How do I clean the inside of a glass carafe?

How do I clean the inside of a glass carafe?

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  1. Fill one half-way up with white vinegar. Then top off with water.
    Mix by pouring between the carafes. Do this in the sink, not on your fine Ooba-Tooba granite surface in the picture (acid and granite are not good for each other, acid dissolves minerals, which is why we’re using it to clean the carafes).
    After a day or so, pour the mixture in the second carafe.
    (If you’re in a hurry, and vinegar is cheap, do them both at once.)
    Good as new.

  2. Rinse
    Add a cleaning solution (detergent and water, false teeth cleaner, baking soda, etc) doesn’t matter which one.
    Add a mild abrasive dry rice is good, salt also works.
    Put your hand over the top and agitate.
    If that doesn’t work let it soak for a day or two in the cleaning solution and then try again.
    A bottle brush is also handy.

  3. Try using a toilet de-scaler.
    Fill the glass vessel/karaffe up with it de-scaler or and scrub with a nylon non abrasive brush inside and out all over with the product. Allow it to dissolve the scale built up and clouding the surface.
    Rinse once twice and sterilize so as no residue remains of the product and the glass is crystal clear again.
    If this doesn’t work then the problem is abrasion not adhesion and there is nothing to be done about abrasions unless you are an expert glass restorer.

  4. I’d fill it with the hottest soapy bleach water I could put in it while still handling it. Let it soak a good 2 hours.
    From there, get a pair of old washcloths you don’t need. Put some of those rare earth magnets in the middle of each, then fold it up like a wonton and stitch it shut nice and tight.
    Replace the now cold water with fresh hot bleach water.
    Put one in the vessel, use the other to pull it around the vase. Don’t use sand. Sand runs the risk of scratching the glass. If this doesn’t work, look for a product called simple green.
    That stuff can eat through stone. Make sure to read the msds and use and handle it accordingly.

  5. Break it so you can get to the inside surfaces and scrub, then reassemble with glue. Either that or put in sand and hot water and soap and swirl it around.


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