds in the pot.
    Put press/top on pot.
    Press the pot at exactly 4 minutes.
    Pour the coffee .
    The standard ratio for brewing coffee is 1-2 tablespoons of ground coffee per 6 ounces of water – 1 tablespoon for lighter coffee and 2 for stronger coffee . That 6-ounce measure is equivalent to one “ cup ” in a standard coffeemaker, but keep in mind that the standard mug size is closer to 12 ounces or larger

    How do I make coffee?

  15. Brew 3 tablespoons of Organic Coffee, add hot filtered water, proceed by adding the goodies of Organic Grassfed Milk, Organic Half & Half, and 1 packet of Organic Stevia.

  16. You can prepare coffee any number of ways. As far as Tate goes I prefer and recommend a French press. Coffee is added to hot water in a jar and allowed to sit for several minutes. A mesh lid and plunder is then added to the top and the mesh is pressed down separating the coffee. Then the coffee is poured into a cup for drinking and the apparatus cleaned. It makes for a very rich bold cup. The next best is cowboy coffee. Water is added to a pot and bought to a boil. Then you add your coffee and a lid and cut off the heat. Allow the coffe to rest and separate. You can pout it thru a fine mesh filter or allow the grounds to settle in the cup as you sip it.

  17. There is no single best way. Coffee made with one type of coffee beans can taste great with one brewing method and really shitty wit another one.
    I used to make my coffee with a Melitta filter for a long time and didn’t care for coffee made in a French press which I tasted at a friend’s house. Much later I realized he was not using the correct way. When I tried it myself, I really liked it and now prefer it way over the paper filter method.
    As an aside, to avoid the paper taste and the absorption of important flavor components of the coffee, you should wet the filter with hot water before putting the coffee grounds in.

  18. I use the pour-over drip method. (NB: This isn’t the same as an automatic drip coffee maker.) Specifically, I use the Chemex and their filters, though the brand isn’t important. The French press is a good backup, but it isn’t my favorite.

  19. Line the basket of your coffee maker with a filter. Grind coffee beans to medium or medium-fine grind size. …
    Pour enough water into the filter to wet it completely, and let it drain into your cup or coffee pot. Discard the water.
    Measure the ground coffee into the wet filter

    How do I make coffee?

    How do I make coffee?

    How do I make coffee?

  20. I usually use an automatic drip coffee maker. It is quick and convenient, and makes coffee the way I like it.
    I also like coffee from a French Press, but do not happen to have one now.
    Sometimes I will make some using my Vietnamese phin coffee maker, but the traditional sweetened condensed milk is not good for me…diabetic, so I do not use it often.

  21. I prefer French Press Method. This is the process you can follow:
    Heating the 300 ml water to boiling point.
    Pour some of the water (~50ml) into the french press to preheat the press.
    Leave the other water uncovered while doing the following 2 steps so that water cools down to 190 °F or 90 °C (because I have heard this is the best temp for coffee).
    Grind 2 tablespoons of coffee beans.
    Empty out the water from the french press and put the ground coffee in the french press.
    Pour water slowly up to 200 ml mark and cover the lid.
    After 4 minutes empty out the french press into a mug.
    I wrote about it in more detail here: How to make Coffee in a French Press?

  22. Hands down, my favorite method is a conventional cheap pour and drip electric coffee maker, the kind generically called Mr. Coffer, though I use a Black and Decker we bought for maybe $15 US. I find the fancy ones of this type make coffee stronger than we like. I dont like the totally pale taste of cold brewed. Espresso is nice once in a while but we just go out for that. Day in and day out, for regular coffee, buy good coffee, keep it in the freezer! to keep it fresh, and pour the water and you will get coffee cheaply and delicious.

  23. I like making the Nescafe INSTANT coffee….half milk half water mix the coffee and sugar and a splash of milk up until you have a “coffee cream” THEN add your hot milk/water mix. Because it’s delicious, black brewed coffee makes me gag I’m weak.

  24. It would be better to discover what kind of coffee you like. I don’t like the one made with a French press, it is too watery for my taste. I only use moka (Italian coffee machine) to make my coffee.

  25. I thought it looked cheap at first glance but a local roaster recommended I try out the Clever Coffee Dripper. It combines the steeping of the French press with the filtration and cleanup of a filtered option.

  26. The best way is the way you like coffee. The usual standard is 6oz of 200- 205 degree water to 7 grams of medium grind coffee for pour over or drip.

  27. I once read a joke about making the perfect cup of coffee. It was essentially all the mutually exclusive tips (including for different preparation methods, IIRC) everyone gives all combined with some of the most useless ones (eg buy freshly ground beans for every cup, even if that means you have to make several trips to the roaster for a whole pot). The point of the joke was that there’s no one way to make perfect coffee, it’s all a matter of taste.
    PS, if anyone can find the joke, I’ll be very grateful. Haven’t been able to find it in years.

  28. Make sure your coffee maker is clean.
    Line the basket of your coffee maker with a filter, and grind coffee beans to medium or medium-fine grind size.
    Soak the ground coffee in hot water long enough to be sure that all of the grounds are soaked, but not so long that they start to break down and turn bitter.
    Pour enough water into the filter to wet it completely and let it drain into your cup or coffee pot.

  29. Both of the previous answers are good but forgot the single most important element in a great cup of coffee: the coffee.
    Because nothing you do for preparation is going to make a crummy blend or mediocre single origin taste great.

  30. I use a Melita cone filter. They are about $6 and come with a clear glass pot. It’s great because there is very little mess (compared to say, a french press). They don’t keep the coffee warm, but most coffee makers over cook the coffee anyway.

  31. there are few ways you can prepare a coffee.
    coffee press- the most convinient way to ground to cup. you could sinply heatup a cup of water via microwave(around 1:30 mins), 1 scoop of ground coffee, then pour the hotwater, press slowly then pour back to cup and enjoy. you could heatup the water via other means, the process is quite straight forward, this is my usual process in the morning, usually this is faster than the rest.
    just filter in a cup – almost same as coffee maker but the difference is you have to preheat the water, usually good for one serving, unless you buy the container with contraption stuff.
    coffee maker – easiest, but washing is not fast nor easy. my only issue with this process is the amount of excess if youre going to create just for one person, eg you.
    expresso machine – quite expensive, noisy, but you could create few types/mixed of coffee. almost same process as coffee maker, but have intimidating knobs and dials(depending on the model)
    cook it – mix water and coffee, not the best way to create a coffee, you still need to dril it on filter, but will give you strong flavor(or might be overcooked coffee taste), this is my fathers way to create a coffee(atleast for me, they use instant gor themselve, im the only one on my family appreciate brewed, expresso or americano)
    so far thats the way you could create a coffee, some are more of a tradition or just for convinient.

  32. Make sure you buy good quality and recently roasted wholebeans from a reputable coffee roaster whose roast style you like. Then whenever making a drink you should ideally grind the right amount of beans fresh every time with a burr grinder (electric or hand). Brew with a starting ratio of 60g of coffee per litre of water. E.g. 15g of coffee to 250ml of water. Add more coffee if you like a stronger cup and less if you prefer weaker. Depending on the method you are brewing with you’ll need to use a different grind size. E.g. quite fine for espresso or medium fine for filter. Use good quality water with a ppm of close to 150 when brewing (98 degrees in the kettle so the slurry temp is near 94 degrees). You can experiment with different origins to find your ideal flavours and then different processing methods and varietals if you want to go further. Sit back and enjoy!

  33. Coffee can be made using milk sugar coffee powder, u need to mix them well, add Coffee and sugar into milk according to your taste. I will always prefer coffee made by love and latte.

    How do I make coffee?

  34. Basic Instant Coffee
    1 cup (240 mL) hot water
    1 to 2 teaspoons instant coffee
    1 to 2 teaspoons sugar (optional)
    Milk or creamer (optional)
    Cocoa, spices, or vanilla extract (optional)

  35. After trying about every brewing method under the sun, I have finally settled on the simple $2.49 single-cup plastic cone filter. I prefer paper filters to direct-grounds-contact type of methods like the French Press because I think the direct contact tends to lead to overextraction of the beans. With the paper cone filter you have better control over the amount of time the water stays in contact with the grounds.
    For water temperature, 198 degrees is optimal.
    For the grind, a burr grinder set to a relatively fine (though not espresso) grind is best.

  36. Just mix the below 3 ingredients
    1. One table spoon of coffee powder
    2. Hot cup of Milk
    3. Two spoons of sugar
    In case of Black Coffee, replace Milk with Water.

  37. I either put a capsule in my Nespresso in machine and press the button. t the same time I heat hald a mug of milk in the microwave. Then I combine them and drink.
    Other times I will put a teaspoon of instant coffee in my mug, fill it with boiling water and a splash of milk on top…

  38. I love my keurig. One cup at a time and always fresh.
    What more could you ask for except a butler to deliver it to you in bed eac morning?

  39. I heat up a cup of milk in the microwave 1.5 minutes. Once hot, I stir in a small amount of instant coffee granules. Si Café is the best, with hints of chocolate. I stir in a spoonful of sugar, and, voila! Done! ☕

  40. In agreement with previous answers, it is subjective to one’s taste preferences. But personally, I strongly feel that french press coffee is definitely the best choice.
    Using a french press gives you the best experience since the oils of the coffee are not filtered out, so you get a cup full of flavor and aroma. The key to getting good results are: using high quality, fresh beans; grinding the coffee correctly; using clean equipment and filtered water, and correct timing in the process.
    I suggest reading this article for more detail on making french press coffee:

  41. There are many great ways to enjoy coffee, and it all comes down to personal preference, but I’ll tell you my favorite way to prepare coffee. I like the high caffeine content and smooth dark roasted flavor of Death Wish coffee. I use a hand grinder to grind fresh whole beans to a fine grind, and then pack them into a moka pot, also know as a stove top espresso maker. I drink coffee every day, usually brewed by my Ninja coffee machine, but the moka pot is what I use when I truly want to treat myself.

  42. Jack’s Log Cabin Coffee Recipe
    4 heaping or 5 level scoops of Folgers ground coffee (the huge tub you find at Costco)
    Fill the glass coffee pot with water*to approximately the 8–10 level
    Start coffee maker
    Sit and wait while playing Solitaire
    *Must be water from the sink with the drinkable water

    We are all in a hurry now, very little time and we let ourselves be conquered by the comfort and variety of the capsules but, allow me, coffee is another one for me. In this article I will reveal the right conditions for making coffee with the mocha !
    make coffee with the mocha
    When Mister Bialetti invented the mocha in the 1930s, it quickly became part of all Italian families even if the wonderful Neapolitan or “cuccumella” remained in use for some time in Southern Italy .
    Hearing that unmistakable grunt and that heady aroma in the air has always made me hypnotic. I breathe it all to then enjoy a cup of coffee in full, without sugar and without haste. Every time I have to make tiramisu then it is a magic even just for the preparation of coffee with the mocha. This makes it as intense as I like it.
    It seems easy to use this institution object but not everyone knows the instruction manual perfectly. These are also linked to the operation itself as well as the result, to obtain a good coffee in a workmanlike manner!
    Some are certainly well known to you and you put them into practice every day but in my opinion dusting them off is always good … don’t worry, however, it is not a lesson, just a “coffee” in the company as they say here in Milan!
    Water. It must be as limestone as possible so make sure of this if you want to use tap water. Purists use only the mineral and cold one
    Amount of water. The boiler must be filled up to the valve and not beyond. Some, like me prefer to go as far as touching it, others half way through the valve, others still to cover it but not to exceed it. The important thing is that the filter, once inserted, does not touch it
    Press or not press. Although many are used to pressing as much coffee as possible into the filter, it should not be done. The water in this way would create only a few channels without involving the whole dose. The ideal would be to add the right amount of coffee and try to distribute it evenly in the filter and at best just beat it lightly on the work surface. In Naples we speak of “a muntagnell” of coffee in the filter
    A classic mocha is usually for three people, so the ideal would be to use 150 ml of water and 15 gr. of ground coffee
    Quality. It varies according to taste obviously. One suggestion, however, would be to try grinding whole coffee beans at home. A beautiful moment!
    Fire. I recommend, the stove must be very low. The water would boil risking to escape from the coffee maker and above all to filter the coffee too violently
    Does it taste like burning ? It means that the water temperature was too high exceeding the boiling point! If the coffee is watery and not very intense then it is likely that the coffee in the filter was too pressed and that you waited too long to put out the fire, completely running out of the boiler water
    Timing. Coffee must not gurgle too much and above all must not splash from the nozzle. Turn off the heat as soon as the mocha starts to mumble and enjoy the time in which the last dose of intense beautiful coffee settles, releasing all its aroma
    After. The moka must never be washed with detergents. Aluminum will have a reaction that will affect all upcoming coffees. You can remove the coffee from the filter and rinse everything only with hot water
    There is a poetic verse by Thomas Stearns Eliot that I love very much. It reads ” I measured my life in coffee spoons ” and I find it very true because for us Italians coffee is a daily pleasure. It is a habit that makes us in a bad mood or does not make us feel right if not respected. It is the culmination of a joyful lunch with friends, an almost sacred moment all to itself.

  44. My wife and I have been a long time fan of the Chemex but recently we switched to a Kaliata Wave. I feel like it is a great balance between the clean thin taste of a Chemex and that flavorful bold taste of an Aeropress.

  45. Jack’s Log Cabin Coffee Recipe
    4 heaping or 5 level scoops of Folgers ground coffee (the huge tub you find at Costco)
    Fill the glass coffee pot with water*to approximately the 8–10 level
    Start coffee maker
    Sit and wait while playing Solitaire
    *Must be water from the sink with the drinkable water

  46. This is a broad question. It will be easier to answer if you provide what type of coffee you’re making. A recent observation is that a number of people are drinking black coffee. I prefer medium roast powder for this. So, you’re going to get a lot of answers. I like south Indian filter coffee and I’ve written about it here How do I make the all time favorite Indian filter coffee perfectly at home? and here How can I make the best cup of coffee without any extra materials than a packet of coffee powder, milk, water and sugar?

  47. Put water into top of coffee machine, turn in on…. but then I go to mine old coffee machine, electrics no longer work, so I’d put coffee from other 1 through this 1s filter, so put a little milk in mug, then up to ½ full with cold coffee from this 1, microwave for 1¾ minutes, top up from 1st machine (which is re-using coffee grounds from other 1, so = weaker).

  48. For me it’s easy. Turn on the hug to boil the water. Get a mug and table spoon. Get the instant coffee. Nescafe or Maccona usually. Add a heaped tablespoon to the mug. Add boiling water sweetener and milk.
    If outside a flat white. Full cream milk and sweetener. Flavour might vary a bit but for me it’s hot and has caffeine….

  49. The Clever brewer is easy to use and clean up, offers consistent results, is very forgiving, and is easiest brew method to use without a gooseneck kettle and a scale (both of which I would argue are necessary for consistently good results with any pourover method).
    Clever Coffee Dripper | Prima Coffee
    My favorite brewing methods are the V60, the Kalita Wave, or the Chemex. The Aeropress is nice sometimes too. I wouldn’t consider any one of these “the best;” they interact with the coffee differently and therefore present very different results from method to method.

  50. How do we make coffee?
    How could I possibly know, without watching and/or studying your coffee making methods?
    Oh well, I could just ask you..
    So pray tell, how do you lot make coffee?

  51. The best method is the one which yields the tastiest coffee. What you call the tastiest coffee might be different from my favorite coffee.
    I mostly drink a double-steeped filtered cold brew made with light-roasted average-acidity ground coffee beans, with some cinnamon and vanilla-flavored soy milk added.

  52. Prepare a cup of coffee:

    How do I make coffee?

    Pour water into a saucepan and place it on the stove. Be sure you use more water than you normally would use if you were using a coffee maker.
    Add the coffee to the water and stir the coffee/water mixture.
    Turn the heat on your stove to medium-high and bring your coffee to a boil while stirring it occasionally.
    Once your coffee comes to a boil, allow it to boil, uncovered, for 2 minutes.
    Remove the pot from the heat and turn off the oven. This will allow all the grounds to sink to the bottom.
    Allow the coffee to sit in the saucepan for about 4 minutes.
    Slowly pour your coffee into a cup or using a ladle, slowly fill your cup with the coffee.

  53. Here’s how to I make what I think is great coffee using a french press. What I tell you next will pertain to one cup of coffee, but you simply multiply by the number of additional cups if you want more than one.
    Put 2 level (important – please make sure each is level) scoops of ground coffee info your French press. 2 scoops is equivalent to 1/4 of a cup. Wait on doing this until your water is boiled and ready to pour in. As soon a you let coffee grounds sit in the open air, the taste characteristics will start to change, so wait until you are ready for the water.
    Pour 8 ounces of hot water into the French press. If using the French press that I use above, pour water to the top of the second horizontal or vertical lines from the bottom (*see picture below) . Note – After trying, if this is a little too strong for your taste, then experiment by using 10 ounces of water the next time.
    Stir the coffee and water for about 20 seconds. This ensures that all of the grounds have a chance to get well saturated with the water.
    Put the plunger filter top in the French press and push down to it reaches just above the top of the water (not touching the water).
    Now, let it sit for about 4 minutes. Don’t go longer than that.
    Make sure the opening at the pour spout is swiveled to the open position.
    Finish it off by pushing the plunger filter all the way down.
    Pour into your favorite coffee cup, take a good smell to take it all in, and enjoy!


  54. Remember that taste is subjective and it may be that you like one way a little better than others. However, there are some ways to brew coffee that tend to provide more control over the brewing parameters. Because of the ability to better control the brew parameters, these can be classified as “better” methods… what method of those you like will be considered the “best” for you.
    In the land of manual brew methods, there are many options (the Clever, Syphon, Beehouse, Chemex, and others). Check out for some great videos and tips on how to brew with each.
    My three* personal favorites of coffee brewing methods are:

    How do I make coffee?

    1) Aeropress – makes a really great cup that brings out a variety of flavors (though if you have bad beans you will still get bad coffee) and is quick and easy to brew with and clean up. Many, many different ways to brew with this little guy (my favorite is the inverted method – go check it out on youtube)… and best part? Comes with 350 filters.

    How do I make coffee?

    2) Hario V60 Pourover – the V60 has a unique design which pushes the water through the grounds out to the sides of the funnel instead of directly down. This more evenly distributes the water so some grounds are not getting overextracted. Of course, because of this, a highly accurate pour rate is required… which is why you will generally never hear of someone using the V60 without some sort of pouring kettle. The pouring kettles’ long thin spouts give the control necessary to get a fantastic cup.

    3)* ADDED 2/27/12: as time progresses since this question was first asked, technology also progresses. In terms of automatic makers, Technivorm has always had a good brewer that actually heats the brew temperature up to ~200 deg F, but it is also around $300. Bonavita has now answered the call for a more affordable automatic coffee maker that heats water to the required specs as well (195-205 deg F, the brewer is SCAA certified) in a proper amount of time. As far as automatic brewers, this is the best I’ve seen for the price ($129 glass version, $149 stainless thermal).

    How do I make coffee?

  55. WATER WATER WATER. Clean, fresh, filtered cold WATER
    COFFEE – good beans, roasted to the desired degree, ground properly
    MIX – 1 part coffee grounds to 18 parts water, the standard strength. So 1/2 ounce (15 gm) of coffee to 9 ounces (270ml) of water = 9 oz (270ml) of coffee.
    PREPARATION – I use French Press. It mixes loose coffee with water and it can all circulate freely, properly extracting the flavors from the coffee. Drip coffee makers are ok, but the coffee doesn’t stay in contact with the water long enough, and so the brew isn’t as flavorful.
    Steep for 4–6 minutes if using a French press. Never more than 10 minutes. Coffee has lots of flavor compounds. It takes time to get the good stuff out, but steep or brew too long and the bitter and oily stuff comes out and you don’t want that.
    TEMPERATURE- NOT BOILING!!!!!!! 185–195 degrees is best. When in doubt, boil water, wait 45 seconds then use it to make coffee in French press.

  56. I vote for Capsule Brewing,
    The coffee is preserved and sealed in dedicated container (pod) for a cup portion.
    The brewing process is quick and clean, avoiding burnt out coffee or contaminated coffee
    Quite fool proof, no Barista needed to brag around their skill of tamping, or latte art
    No mixed up with left over coffee ground from previous cups, try to switch beans on espresso machine.
    Good coffee is good coffee period, coming from good quality beans and good roasting process. Brewing should not be made complicated, Barista is not a bartender (yet). Please give more credit to Coffee Grower (Farmers) and Roasters.

  57. A good cup of coffee in the morning can set the mood for your whole day. But when the coffee shops are closed, relying on a barista to serve your daily cup may not be an option for you. If that’s the case, you might be looking to brew a good cup yourself. And, depending on the amount of coffee you drink a day, it could also save you some cash. And with these nine simple rules, you’ll be able to make your own perfect cup of coffee every morning, right in your own home.
    It’s easier than you think–simple things like storing your beans correctly and using the best filters will prevent unwanted bitterness or off-flavors from your cup. Whether your morning coffee is made up of estate-grown beans and an elaborate brew process or you like a supermarket blend with a drip coffee maker, follow these basic rules for a delicious, satisfying cup of coffee–every single time.
    Pour Over
    French Press

  58. Begin with 2 teaspoons of the delicious coffee of love and latte, add it in your milk or water, however you like your coffee, add sugar and vanilla to taste, boil and enjoy!! The amazing coffee of love and latte will be a treat for your tastebuds 😋

    How do I make coffee?

  59. Follow these steps:-
    Start boiling some water
    Add the coffee
    Add the sugar and spices
    Pour in the hot water
    Add some milk or cream
    Stir your coffee and serve it

  60. What is the best way to prepare coffee? ( What is the best way to prepare coffee? )
    Of course this is subjective but I believe that any memorable food is surrounded by ambiance, terroir, and experience.
    I was walking through the park on the edge of the Black Sea in Sukumi where the old men play chess and backgammon on a sunny July day.
    A man was tending a charcoal fire and selling coffee. I walked over to him and since I didn’t speak Russian or Abkhazian, I mimed that I wanted one coffee please.
    He filled a small pot (called an Iibrik in Turkey) with water and spooned some coffee into it. then he buried the bottom half of the Iibrik in a metal box of sand that was over the charcoal fire. He moved it around in the hot sand until it started to boil and
    immediately added a bit of water to stop the boil.
    He then decanted the coffee into a small cup and offered it to me.
    I spent the next half hour on the park bench enjoying the view of the black sea, the now disused piers, and listened to the quiet clicking of game pieces and my own thoughts, all supported by the best cup of coffee I have ever had.

    How do I make coffee?

  61. When it comes to coffee preparation you will need to learn which method delivers the coffee you like “best.”
    That said, you may learn to appreciate multiple methods and the result they produce.
    With the same batch of beans you will tap into different flavor components using:
    a drip coffee maker;
    preparing a pour over;
    using a commercial espresso machine;
    grinding coffee to a fine powder and boiling middle eastern style;
    making stove top espresso;
    utilizing a Chemex;
    or going with a french press…
    oh yea, can’t forget the good, old fashioned percolator.
    And there are other methods I’ve certainly missed.
    Each method of preparation delivers a unique cup of coffee.
    Each method has pros and cons.
    i.e. French press – if you grind too fine, you’ll end up with gritty coffee;
    i.e. With Middle Eastern coffee if you don’t grind fine enough,
    you’ll end up with a dull cup of coffee;
    I find myself rotating between several of these methods.
    Right now.
    In the morning I make a big pot of drip coffee (using beans from a local roaster) in the morning—because I’m making coffee for four people and half of that coffee is going into travel mugs.
    In the afternoon, at work, I may make a pour over as I’m looking for a single cup to get a boost in the afternoon.
    Early evening I will often make a duple or quad shot of espresso to wire me up for the evening. And because I love the flavor.
    Occasionally, I will pull out the French press when I need a single cup at home.
    And on the very rare occasion, I will make Middle Eastern style coffee—actually Bosnian style coffee as it was friends of ours who indoctrinated me in how to make coffee this way.
    I love the coffee regardless – but the final result in all of these methods is unique unto itself.
    I encourage you to explore and then let your mood dictate the method.

  62. One of the best ways to do that is by applying pressure to finely ground beans while passing hot water through them. The water extracts the desired ingredients, resulting in the best coffee experience.
    I love to experience different types of cold coffee receipes at home. A quick and easy cold coffee with ice-cream or without ice-cream. This recipe is for all the coffee lovers who are even healthy conscious. Cold coffee is very taste esay to make at home and needs very few.
    Else, follow the steps by steps method below to make yourself a wonderful 4 types of cool coffee. Cheers!
    Preparation time : 5 minutes
    Cooking time : 1 minutes
    Ingredients :
    Milk, coffee powder, sugar, coco powder, ice cream and ice cubes. Cold coffee taste great recipe also plus it is healthier. The preparation is very simple and can be made under 1 minutes just add all ingredients to a blender and blend well until smooth and frothy. Add chilled milk for better results. Garnish with chocolate syrup and choco chips.

  63. The answer is colored by personal preference, convenience, and the characteristics of the beans you’re using. Some common ‘artisan’ methods: Chemex, pourover, syphon. A good grinder and fresh beans are the most important factors.

  64. Turka is the oldest vessel for making coffee. Regardless of the fact that there are many different machines for this, the Turk is still very popular. Most often in the Turkish coffee is prepared in the eastern, because it turns out rich, thick and fragrant. What is the secret? The fact that, thanks to this method, coffee does not filter and the thick remains in the drink. Because of this, coffee retains its beneficial substances that are found in coffee beans.

    How do I make coffee?

    Turk is a vessel with a wide bottom, a long handle and a narrow neck. It can be any size, but the shape is always preserved. The best Turk is considered to be one with a particularly narrow neck. As for the material, the best Turk is copper with a silver coating inside. It is in such a Turk to brew classic coffee in the eastern. You can also choose a Turk by volume. The manufacturer puts a number on the bottom that indicates the number of cups.

  65. In addition to the answer about good water: the brewing is to be done in paper filters. They detox the stuff if overmanufactured, which it generally is.Matter of your health. All other ways poison you – Italian or not, suave or not, trendy or not.

  66. The best coffee I have ever made was made with my aeropress, but most mornings I opt for my Keurig as the best coffee is often the one in front of you.

  67. To make iced coffee with milk you will need a tall glass and spoon long enough to reach the bottom of the glass also you need milk ice cubes and black coffee
    Fill the glass with ice then Pour out the black coffee and milk mix it well and enjoy
    This vedio will show you how : coffee lover, morning coffee ambience #shorts #Healinghut2

  68. I can make coffee like these steps:
    First take a sauce pan/milk bowl 🥣 and pour half litre milk inside and heat the milk until 5 to 10mins.
    Second take 5rs bru 2 packets and put inside the heated milk 🥛 and put 7spoon of sugar and mix nicely.
    Third of the stove and filter the heated milk in a bowel and tell as a name called coffee ☕☕☕☕☕☕☕☕!
    Taste it!😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋😋

  69. How do I make coffee?

    Are you certain that you dislike coffee? Do you enjoy the coffee you buy but discover that the brew you make at home just doesn’t taste as good? Is the cost of that daily cup of coffee you buy beginning to affect your finances?
    Here are some recommendations for preparing a great cup of coffee at home.
    Clean Machine
    The Beans
    Drink It Soon
    Any More Questions Related to coffee in your mind simply visit this good post

  70. How do I make coffee?

    I am a huge fan of Chemex. We have a couple of local coffee places that make coffee this way. This is the only coffee I drink “black”. You use the perfect temperature of water as not to cook the beans and burn the flavor. Pre warm the glass vessel and clean the filter. It’s amazingly refreshing.

    Actually, here is the video of the gentleman down the street from me, making the chemex coffee.

    Victor Allen’s

  71. It tend to be a matter of taste. You will get generally good advise on Quora.
    Fresh roast and grind.
    The most common mistake is that coffee is often brewed too weak. If you are not liking what you are brewing, try making it stronger and dilute to taste.
    If you use milk, try my secrets, but you must not tell anyone. Ok? Promise?
    Lactose free milk. Whole – Never Never skim i.e. fat free.

  72. The “perfect cup of coffee” is different for everyone depending on their tastes and preferences.
    But what I have learned that every “superior cup of coffee” has in common is clean, clear water that is not tainted by added chemicals.
    Most people overlook this, but 99% of coffee is water, but yet its the least thought about ingredient with all the focus given the the beans, the grinding, and the method for brewing.

  73. In my opinion the french press delivers the most accurate taste of the coffee. Coffee, hot water, what more you want? Real or some marketing B.S….

  74. It’s highly dependent on what type of coffee you’d like to make. Personally, I have about 4 different types of ways to make it. I have a cold brew press, a pour over, a regular coffee machine for hot and iced coffee and a keurig machine. I know I have an overwhelming amount of things. If you like bolder coffee, then I’d recommend using one spoonful more of coffee than instructed for what you make. If you like it weaker, I’d lessen the amount by half a spoonful. Always be light on the sweetness and increase gradually as once it’s too sweet, there’s no going back. I’d recommend trying out a few different types of coffee to figure out what you like best!

  75. I like the one cup Melita cone with gold reusable filter. I also stir the grounds as the water is sitting on them and try to blend in that rich brown creamy foam that forms.

  76. I make a variation of Turkish coffee which is now my favorite and best way to make coffee. I put into my traditional stainless steel pot two tablespoons of ground-for-Turkish Mocha Java; add a cardamom seed; add a piece of dark chocolate. Fill with water saving enough room at the top for heat expansion and put over low heat. Whip the mixture with a whisk every once in awhile as it warms to avoid bottom burn. Allow the coffee mixture to rise and take it off the heat just before it boils. Pour it through a paper filter to remove bits and allow your stomach to enjoy coffee without grinds because it’s better for you. I add steamed milk to my mug so the proportion of coffee and milk is even…

  77. There are 4 fundamentals to perfect cups of coffee. Freshness, proportion, water and grind.
    So once you have opened your bag of coffee you should consume it within the week. When it’s ground you should consume it within 24 hours. It’s not reccomended to freeze coffee as that will put condensation in the coffee. The beans do better in airtight dark containers.
    So you got the freshness down now you need to figure out the coffee to water ratio. When you have too much coffee in with the water it becomes muddled and can become over astringent. Too little coffee and it tastes weak and flavorless.
    Now the water bit, since 99% of your coffee is water go ahead and get really nice purified water. At starbucks the water is tripple filtered and the filters themselves are changed frequently as well.
    Lastly you need to have the grind right. This part is simple chemistry and you need to think about how quickly water runs through sand or how it runs through rocks. Depending on your filter and the shape of it or even if you do french presses you need to grind it just right so the water passes through the coffee at the proper speed to not make it muddled or weak tasting. This part really coordinates with proportion to keep the same issues at bay

  78. In simple words 1-11/2 tablespoon of coffee powder with 2 tablespoon of sugar in 150 of boiling milk.
    No need add the prescribed amount. You can manipulate according to your need, add sugar ( only for -40age) if you like sweet, add more coffee powder for stronger coffee, add both slightly if you want a more stronger and tastier. Usually coffee taste depends on the type of coffee powder you are using so choose wisely.

  79. The best method for making Instant coffee : Heat up ( 1 cup) the milk in microwave, then add 1tspoon instant coffee, 1 tsp sugar or honey. That’s it.

    How do I make coffee?

  80. I used to be a big lover of French Press coffee. Easy to make and it can really extract the flavours of the coffee. You can play with the water/coffee ratio and the time it steeps, to just *just right* for YOUR personal taste.
    But I’ve moved on to a Siphon coffee pot. The taste is very similar to the French Press, but much much cleaner. The coffee stays in a seperate compartment, so you don’t get the residue in the bottom of your cup. And there’s even more flavour. Take your favourite french press coffee blend and do it in a siphon. It’ll blow your mind.

    How do I make coffee?

  81. I use a glass press. I love the flavor a press creates. Vacuum pots make an astounding coffee, but they are a pain in ass to operate and take up too much space in my opinion.

  82. Take the caps off three bottled waters normally. Pour into back of coffee pot. Rinse out coffee basket. Add fresh filter. Use a regular teaspoon. Check back of coffee pot to ensure it says 8 for 8 cups. Spoon 9 heaping teaspoons of favorite coffee into basket. Close lid. Select dark brew. Push on button. In 5 or 10 minutes coffee is done. It will brew 7 cups. Make sure to stir the pot to mix stronger coffee from the top with weaker from the bottom. You will get a better tasting cup by brewing a nearly full pot verses a one cupper. Take care!

  83. Maybe the question should be, “How do you prefer your coffee to be prepared?”
    Italians love their espresso and its derivative drinks, and so do many other Europeans. The Irish like it with cream and whiskey. North Americans like drip machine coffee and anything Starbucks offers, but you will find many coffee purists in North America who like to make it with French presses and Chemexes. Cubans like their espressos to be very sweet. South Indians and Vietnamese love their filter coffee with milk and sugar.
    There are literally tens of (or maybe a hundred) “best” ways to make and enjoy coffee. How do I prefer my coffee to be prepared? I like it Spanish-style: Cafe con Leche. I don’t need sugar added. I also like an occasional cappuccino from Starbucks, or an espresso from a good coffee shop.
    What is the best way to prepare coffee? I say, try as many coffee drinks and recipes as you can and rate them on a scale of 1 to 10. Any drink that gets a 9 or a 10 is the best way.

    How do I make coffee?

    How do I make coffee?

  84. The top methods of coffee preparation all brew coffee “well”. They will provide you with different taste profiles, though, so we first need to know the answer to that age old Marge-At-The-Diner question:
    How do you like your coffee?
    Without knowing what taste you’re seeking no one can really answer the question with anything other than our personal preferences. I go back and forth between my lever espresso machine and French press. Two very different results. Others swear by pour over. There’s a huge wave of people supporting the Aerobie, nowadays. Cold Brew has become de rigueur in the “Gotcha” set. Properly prepared, all are delicious. How many have you tried and which do you prefer? Assuming all quality issues are equal – good beans, proper grinder, clean filtered water,… each preparation will provide an excellent coffee… of its type. You just have to determine which you prefer and then find some coffee geeks on line who have uploaded videos on best preparation methods for each. When you get up to the Over $500 level, you’ll even find specific videos on specific manufacturers’ espresso machines.

  85. My vote in this age of Keurigs and Chemex is for the simple French press. I have not found a better tasting cup than one made by using good quality, freshly ground beans and clear, soft, not-quite-boiling water in this glorious device.
    There are a number of variables to control in using the French press: the grind must not be too fine, the water must be just the right temperature, and the coffee must be allowed to steep for the right amount of time before pressing–it takes a bit of experimentation to find the procedure that’s just right for you.

  86. There are a thousand ways to make a great cup of coffee, but there are two pieces of advice that form a common thread:
    Fresh beans – coffee goes stale fairly quickly once it’s roasted- as the lovely freshly roasted smell wears off, so does the fresh taste.
    Fresh grind – this is possibly even more important than fresh beans. Ground coffee goes stale really, really fast – even over a few hours, your ground coffee won’t smell and taste as good as it did within the first few minutes after being ground. For best results, grind your own coffee rather than getting it ground for you.
    Aside from that, it’s a case of finding the method that works for you, and there are so many out there that it’s just impossible to go into them all. For decent coffee on a budget I’m a fan of the Aeropress, but that’s really personal preference rather than me saying that my way is the only way.

  87. There are two main factors that make a cup of coffee. The first factor is where it’s grown (This has to do with the type of coffee) . If the coffee is grown at a place that is at sea level the plant receives more oxygen and so it becomes a high turnover commodity so you produce lots of coffee beans, In Haeri&co we grow our coffee at high altitudes, more than 5200 feet above sea level we produce much less coffee but the flavor of our coffee is more intense. In Colombia the high altitude with low oxygen makes the plants aspirate less and produce a lot of lactate. Because of the extra strain making the coffee, the bean has an extra flavor with fruity essences a creaminess, a brightness to the cup with an interesting acidity.
    The second one and i would say it’s the most important one its how coffee is processed after the harvest. Coffee actually starts as Cherry and it has a pit and if you wanted you could eat the peal. Actually people make jam from the Cherry, it is totally edible and delicious. We extract the bean from the Cherry manually and that makes a huge impact on how the coffee tastes. We wash our coffee removing the shell and sun drying them on raised beds, so the taste in the cup is unhindered by anything else. After drying our coffee we take it to be roasted in a fluid bed process instead of toasting it in a barrel giving our coffee an even roast making it perfect for a pleasurable tasting cup of coffee, low in caffeine by design and not by process, with a full fruity flavor that we are sure will be enjoyed.
    This is the process of how Haeri&Co makes their coffee, they’re a coffee subscription box, that delivers really high quality arabica coffee directly from colombia to your doorstep every month. They are committed to their customers giving them what the customer actually wants and something that really shocked me is that they are committed to their producers too, seeing that they are actually their neighbors and how they are neglected by the colombian society.

    Eight O’Clock

  88. I have tried and still use a Moka pot, and a cafetierre (French Press) and they are both good methods, however the mess and clear up required is much reduced when I use coffee pods in an espresso machine.
    I have a delonghi espresso and although it takes loose ground coffee it is a nuisance having to measure and dispose of the grounds.
    Coffee pods deliver the same great tasting espresso coffee, with a crema, it is always fresh as each is individually wrapped and the best bit is after wards they are simply removed and binned without any mess.

  89. Use a French Press boil water, then pour the boiling water into the empty beaker to heat it, after which, pour the water back into the kettle, allow it to boil again, freshly coarse ground coffee grinds into the empty heated beaker, then after the water has boiled, pour it over the grinds so it infuses, do not pour boiling water on the grinds as you don’t want the coffee to taste scorched. Stir the water with a spoon so that the coffee infuses thoroughly. After 2 to 4 minutes, slowly use the plunger to filter away the grinds from the liquid – enjoy your coffee – it is best drunk just as it comes – coffee is meant to be hot as Hell, black as night, bitter as death & strong as life. Some people add sugar, milk, cream, brandy or whisky to alter its taste.


  90. Reply
  91. I personally like French press because it gives a fully flavor to the coffee and allows you to taste the flavor notes much better. It also saves a lot of coffee

  92. It depends on the time you have, the quality of the coffee that you have, and (the hardest thing to guess) your taste. Sometimes when I don’t have time I go for a shot of espresso. To make this you need fine ground coffee. You will also need an espresso machine to make it (the machine basically run boil water quickly through the coffee. It also has to press on the coffee too). I enjoy a slow Sunday morning where I watch my coffee dripping slowly through a drip-filter coffee (coarsely ground coffee is ok. Very easy to make, put the coffee in the filter and pour water on top the coffee)

  93. Prepare coffee

    How do I make coffee?

    1 teaspoon instant coffee
    ¾ cup (177.441 milliliters) milk
    6 ice cubes
    2 teaspoons sugar
    Start boiling some water.
    Add the coffee powder
    Add the sugar and spices
    Pour in the hot water.
    Add some milk or cream.
    Stir your coffee and serve it

  94. Ignore the answers suggesting that coffee powder or instant coffee are acceptable substitutes for real coffee. They are hot, brown and caffeinated, but barely taste like coffee.
    There are several methods to brew coffee which result in great cups of coffee:

    1. Aerobie Aeropress – Using a burr grinder, grind freshly roasted coffee beans to espresso consistency. Assemble Aeropress with filter and place it on a heated cup. Put 8-12 grams of ground coffee in Aeropress. Pour a cup full of water that is about 82 degrees Celsius over the grounds. Stir. Use the Aeropress plunger to slowly force the coffee through the filter into the cup. Enjoy. Advanced instructions here: World AeroPress Championship [ ]
    2. Espresso machine – Using a burr grinder, grind freshly roasted coffee beans to espresso consistency. Tamp 7-8 grams into espresso spout and insert into espresso machine. Run pressurized steam and water through the grounds for 25-30 seconds to get a shot of espresso. Add about 200 ml of water at roughly 82 degrees Celsius to make an Americano.
    3. Pour over – Using a burr grinder, grind freshly roasted coffee beans to drip consistency. Rinse filter with hot water and put into individual filter over pre-heated cup. Put grounds in. Pour about 240 ml water at 82 degr…

  95. I have 7 heaping spoon fulls of sugar then 2 huge heaping spoonfuls of nesquick powder and then just like a tiny bit of milk … so you get that milk chocolate taste 😁

  96. This description of Coffee Processing does a good job of covering everything in between the harvest and shipment to roasters. Of course, there is also much to say about what comes before (planting, growing and harvesting practices) and after (quality control, shipping, distribution, storage, profile roasting, production roasting, wholesale, retail—not to mention brewing!) this part of the pipeline.


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