How common is allergy to cheese and chocolates?

How common is allergy to cheese and chocolates?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “allergy to coffee and chocolate

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  1. Dairy allergy is fairly common among food allergies, however, many people do not understand true food allergy and are lactose intolerant and not actually allergic to dairy. Jay Racavich’s reference is from a magazine that you can purchase online or at Whole Foods. It is correct.
    Regarding allergy to chocolate, allergy to cacao is not as common. Most chocolate contains dairy, so it could be due to the dairy in the chocolate. Most chocolate candy is also produced in factories with nut contamination, since a lot of chocolate candy is made with nuts. So, it could be due to nut allergies. Some people get a headache from the caffeine in chocolate but they are not really allergic.
    The way to know is either by test, or by experience by exposure to the food. Depending on the severity, the latter may not make sense, and for very severe, life-threatening allergies, blood testing is done, so that the allergen is tested on the blood after it is drawn, so the body will not be affected. Generally reactions trump results, as there can be false positives and negatives and the numerical results of allergy testing are a guide of potential reaction and severity, but they are not a definitive answer.
    If you want numbers, you can check the ones on FARE ( Food Allergy Research & Education ) at foodallergy . org. But regardless of how rare or strange it may seem, food allergy is on the rise, and as a population we must respect the danger to those allergic to foods, and respect the food allergic and their comfort level, and try to accommodate for their safety, so they can be included in the world around them as much as possible.


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