How can I remove coffee stains from my teeth?

How can I remove coffee stains from my teeth?

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  1. I assumed that you are a heavy coffee lover , that causing your teeth stained by it.
    In your question, does not asked for any chemical treatment to whiten your teeth. The main concern is how to reduce, lessen the effect of coffee stain in your teeth.
    Stop drinking coffee if you cant do that Lessen your coffee intake.
    Brush or rinse your teeth after sipping a cup of coffee.

  2. Dentists use 1)abrassive paste (‘polish’) and 2)peroxides/bleaching substances to whiten. The same methods have over-the-counter counterparts also marketed as ‘whitening’. Also there are some substances found in some toothpastes added to prevent stains from forming in the first place also labeled by the company as whitening on the shelf.
    I would stay away from putting acidic fruits of any kind on your teeth or similar advice that can erode your teeth.

  3. You might be thinking of hydrogen peroxide in relation to hair bleaching, and be wondering why anyone would spread a mixture like that over their teeth, but don’t worry. The concentration of hydrogen peroxide used to bleach hair is much higher than the kind you’ll make at home to help remove the coffee stains on your teeth. What you might want to do, however, is make sure that your lips are protected while treating yourself.
    This one might be news to a lot of people, but it’s a pretty old practice. Coconut oil is a known antibacterial agent, and in addition to that, it may also help to whiten teeth.
    Bacteria which build up after you eat and drink, can degrade the surface of your teeth and make them appear dull and discolored. Coconut oil helps to kill those bacteria and neutralize excess acid inside your mouth — something else which can make teeth appear yellow or dull.

  4. The fastest and best way is to get teeth whitening at a dentist, but here is the cheap way. Buy a kit at the drug store that lets you make your own trays, you drop the forms in boiling water for a few seconds then mold them to your teeth. Put a couple of drops of gel hydrogen peroxide (I get this from ear wax removal kit) I think it’s 6% hydrogen peroxide, and keep them on your teeth for an hour or so. I have had my teeth whitened at the dentist and this is how I maintain it. And I also drink my coffee with a straw now!

  5. Nowadays, the discoloration of teeth has become one of the most undesirable problems.The consumption of coffee is of the most undesirable problem that becomes the reason of yellowish teeth. If you want to get rid of the unwanted problem of the yellowish teeth, then you must consider using any quality teeth whitening kits. In fact, the consideration of having the assistance of any expert dentist also facilitates people to remove the yellowish teeth with much excellence. For having any more detailed information, just consult with some experts, who have aspects knowledge regarding all such aspects.

  6. Too much of coffee and tea in a day causes stains
    Jus get ur teeth clean near by clinic
    After having tea n coffee and any food gargle ur mouth .

  7. If the teeth got a “bit” yellow after drinking coffee, the first thing you need to do is to stop drinking black coffee. In other words, don’t make it worse. Milk or cream in coffee is a better alternative.
    In terms of getting the teeth whiter, if they are only a “bit” yellow, with normal brushing over a period of several days, they will probably get back to their original color, which I assume were whiter.
    If they don’t, then try your local hygienist who will clean and polish them.
    If that doesn’t do the job, then you will have to whiten your teeth using some sort of peroxide (hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide) either in the dentist’s office or at home using trays. Using whitening strips or a whitening pen, could work in mild cases too.
    And, after you whiten your teeth, stay away from pigmented food or drinks for at least 3 days, in order for the teeth to have time to reabsorb water and remineralize, if they got demineralized in the process.
    Start liking coffee (or tea) with milk or cream.

    Victor Allen’s

  8. If you are cool with conventional methods then you have more than good advise here.
    If however you are like me and prefer natural remedies that are holistic and less invasive then try Prakritit Victoria’s answer.
    Or this Egbe Adeta’s answer to Does tea or coffee stain teeth?
    Be well.

  9. The best way is to go to a dentist and have your teeth cleaned. Unfortunately the coffee stains reappear soon after if you’re a committed coffee drinker. Bleaching trays are also an option, which you can get from your dentist, but they’re kind of pricey. You can use toothpastes with whitening agents (i.e. Hydrogen peroxide), but this isn’t as effective as the first two options and these agents are abrasive, leading to enamel wearing (which eventually makes your teeth look more yellow).
    The best way to prevent coffee staining, of course, is to discontinue drinking coffee. If this isn’t a possibility for you (as is the case for myself), you can consider using a straw when you drink coffee. As weird as it looks and feels, it will prevent the coffee from contacting your teeth and will give the coffee more direct access to your throat.

  10. You need to have the stain removed with a dental cleaning and if the color is still too yellow for your liking look into your whitening options. After that its about maintenance and keeping the stains away. Reducing your intake of coffee, tea, sodas will help.

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  11. Brush your teeth regularly and to whiten them you can use a little baking soda mixed a little lemon juice or hydrogen peroxide and baking soda just don’t swallow it either will help whiten your teeth but be careful because to much will also remove a layer of the enamel and can damage your teeth also See your Dentist regularly


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