How can you do an enema without a kit?

How can you do an enema without a kit?

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  1. There are many ways to improvise an enema from household materials. One of the easiest is to use a small, soft rubber or plastic tubing about 3 or 4 ft long and a funnel. You will probably need some help with this.
    For general bowel cleaning and/or mild to moderate constipation Prepare 2 to 4 quarts of the enema solution. Warm water and a teaspoon each of salt and baking soda added will prevent electrolyte imbalance and make for a much more comfortable enema.
    For more serious cases of constipation you may need a soapsuds enema. Mix one packet of castile soap {1.5oz} per quart of warm water. Make at least 2 quarts of solution.
    Find a comfortable place to lie down such as a bed or couch. you can may wish to use the floor with some towels laid down. The knee-chest position is most effective here because it puts the rectum and colon at a downward slant. Coupled with gravity this can result in a very effective enema. You may also lie on your stomach with hips slightly elevated and legs apart.
    lubricate the tube well and have your helper gently insert it 4 to 6 in into your rectum. The tube may need to be held in place.
    Attach the funnel to the tube if it is not already. Pour 1 quart of solution into the funnel at a slow, steady pace raising the funnel no more than 3 ft above the level of the anus. If you have difficulty taking the solution, lower the funnel until the flow is comfortable. You should feel moderate pressure as your colon expands. Try to avoid stopping the flow if. possible.
    After instilling a full quart, assess comfort level. If you believe that you can comfortably take more liquid have your attendant slowly add a second quart but keep in mind the fact that you will need to retain the enema for as long as possible. Do not exceed 3 quarts unless ordered by healthcare professional.
    Retain the enema for AT LEAST ten minutes and up to thirty minutes. The longer you retain the liquid, the more effective the enema will be. If you cannot hold it that long, the enema should be repeated. You may find it a bit easier if the tube is clamped shut and left in place. Or it can be removed.
    When ready, move to the toilet and expel as much of the enema as possible. If you are fairly constipated you will probably need more than one soapsud enema to clear the blockage. If a second isn’t successful consult a Healthcare professional. Give full details of what you’ve done thus far and Ask them if you can have more enemas, what type, and amount. You may also want to report vital signs or at least body temperature.
    Note: if taking temperature rectally, wait at least …

  2. Warm (not hot) water. Make it a little bit sudsy with mild soap. Grab a turkey baster or a baby nostril sucker (photo). Use the baster or sucker to gently flush the warm soapy water up your butt. Big kids and adults typically do this over the toilet; babies and little kids lie down on some bath towels on a changing table or bathroom floor.

    How can you do an enema without a kit?

  3. A garden hose enema can work IF you’re careful and follow these rules:
    Do NOT insert the end of the hose into your ass! All you need is to gently press the end against your anus so that a manageable percentage of the water flows in.
    Go slow and listen to your body. You can tell when you have enough water in and when it’s time to pull the hose away and let it out. Really, you should only be letting yourself fill for about 1 second and then stop to gauge if you can handle more. Don’t be one of those nuts that wants to see how much they can handle. That’s the kind of thing that will land you in the ER.
    Do NOT run the water at full blast. Depending on the overall water pressure for your home, 1/2 rotation of the valve should be fine.
    Be aware of whether or not your house water is safe to drink. If it’s safe to drink, it’s safe for an enema. Check with your city water department.
    There are those that warn against the dangers of doing this, but those warnings apply to people who are very VERY stupid and careless.

  4. The best way to do an enema is with proper equipment whether it be a bag, bulb, or even a disposable fleet type enema. That said, my interest in enemas began long before I was able to obtain my own equipment and there have been times in the past I improvised.
    The “how” depends on why you are wanting to do it “without a kit”, what you have available, and how creative you are. Picture how the enema equipment works and look around for something similar. This could be something you already have, or if you have access to a store you could opt for something that functions similarly to enema equipment but looks like it was intended for something else ( if the goal is to hide what you are up to).
    Someone already mentioned a turkey baster as it functions similar to a bulb syringe. A similar option would be to take a plastic bottle that can be squeezed and fashion a nozzle out of something such as a medicine dropper. Some dish detergent bottles are easy to adapt and I can remember discovering this one a very long time ago.
    For a home made fountain syringe you need a hose of some sort and a bucket, jug, or some other container ( a funnel could also be used). An improvised nozzle would be nice along with a shutoff clamp but it is possible you may figure out how to round over the ends of the hose. Depending on what is available and how creative you are you can either find a way to connect the hose to the bottom of the container and somehow seal it, or insert the hose from the top and siphon to start the flow.
    There’s another trick I know, it isn’t necessary to actually insert a nozzle into the rectum to accomplish an enema. If a (squeezable) container of some sort is placed tightly against the anus and squeezed it is possible to force some liquid in. Obviously a good bit will leak out so this would need to be done in a shower or somewhere where this won’t be a problem.
    Another option and one that I do not like would be the hose from a hand held shower. Personally this one worries me because of the possible fluctuations in water temp and pressure. I am aware of people doing this and there are companies that make enema nozzles designed to be attached to shower hoses. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH THE TEMPERATURE AND THAT THE FLOW IS SET VERY LOW.

  5. I f you do it make certain that the tip of whatever device you use is very soft and pliable. Perforation of the rectum from inserting inappropriate items have been reported – and this can lead to serious complications.

  6. Well could use a garden hose or the fill line from a toilet or even that little his in the tank that’s attached to the center fill tube or a coke bottle a hard guy there’s many ways

  7. After a few martinis.
    But seriously, I think Bear Grylls demonstrated this technique when he was marooned at sea.
    But really seriously, don’t do it.


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