How do I make Cafe du Monde coffee?

How do I make Cafe du Monde coffee?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how to make cafe du monde coffee

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  1. Well, the best way would be to get hired by Cafe Du Monde, and to make the coffee.
    Cafe Du Monde markets their coffee in cans. You can get it at supermarkets.
    Cafe Du Monde has chicory in it. Chicory is a plant that grows as a weed in Europe. It’s related to daisies. The root of the plant can be roasted and ground, and it makes a drink like coffee. In previous centuries, chicory was used to extend coffee, because it was a lot cheaper than coffee. So people got used to the taste and now you can buy coffee with chicory or just the chicory and add it yourself.
    Also the way you serve coffee in that style is au lait, which is French for ‘latte’. You have a pot of hot coffee in one hand and one of hot milk in the other, and you pour them together in the cup, about half and half. The coffee is made stronger because it gets diluted by the milk. I’ve never been to Cafe Du Monde, so I don’t know how they serve it there. But I’ve had coffee made and served that way and it’s really good!


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