How do I make better instant coffee?

How do I make better instant coffee?

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  1. I think instant coffee will always take like instant coffee as there’s no beating a brewed cup. In a pinch, I find that Starbucks Via instant coffee packets are about as close to the flavorful cup you might be in search of. I tend to stick with name brands and darker roasts for intensity and flavor. Experiment to find what you enjoy most.

  2. Well in Greece we make the Nescafé frappé. Here’s what it takes: 1 tablespoon of Nescafé plus sugar (if you want, 1 tablespoon for medium sweetness and 2 for sweet frappé) plus one finger width of room temperature water. Stir it with a frothing machine for 10–15 seconds (or until it gets a creamy but runny consistency) then add 3 ice cubes, milk if you wish to (here we never put milk) and cold water. Enjoy with a straw and drink it “siga siga” (“slowly slowly”). We Greeks drink it while discussing any kind of current affairs from politics to soccer and always slowly because it is very strong and drinking it all at once won’t help you enjoy it. For example I need 2–3 hours to finish a frappé and some of my friends 5.

  3. Use filtered, distilled or spring water. Do not use tap water as it has chlorine that will affect the the flavor.
    Use VERY HOT, or boiling HOT water.
    Add water to the coffee, not coffee to the water. This will reduce foaming.
    Stir, then allow it to “rest” a minute or two to let any undissolved crystals reconstitute.
    Give you cup a couple gentle swirls to mix those few crystals that may have just dissolved and enjoy. 🙂

  4. The best possible way to prepare instant coffee!
    Put a teapot half full of water on the stove, and heat the water to 195–205 degrees F.
    Open the fresh bottle of instant coffee, and place 1 heaping tablespoon into a clean mug.
    Pour the hot water down along the side of the mug so that it gently incorporates the crystals of instant coffee.
    Using a teaspoon, stir the mixture until all crystals are incorporated.
    Pour the result down the sink, and make a friggin’ pot of coffee.

  5. Bearing in mind instant coffee will never taste anywhere near as good as fresh-brewed, for numerous reasons…One way to make it taste better is to use lower-temperature water. Get an inexpensive candy thermometer, if you don’t have one already, to measure the temperature of your water and use 190–195-degree water (boiling is 212 degrees). Milk also helps. Good luck!

  6. Always use freshly drawn water. Never reboil existing water in a kettle as the water becomes deoxygenated. Allow the kettle to cool a little. Unlike tea where you need boiling water, instant coffee should be made with hot, not boiling, water.

  7. First question: must you?
    If you are having it on hand only for guests, get the smallest jar of the best quality you can find. Ask for help if you aren’t sure.
    Boil 6–8 oz water per cup you plan on making. Put the amount of coffee recommended in each cup while the water is boiling. When the water comes to a full boil, add the desired amount to each cup, stirring constantly. Let your guests add cream and/or sugar to their liking.
    Far better, IMO, depending on where you live, might be to bring your guests to a convenient cafe. If you will need to be making coffee on a regular basis, you might want to buy a French press and regular coarse-ground coffee. They take up very little space and don’t need electricity.
    Instant coffee, for those who love coffee, is a last resort.

    Victor Allen’s

  8. Instant coffee tends to be a bit more acidic or stronger than brewed. To elevate that, try mixing with a little cold water first, then add hot water.
    My husband adds a little cold water to brewed coffee if it’s too strong, and it works nicely.
    If that doesn’t work for you, try adding some cinnamon, a different kind of sweeter like honey or maple syrup.
    One other little trick I learned from a precious elderly lady is to add a shake of salt to counter the bitterness. I tried it, but didn’t care much for it. This is most likely because I like my coffee terrible sweet!!
    I’ve heard of people adding a little butter to instant coffee, though I’m sure about that one !!!
    I hope some of this helps!!

  9. Taster’s Choice is quite close to brewed coffee in my humble opinion. It’s just so easy to fire up the whistling tea kettle and pour the boiling water over the coffee that I have spooned without measuring, into my cup. No filters, grounds or dirty coffee makers!

  10. The best way to improve or enhance instant coffee would be to use it as a good mulch for your garden… In all seriousness it is difficult to enhance instant coffee. If your stuck with it I recommend almond milk and sugar in the raw. If price is not an issue Starbuck’s instant product Via tastes pretty good. The reason being approximately 32–38% of the coffee bean is dissolvable. Approximately 18–21% has a desirable flavor. The rest is full of bitter, negative flavor attributes. Most instant coffee brands use all of the 32–38% to maximize profits. Starbucks Via only extracts within that 18–21% range, and that is what makes it taste better.

  11. I’ve never had even good instant coffee from the powder/crystal type, but I have had and made very good coffee from liquid concentrate made by cold brewing. The liquid concentrate is diluted with plain hot or cold water.

  12. What can you control in the making of instant coffee?

    Water temperature
    Water quality
    Coffee quality
    coffee-to-water ratio
    Other ingredients

    Try letting your water sit for a minute after it reaches boiling point. With regular coffee, the ideal brewing temp is between 195 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit. I doubt this will make much of a difference, but it’s worth a shot.
    Is your instant coffee too weak, or too strong? Add more water, or reduce the amount of water.
    The best instant coffee I’ve had is Starbucks Via, but that’s not saying much. It still tasted like instant coffee. I think Sanka tastes weird and salty, and Nescafe is somewhere in the middle.

  13. I do not think it is a matter of how to make it better, but the quality of the instant coffee itself has to be pristine and of utmost high-quality! If the quality of the coffee itself is high, you’re off to a good start. Also, if you want to savor the deep, rich flavor of the coffee, don’t add so much hot water to the instant coffee. The more water you put in, the more diluted your coffee will be. Also, to isolate the rich, fragrant flavor of the coffee itself, don’t be so hasty to add so much sugar or sweetener or milk to the coffee. Maybe as soon as you mix water and instant coffee, take a good sip and enjoy the strong flavor coffee has to offer!

  14. I steer clear of instant coffee. The ONLY time I drink instant is when I’m traveling and there isn’t a coffeehouse in sight. In those situations I use Starbucks VIA. It’s the closest instant to real coffee. Follow the directions on the box; it consists of three pictures in sequence.

    Eight O’Clock

  15. Instant coffee is prepared coffee that has been dried. Fill a cup with boiled water and dissolve a teaspoon of coffee crystals in it. If the coffee is not strong enough, add more crystals.


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