How do I clean a coffee maker without vinegar?

How do I clean a coffee maker without vinegar?

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  1. Mix one cup of water with a quarter cup of baking soda.
    Run the solution through your coffee maker.
    Rinse with water by running 3-5 brew cycles without coffee.

  2. Your word ‘clean’ implies removal of a contaminant. If the contaminant consists of brown deposits of substances from pure coffee perhaps combined with hard water mineral scale and the machine is in no danger of malfunctioning as a result then I wouldn’t bother cleaning it at all, its quite wholesome, save the labour and do something useful instead.
    If however the contaminant is a mould growth in a tropical climate it could be toxic and is best removed by vigorous brushing under hot running water. If the contaminant is wind-blown soil/earth/sand/silt/grit in an arid climate – same applies. If the contaminant is oily/greasy /sooty such as from a mechanic’s dirty hands then it may be necessary to use an odourless cleanser containing oxalic and citric acids plus a mild abrasive/absorbent such as some varieties of ‘bar tenders friend’, followed by copious rinsing under hot running water.

  3. For stovetop coffee makers
    Aluminum ones gets oxidation and that cause that dirt, stainless steel ones keeps the residue of the coffee
    so there are two methods depends on your raw material
    If it is aluminum you may use citric acid. Put it into bottom part and prepare it like you making coffee. Clean the residue with a paper towel with a little bit pressure and do it few more times if not cleaned completeley
    Never ever use detergent or bleach with aluminum!!!
    If it is stainless steel
    Remove the gaskets and filter
    then you might use 2–3 drops of bleach with water and do not put on fire. Just keep the solution in bottom and top parts all night long then wash and rinse very carefully 2 times.
    It’s all cleaned!

  4. You could use lemon or lime juice and would still have to discard after you run it through the coffee maker and still would have to run water through it as well once your done


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