How do I choose a fish tank coffee table?

How do I choose a fish tank coffee table?

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  1. If you really want fish to live in it, then there are serious maintenance problems to think about.
    Since they’re at floor level, you cannot use a siphon or water changing device to remove the water for water changes. So you’re either scooping up water to remove it, which is tiresome and can be quite sloppy or you need to get a fairly large bottom draw pump and pump the water out via some tubing attached to the pump. It’s a potential flood just waiting to happen if you get distracted.
    Keeping the tank bottom clear of accumulated fish poop and other debris becomes nearly impossible and a truly huge pain in the posterior simply because a siphon can’t be used.
    Then there’s the problem of how to manage the electrical connections for a filter, since nobody has plugs in the living room floor. So you have one or more wires somewhere to run the filter and/or an air pump.
    Fish also don’t look that great viewed from the top. You usually see fish to much better advantage from a side view and that requires the tank to be high enough for the fish to be seen that way.
    if you intend to use the coffee table the way a lot of people use them, which means you’ll probably put magazines or decorative items on the top, then you’ll obscure even the limited top view of the fish.
    I think these ‘coffee table tanks’ are one of the worst, most gimmicky ideas that anyone ever came up with and a total waste of money.

  2. To give a unique style to your living room, give it a zen and soothing atmosphere, the Fish Tank Coffee Table is ideal. If you love fish, this is THE piece of furniture you need to put them at the center of attention. In addition to that, this kind of coffee table is made to match almost any type of living room.
    Thanks to the glass aquarium coffee table, you can admire your fish daily, sitting comfortably on the sofa. The glass is very strong and therefore allows you to store your glass, your belongings and decoration.
    However, you should know that a coffee table of this type requires a little more maintenance than a classic coffee table . It should be cleaned at the same frequency as an aquarium. The time between cleanings depends on what type of fish you want to put in. In general, it is necessary to change 1/3 of the water once or twice a month. Then you have to add water that you have left long enough at room temperature.
    As far as the fish are concerned, do not put too big, they will probably not have enough room. It is better to take small fish like goldfish.
    The aquarium coffee tables are even more beautiful when accompanied by wood. It will bring you a warm atmosphere during the day. Also, thanks to the leds which you can add inside the aquarium, you will add beautiful colors in the evening in your living room.
    In order for you to make the best choice, we have been looking for the most beautiful aquarium coffee tables that you can find on the internet. Make your opinion before buying by following our guide!

  3. Don’t. The tank will need maintenance and cleaning. The fish look better from the side than the top, and plants require lights above them. There will be wires and air lines that are best brought in from the top. And food a couple times a day. Do you really want to deal with a coffee table top when you need to access the tank? A coffee table aquarium is a gimmick, a poor table and a terrible tank.


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