How did John Coffey in The Green Mile gain his abilities?

How did John Coffey in The Green Mile gain his abilities?

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  1. No explanation was given, But I will tell you what I think:
    PAUL : No. But a man who does a thing like that has often developed a taste for it over time. Occurred to me it might be easy enough to follow his backtrail and find out. A man his size, and colored to boot, can’t be that hard to trace.

    How did John Coffey in The Green Mile gain his abilities?

    BURT: You’d think so, but you’d be wrong. Believe me, we tried. It’s like he dropped out of the sky.
    PAUL: How do you explain that?
    BURT: We’re in a Depression. A third of the country’s out of work. People are drifting by the thousands, looking for work, looking for that greener grass. Even a giant like Coffey wouldn’t get noticed everywhere he goes..
    His attorney said it was if he fell out of the sky…could this be a hint that this ACTUALLY happened?
    First consider a few things
    His enormous size.( even without shoes he easily towers over Brutal)
    His child-like innocence- yet he wasn’t simple or retarded he understood sex( between Paul and his wife)
    He possessed the abilities to give and take diseases… as well as reverse death( if you act quickly enough)
    His energy can gift you with near immortality
    Now You have to wonder that John Coffey- JC ( same initials as Jesus Christ) That the entire film is based on the Gospel,including the arrest of an innocent man with God-like-powers( Jesus- because he IS the son of God- and God as well.) and was executed.The Guards are the Romans .( One of the guards name is Brutus( aka Brutal)- Brutus is a common Roman name( Named after the man who killed the last Roman King and created the Roman Republic as well as the man who conspired to assassinate Julius Caesar)
    But i tend to look at it differently
    Jesus Christ didnt appear out of nowhere- he was born to Mary
    And he rose again from the dead.
    John Coffey did neither of those things.
    I think that John Coffey WAS an in fact an alien( due to all the facts I mentioned) and he didn’t know it. Perhaps he lost his memory, or was taken to earth against his will, dropped off, and fended for himself. Or maybe he was sent to earth as an infant( thus why he acts in a childlike manner).
    COFFEY: He kill ’em with they love. They love for each other. You see how it is? That’s how it is ever’ day. That’s how it is all over the worl’…
    How would he know what is going on all over the world? A poor black man in the US in the 30s didnt do much traveling.
    If he was a God or an angel( with the power of God) he wouldn’t have such limitations( not be able to reverse death if you wait too long- as well as actually dying)
    I think due to the limitations it can only be an alien race with advanced physiology and /or technology that endows its species with healing powers.

  2. Than you for the A2A!
    Well, it is not openly stated in the book, or in the movie. It is not referred to in any of his other work, either.
    Actually, nothing much of John’s past is openly stated anywhere.
    It is implied, however, that he has always had this “gift”, and it does seem to be a form of the “shining”, which is a very broad concept he touches on in many (if not all) of his books.

  3. It’s never explained in the story how or why John Coffey has his special abilities; they seem to be some form of the “shining” that comes up as a recurring theme in King’s works, though that’s never officially confirmed.

  4. With the reference of how he came out of nowhere… “as though he just fell out of the sky”, and they couldn’t find any record of him- I like to think that he is from the Territories and possibly an escaped “Breaker”. Any true fan of King should know the reference, so I don’t feel the need to explain further.

  5. There’s no explanation given. Like a lot – but by no means all – of the strange anomalies in Stephen King’s work, they just are. You’re meant to just accept them, and rather just focus on what they mean, rather than how they came about.

  6. Its been a while i search out good movies and watch them in my free time.. before all i cared about is action and trilling ones. but some movies like this one leaves out thoughts.. good thoughts, positive motivational thoughts..
    Am sorry but i cannot answer your question but when i asked this same question to my self. i realized that its not about john’s power.. how he heals or take away tumor or pass on punishments. its about something else, its about the thought i am left with after watching the movie..
    hope you understood what i am trying to say


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