How do I lose weight fast with the cabbage soup diet?

How do I lose weight fast with the cabbage soup diet?

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  1. I tried it years ago. It worked as long as I ate nothing but cabbage soup.
    I lost around 5kg in 2 weeks …
    … and gained 10kg in the following 2 months.
    The cause for the weight loss? Probably malnutrition.
    I wouldn’t recommend it.

  2. The reason people lose weight on the cabbage soup diet is that when you eat something three times a day you get sick of it. It works. As for losing weight fast? Eat sensibly and exercise.

  3. I’ve tried that diet and it worked…. for about 3 weeks. I didn’t eat anything but that cabbage soup. What happened? I lost about 5 lbs and got really tired of cabbage soup. How do you lose weight the RIGHT way?
    DISCLAIMER: I’m not an expert…..
    Sweat. Exercise, and don’t eat junk.
    I stopped consuming as much raw sugar as I could. No cokes, no candies. I stopped eating carbs as much as I could. I focused on lean meats, proteins and healthy fats. Bacon isn’t exacty a healthy fat, but it’s mentally healthy ;). Don’t drink alcohol if you can avoid it.
    I go to the gym at least twice a week and do cardio and sometimes strength training. I use the free app Lose It! – Calorie counting made easy to track my calories and make sure you’re being HONEST.
    At my worst, I was 5′9″ and 240 lbs. I couldn’t go up a flight of stairs without getting winded. Now, I can crank out an hour of cardio with no prob, then go hit the weights for a bit. I’ve lost 40–50lbs. I have periods where I get stupid again, that’s why I said 40–50… For example, I just spent a couple months working in Central Europe. Bread, Cabbage, Pork. Main diet. I added 6lbs. I just got back so I”ll be getting back to my routine and be back below 200 again.
    Also, stay away from processed foods and preservatives. Do 5 minutes of research of the health benefits of MSG.. ick…
    The first few lbs come of pretty quick. Then you’ll plateau…. I fast 12 hours, and am good during the week so I can be MODERATELY bad over the weekend.
    Am I covered in muscle and look like a beast? No. I still have a belly but my wife can get her arms around me. THAT makes it worth it. I’m going to keep going. The next 30lbs are going to be the hardest.
    It’s not easy. Don’t expect it to be. Set reasonable expectations for your age and body type. Celebrate your successes.

  4. How do I lose weight fast with the cabbage soup diet?

    The cabbage soup diet can help you lose up to 10 pounds in just one week. Try this delicious eating plan to reduce your belly fat fast. New Delhi: If you’re looking for ideas for a quick weight loss or detox, the ‘cabbage soup diet’ may help you burn body fat and flatten your tummy.


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