How can I print a picture on a mug using iron?

How can I print a picture on a mug using iron?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how to print a picture on a coffee mug

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  1. You can not unless you already have printer, transfer paper, & ink specifically for that purpose and mug surface that is specifically pretreated for that.
    What you are seeing in mall kiosk etc. are using dye-sublimation printing techniques.
    And for that, you need to get printer setup specific for that. And you would need mug pretreated surface for this purpose.
    If you do not have tool already, it is much cheaper to order it online or ask one of those mall kiosk operators to make one quickly.
    Alternatively, many of college or community center that offer design course often have equipment necessary for doing dye-sub printing.
    In the case you would only need pretreated mug cup and heater. (you have to note, school rarely have transfer heater for something product specific since that is not their goal).
    Alternatively, if you have laser printer, you can try acetone transfer or other photo transfer technique.
    Most of these process are not dishwasher safe or last very long, so that too need to kept in mind.


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