How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

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  1. Disclaimer : Stunts performed by professionals. You can imitate, but the author bears no responsibility for the effects that the person may face.
    Take a bottle of water and keep it ready, when you are at the peak of drowsiness, collect some water in the bottle cap and then to your hand, and apply the water to your eyes… This requires expertise in the sense you shall not spill the water ground, causing uneasiness among friends and teacher.
    Another method would be to tell to your non sleeping friends ( if there are any) to pinch you suddenly when you are out of control. Pinching returns you immediately to your wits.
    The first method should be used only as a cure, not prevention, to avoid the side effects of long term use :
    In the long run, cool water and fan may induce you to sleep more….

  2. Don’t expect a Cheesy reply from me as answered by others.
    I would suggest you to sit in the front bench of the class and try to listen what the professor is trying to say.
    I know you are laughing right now , but I will tell you why I am saying this
    Once I was in a job interview, as I entered the room, the HR asked me
    “ so prashant, tell me something that you know but I don’t know”
    At first it was incomprehensible for me , so I asked him for the clarification
    He said ,
    “ Its not possible that you don’t learn something new from anyone “
    This was a changing statement to me , since then till today whenever I meet someone new I make sure I learn something from them.
    There will be time when you will feel implacable by the professors concepts. Don’t be intransigent to his teaching
    Just listen to him take notes and go back to hostel and try to find out whether he was right or wrong about it. Take it as a game, you loose if the professor was right you win if the professor was wrong.
    “ Sitting in the class can really be very jubilant and exciting. If you go to class with this attitude you will never feel sleepy.”
    Love you.

  3. Ahh I have been there! It’s a tricky situation to beat but with a few right tricks and a few instilled habits, it’s easily beatable.
    Disclaimer: These are all the tricks to SURVIVE the lecture without dozing off or getting caught. If you want tips to concerntrate and learn in the lecture, there’s only one: Get a balanced routine, night sleep and healthy breakfast and listen very carefully what the teacher is teaching. Period.

    1. Hold your breath for a few moments.

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    Every time you feel like you are falling asleep, hold your breath to a count of 100. You will become restless and more wakeful while you hold your breath. When you start breathing again, you’ll feel relieved and awake.
    That said,

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    So, please be warned! 🙂
    2. Listen to your favorite music before making to the class
    It helps pump up your senses and keeps you en-thrilled for a long time. Though, don’t go for very soft music as it comforts your brain down. Also, don’t get stuck with one track as it may become a reason for day-dreaming which is the most common reason for drowsing in the lectures.
    3. Sniff or chew a peppermint.

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    The scent of peppermint wakes up the body and brain. If you’re allowed to chew mints or gum during class, it’s handy to have a package of mint-flavored goodies on hand. If you aren’t allowed to eat, even just smelling peppermint is a pick-me-up. Though, don’t inflate it (as in the pic) or else teacher will notice and throw you out of the class. (which is another way to kick the drowsiness off!)
    4. Get a drink of cold water.

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    You might be so sleepy because you’re a little dehydrated. Drink water and splash some on your face, too. It will help wake you up right away, and you’ll be good to go for the rest of class.
    5. Get up and walk to the bathroom.
    If you’re really in danger of falling asleep, a short walk will help. Follow your classroom’s protocol for using the restroom. If you can get away with it, do a little dance move in the hallway to perk yourself up even more!
    6. Tap your feet and drum your fingers.

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    Even these slight movements will help get your circulation moving and keep you from falling asleep.

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    7. Interact with your classmates — when the time is right.

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    Your classmates can also help you stay awake during school. While you shouldn’t be chatting with your peers when your teacher is talking, there will be opportunities to use your classmates to help you stay alert. Here’s what you can do:

    Talk to a classmate before class starts. Instead of slouching in your chair and slipping into half-slumber, talk to one of your classmates about the homework, or even his plans for the week.
    Take advantage of group work. If you’re working in groups or partners, be an active participant to stay alert.
    Sit near the students who participate. Though you don’t want to sit by a chatty student who can distract you, if you sit near someone who participates a lot, his voice will jolt you awake frequently. This will also keep you from sleeping because you’ll know that your teacher will be looking in your direction often.

    Eat a healthy lunch in the cafeteria.

    Take advantage of your lunch break and give yourself the fuel you need to make it through the rest of your day. You should eat a healthy and balanced lunch. Your snacks should keep you from getting so hungry that you overeat and then immediately feel tired again. Here’s what you should do:
    Pack your lunch, if you have time. This will ensure that you can eat something healthy, and it will also give you time to digest your food instead of spending half your lunch period waiting in the cafeteria line.
    Avoid greasy, sugary, or high-fat foods.
    Have a healthy salad with fruit and nuts, or a sandwich with whole wheat bread. Have a yogurt or banana on the side.
    If you need more caffeine, have some black tea.
    When you’re at lunch, try to interact with your friends as much as possible so that your mind is engaged. Take the time to laugh and be silly and to help your mind relax.

    8. Selfies!

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    Well this is picking up very swiftly these days. So between two lecture (or maybe in the middle of one, if you are that gutsy!) click some selfies and boom! All the pouting and posing will take that drowsiness off. Better, post it on Instagram and what not to live through the dullness.
    I hope these tips help. Thanks for A2A. 🙂

  4. To begin with, I’m going to assume that you want to gain something from the class and that is why you do not want to sleep during that particular class.Therefore, in this answer I’m going to focus on ways you can concentrate, be attentive and keep awake during the class.
    Try to understand why the subject is relevant or important:
    Most of the time, we don’t know how a particular subject has real life applications. Finding out the real world applications of the subject will get you interested in the subject. I know I would have been more attentive during my differential equations math class if I had known that computers were built on the basis of these differential equations. If you don’t find the subject boring, there is a high probability that you won’t find the class boring.
    Read up on the material that will be tackled in the coming class:
    When you acquaint yourself with a new topic, you will certainly have a lot of questions regarding that topic. Therefore, during the lecture listen carefully for the answers to those questions and if during the course of the lecture some of your questions have not been answered, you can ask your professor those questions. This will make the class more interesting and there is a higher chance you will not sleep.
    Ask questions and conversely try to answer the questions that the teacher poses:
    When you decide to ask questions you automatically start paying more attention to what the lecturer is saying. This is because you will want to ask an intelligent and relevant question and even if you do not do so you would have actively listened to the lecture.
    Another strategy that you could employ is answering the questions put forth by the teachers. I have a dozen friends who do very well academically because of the fact that they employ this strategy. You concentrate on what is being said because you want to answer the questions correctly. However, if you are shy and do not want to draw attention to yourself, you should still try to formulate an answer to the question and then you can choose whether you want to verbalize it or not.
    Play a game:
    This game that I am alluding to is not of the video game variety. It falls under the “challenge yourself” game variety. Every lecture I play this game wherein which I try to see whether I can state and explain all the points the professor put forth during his lecture. I know it’s an extremely geeky game, but it works. It not only makes the lecture less tedious, this method ensures that you have learnt something during the lecture.
    While listening to your teacher, jot down points. The chances of you sleeping are minimized when you engage in an activity which requires movement.
    Over the years, my friends and I have made dozens of jokes about the subject matter being taught to us in class. While some of them are gems, others are terrible. However these jokes have kept us awake as we were either laughing uncontrollably or we were trying to outdo each other in the bad jokes department. And since the jokes were related to what we were currently studying and because they were so ridiculous, the subject matter automatically got stored in our long term memory.

  5. Maintain a proper Sleep Pattern :
    To start with i think you should make your sleep cycle a multiple of 90 minutes(I read it somewhere online and couldn’t find the source now. I have personally tried it and it is working like a gem) and also maintain consistency. I know it is not something easy to do, especially when you are in college. If you are staying in hostel, it is almost impossible. But having a controlled sleep has a lot of benefits both physically and mentally. At some point of your life you realize this and put some efforts to get your life on track.
    When i was in college, I used to sleep for a minimum of 9 hours and that too randomly and sometimes in shifts(5 hours in night and 4 hours in afternoon or something like that). Never really bothered about my sleep patterns or my diet. I continued similar lifestyle after taking up job. But the problem started few months after my joining. My IQ started gradually dropping(that’s how i felt) and i wasn’t as sharp as i used to be earlier. It always pissed me off on how i am becoming dumb and dumb as days passed. That’s when i realize what i am doing wrong all these days.
    We may not realize the importance of following a proper timings and schedule but it will have some adverse effects in long run. My serious advice is to follow a proper sleep pattern. This might help you to cope with your current situation.
    You can also try following things to avoid sleeping in classes:
    1. Most importantly, give something to your brain to think about, some puzzle, riddle or anything that can keep your brain awake. You can do this just before the lecture starts. It really difficult to feel sleepy with your brain awake.
    2. Take running notes on what the professor is teaching. This might help you concentrate on the lecture too. After all, that’s the whole point of attending the lecture, right ?
    3. I would not personally recommend this but avoiding heavy breakfast/lunch will actually help. Anyway do this only in extreme case if nothing works.
    4. Observe the surroundings, your friends (Make sure the prof. doesn’t catch you looking at the opposite sex) and well, anything interesting.

  6. Looks like Taleef Paloji and Nishant Kumar gave you some really good advice.
    Some other things which you can do includes:
    1. Try some games

    Prefer not to play games on phone because that increases chances of getting caught.

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    Name Place Animal Thing remains all time favorite.
    2 . Chit Chat
    Best friend

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    sitting next to you? Tear a piece of paper and start chatting!

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    3. Listen to music
    If you have an earphone and you are a girl

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    chances are you will pass without getting caught.

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    This are a few thing you can try!!!
    P.S. I even do Quora sometimes to stay awake!

  7. To remain awake you should focus more on writing the things rather only than listening. When you write things your body remains more awake and you understand more about the topic. You should find the reasons why the class is boring for you and work on them.

  8. This is actually a tough question. Based on who is teaching and how it is presented and what the subject is you could have extreme difficulties in fighting the sluggishness of the content. I would do what I would normally do today when I get stuck in a line somewhere. I start analyzing people and how they are behaving. I would look at the teacher and mentally critique the actions, the presentation, the subject. I would also take note of how others are responding to the subject and if they are experiencing the same feeling I am having. I would watch for how the teacher makes certain body language tendencies.
    I have had classes like this when I was younger, it feels like you are caught in a vortex. I fell asleep so fast that my head struck the desk and woke me up. Also allowing the entire class to see how I felt about the lecture. Part of the problem isn’t you, but the lecturer also. It is their job to get the information to you, but if they can’t figure out how to hold your intention, than just passing the data to you is useless. Teaching isn’t just shoving data at a person. You have to make sure they are receiving it also.

  9. I used to sit right at the back and just give in to sleep 😅

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    In all honesty you should probs concentrate if you’re there, by finding something to appreciate in the information. This is done by linking it to other thoughts and ideas, and developing scenarios in your head of how you can practically use the information when you get your degree.

  10. before going to lecture read one or two paragraphs about the topic and then form some questions in your mind. and during the lecture try to listen for the answers.

  11. You can think about your school days that time . how you was done fun in class with friends . after this Definitely you will be able to survive in class with more potential because i do same think in my boring class . some times i laughing randomly in class that is very awesome feeling for me . if u think like me then u can do this in same way .
    thnx to read my answer .

  12. If the subject is interesting, then you will be awake and attentive. if the lecturer is good one, he will create interest in the students and they will be attentive. These are the fundamental details for you

  13. best option is to follow up every minute what your teacher is explaining ..imagine that u are in a race to absorb knowledge as much as u can dont leave even a single sentence uttered by your teacher..sounds funny but it actually works out

  14. A2A,
    There will be two scenarios you can avoid sleep during boring class.
    Need to concentrate on the subject:
    In this case you need to avoid sleep as well as you wanted to listen to your teacher.
    Make yourself interest on the subject
    Ask questions. Asking question is simple as anything. You can stop by and ask what’s that to your teacher(mention something on the book/black bord/LCD screen regarding the topic which your teacher teaches).
    Discuss with your friend on the same topic without your teachers attention. If you try do something without your teachers attention then automatically your sleep will go away.
    Just need to avoid sleep:
    In this case you just want to avoid sleep and no need to concentrate on class.
    Make some noise. Your teacher will notice and you will be out of the class for the day. How will you sleep when you are outside the class… Ha ha ha ha…
    Nice question.. For most us this question pops up whenever we are in a boring class.

    Eight O’Clock

  15. Just try to be attentive,it doesn’t matter you are capable of understanding his/her lecture and just make your mind that this is the last class after it you are free and you can sleep after it.
    Just try do some work weither it’s useful or not by this your mind is engaged and you will be able to attend the lecture without sleeping.

  16. For a sermon or meeting, it helps to take notes- specifically, try to form some interesting questions that you can ask after and then do ask some questions after. For a long class, do the same thing but add snacks and something to drink. Also, if the professor has a doctorate of some sort, hit the school library and locate their dissertation. It is very very common for professors to basically teach out of what they’ve written on for a dissertation or something else they’ve had published, and if you can find that you’ll be able to see the final copy result of months or years of research and revision, which may very well be more comprehensible than wherever the prof’s talking goes to on a tired Tuesday morning.

  17. I always chew my favourite gum or a toffee while attending boring lectures. That’s the best way I think for avoiding a sleep during any boring lectures.

  18. I am having experience of teaching in engineering college, in my opinion it’s moral duty of teacher to keep students awake with some ideas, Sharing concept with stories, real life examples of engineering concepts etc. Still as student you need to take proper sleep and diet to be always fresh during lecture hours also taking interest, asking questions to faculty and active participation.

  19. This was a tip given to me by a student of a famous engg/medical coaching institute of Kerala, headed by Mr P C Thomas. The institute is famous for its strictness and restrictions. Even sleeping in the class seemed quite impossible.
    So most students used to carry Vicks balm, when you feel sleepy, rub very little outside the eye area. It really helped them is what i heard, although i never gave a try.

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    Don’t know if it has any side affects.

  20. This takes a little creativity and handy work. Cut some plywood so it would fit on your chair as seat cushion. Glue some foam to the top of the plywood. On the bottom, glue a triangular shape profile, so the part contacting the chair is pointy. Put some fabric all around it so no one can tell what it is. When you sit on the board, it will teeter on that profile. That profile should be directly center under you, separating your left and right sides. When you sit on it, the board will either tilt to the left or right, UNLESS you keep it balanced with your body. While you are doing that, you will not fall asleep, no matter how boring it gets. Plus, this tool will improve your memory and teach your brain to work a little faster. It’s like a chemical stimulant, only without any chemicals.
    How do I know? For the past 20 years I have been researching this area of human physiology and neurology and also making miniature tightrope sets that work on the same idea as I explained above.

    There is shortcut to all this. It’s not as sophisticated, but it works for short periods of time. Bring one of your legs under the chair. Shift your weight from the butt to your leg. After a very short time, your leg muscles will begin to burn and you will soon have to stop. So this, plus pain from this exercise will keep your eyes peeled a little longer. The best way is to sign up for class where the teacher motivates everyone with his/her personality, information, stories, etc.

  21. There are many good answers with the popular practices followed by most of us. Apart from those, these are the things that I used to do during my boring MBA lectures.
    Surf Quora. Read lot and lot.
    If you are interested in Sketching, start making anything on the piece of paper.
    If you are interested in Writing, write anything you want. (My favorite) I used to write Shayaris, or so called Shayaris rather, during my lectures.
    Observe people around you. Observe their facial expressions, their body language. Each time you will find something interesting.
    Observe the lecturer. If you are interested in teaching, this is the most beneficial thing you can do to kill the time.
    If not anything, then observing the lecturer will enhance your public speaking skill. I can bet on this. Observe the way he speaks, what he speaks, the way he forms his sentences, his facial expressions, this movement around the classroom, hand gestures etc. Best thing about this is that the lecturer will think that you are paying a lot of attention. LOL 😛
    Write something on Quora, if you have the ability of not getting caught while using the cellphone.
    Pass on chits to your partner in crime. It will be fun to exchange chits.

  22. Read the topic atleast give a glance before you go to the class.
    When you read/look at the topic your mind becomes little familiar to the words in that topic. And you feel active and enthusiastic to know more about it as you feel familiar to it whwn the professor uses those words . I tried it and it worked out. Class will be more interesting when you read the subject prior.

  23. 1) Take stimulants like coffee and tea
    2)Use chewing gum and toffees while in class
    3)In between class try to ask questions to faculty or Talk with your friend or with person of opposite sex whom you like.

  24. Is it only in lectures? What do you do before the lectures? The reason I ask is that I sometimes go to early afternoon movies. It’s a time of day when I would normally have no trouble staying awake but found that I was dozing off. What I have found is that if I don’t have lunch before the movie I stay awake. It seemed to be a combination of having recently eaten and then sitting paying attention to a presentation. Now that I think of it meetings at work shortly after meals had a similar effect.

  25. This question lacks context but I am assuming you’re a student. Seriously people, how to you expect a good answer if you are not properly explaining your case ? Anyway…
    I have been in academic studies for about 6 years and this is my take on it. A lecture can be boring if:

    You don’t understand the content because you’re not keeping up with the material being taught, which essentially means you are no studying hard enough.
    The lecturer is boring, incompetent towards teaching and lacks motivation and the ability to transfer knowledge.
    I am pretty sure, based on my experience that the second point is the case by the law of probabilities. Simply because nowadays professors/lecturers don’t care at all about teaching and are only interested in getting back to their offices to continue their research.
    If you feel that this is the case do not go to lectures if you can (prof. doesn;t count absences etc..) Study on your own or in groups with other students and ask many questions to teaching assistants and the professor in his/her office hours.

  26. Hold your breath for as long as you can, and then breath out slowly.
    This will increase your heart rate.
    You cannot possibly sleep with your heart pumping at a higher rate.
    Its Physiological!

  27. The time you start feeling drowsy just pop a mentos or polo or anything which has “mint” in your mouth.
    Trust me it actually works. I survived many dull and colorless lectures with this.

  28. My friend and I sat beside each other . We’d kick each others legs while falling asleep . Sometimes even pinch ( the lectures were so boring) . When she wasn’t there , I used to bend down my head like writing , byt actually having a small dozing session which lasted for a minute . Sometimes , when the lecturer was far away from us, we played dot game, tic tac toe, drew some arbitrary drawings, sometimes practiced writing in a less known language.
    When you are seriously not able to avoid sleep even after these, try writing with left hand . One of your friends will make fun and when you’ll laugh, you’ll definitely feel better .
    Hope that helps

  29. 1)If you really need to listen the class be interactive in the class it’s very interesting and you feel the change
    2)play with your friends

  30. I doodle.
    A lot.
    Being autistic I get easily distracted and doodling focuses my physical movement which prevents me losing focus on the lecture.
    Apparently the same works for people with dyslexia.
    I have some very interesting lecture notes, lol!

  31. Start to listen words of your lecture. Try to only listen words which are spoken.
    Give answer to lecturer. Actually it should be said as Complete the sentence of lecturer.
    Eg: when he is saying capital of India is…at that time you speak Delhi in mind.
    It will help to present by mind in class.

  32. Get enough of sleep at home before attending that class. Whenever you feel sleepy, if you have a window in your classroom/hall, look outside. Try to see the sky/building/trees/anything.. Count any 5 things you can see. Look inside the room (your desk) count any 3 things that you can touch, and count any 2 things that you can hear (one from outside the classroom, one from within your classroom). You will feel calm and concentrated. Do it slowly, don’t rush.
    I used to feel sleepy too, because the topic of the lecture was unknown to me. I couldn’t understand a single thing they described sometimes. I used to stare blankly and then BAM! A huge yawn! Then one day I went home, and tried to check out the topic online. It wasn’t that hard. I read that article online and it was clear to me. I read some extra topics related to that article too. Unfortunately, next day, that professor continued to discuss and explain the same topic. Fortunately, I didn’t feel sleepy that day at all.. Why? Because I understood everything he was trying to explain, because I read it the previous day already. It was like I was having a revision!! 😛
    So indulge yourself in studying the topics of your syllabus on your own before your professors cover them. If you don’t understand anything, mark it/ note it down. When your professor explains the same topic afterwards, stand up and ask your questions, clear your doubt. Work harder! You will be able to overcome any obstacles! 🙂
    Good luck!!

  33. You could cut all carbohydrates and sugar from your diet. This will eliminate any glycemic swings. I am so much more alert this way. Thanks for the A2A!

  34. This is problem was faced by me too before…
    One tip is start being active add exercise in yur routine … Take walks in early morning wch Will make Yu feel fresh…
    And wen we come to yur lectures.. Try reading abut the current topics a day prior so that Yu know wat is the teacher taking lecture abut
    When yu know abut the topic and its not new Yu yourself will enjoy it n sleep during lectures wld b vanished.. 🙂
    Try it
    All d best

  35. There could you multiple reasons for this. Unhealthy food habits, less than 8 hours sleep at night, no exercise, inadequate water intake, badly lit/ventilated space, alcohol abuse could you just some of possible obvious reasons. There are a host of other conditions that may result in that such as hypothyroidism, PCOD (if a woman), possibly even depression or some other imbalance or deficiency etc.
    If you can rule out the first list of more obvious lifestyle reasons – you need a qualified medical professional to run a line of investigations to check if something is physically wrong.
    Most people would say just have a couple of cups of coffee before classes. But I believe that may only make you a caffeine addict and not get to the root of what may be causing this.
    Hope this helps.

  36. Sleeping in class is mainly bcoz we are not getting anything nor interested. We can avoid it by revising the discussed topics at home so we will have an eagerness to know more about the topic.I have an interest in maths so I hardly feel sleepy during maths class even though I was dozing the previous class.

  37. I personally think taking interest in the classes might help. More importantly though, try and figure out the amount of sleep required by you and sleep at least that much during the course of day (except for the classes, of course).

    P.S I think you took Sinha too seriously.


  38. I empathise with you.
    My attention span in lectures and meetings is really limited, regardless of how well I slept the night before, how tired I am and even how interesting the lecture/meeting is.
    Obviously, as a grownup I have to conform, so I’ve developed a range of little tricks to keep me awake.
    – taking notes can help, but usually is not enough
    – I try to participate
    – I volunteer to write on the board, move stuff around, anything that would get me off my seat
    But the biggest challenge is sitting still, so I try to keep moving, so: trips to fill in the water bottle, and to empty the bladder, fiddling with pens/pencils, toys I carry with me for that purpose; doodling, eating (if permitted).
    When desperate I just get up and walk around, I may say something about being able to concentrate better when moving.

  39. Stop avoiding. Sleep.
    Chances are lecturer won’t even notice.
    Even if he/she does, here comes your forever entertaining chutzpah

  40. This depends on why you are sleepy during classes.
    If you don’t get enough sleep at other times, then try to do something about that. I realize that if you live in a college dorm, it may be hard to sleep all night due to loud music and shouting. The same goes for some other environments. At least find a quiet place (like a library) half an hour before class and take a very short nap. On way to do this is to bring an empty soda can and tie it to your finger with a short thread. Sit in a comfortable position holding the can. When it falls down, the sudden tug will wake you up for sure. Actually it may not be necessary to fall so deeply asleep that the can falls down – people are different there, and I use to wake up just before that happens, the moment I fall asleep. This is enough to feel rested for an hour or two.
    (Don’t use this to avoid sleep during night! Sleep is important for our health, it is not just an inconvenience.)
    Coffee is also great, if you tolerate it. Not only does it help keep you awake, but it slightly improves your concentration. Obviously you should not use it all day, let alone night, but only when you need it.
    Don’t drink soda or eat large meals before class, large amounts of sugar and protein will make you sleepy. Small amounts of sugar may perk you up – I used to bring candy to my written finals and eat them very slowly during the day.
    If you go to class fully rested but you still grow increasingly sleepy after a while, it is probably a matter of transcribing information to long-term memory. Humans have a limited working memory. The amount of it varies from person to person, but not as much as we tend to believe. When working memory runs full, we will start to forget unless our brain transcribes it into long-term memory. This is a slow process. This process is aided by sleep in two ways: 1) The actual brain activity during sleep is suited for updating and consolidating long-term memory, and 2) new data are not being crammed in and displacing the old, so the brain can clear up the backlog. This is why you get sleepy if you are in a learning situation even if you are fully rested.
    The solution to this is to not try to learn everything during the class.
    If you know the topic of the class beforehand, read up on it well before class (not last minute, more like an hour or day before). That way your brain will already have put some of the data into your memory and won’t need to do so during class! The more you know about the field, the easier it is to integrate more knowledge. This is why people say “become interested in the topic” – if you are, you probably think more about it in daily life and it becomes easy to learn. But even if it bores you, read up beforehand if you can.
    If you don’t know the content beforehand, take notes. You will be able to memorize these at a later time, so there is less pressure on you to remember them now. Actually notes are usually a good idea unless you know the topic really, really well.
    If there are times during class where you don’t need to pay full attention, use these to wake yourself up by doing something that excites you. Look at a picture that brings out strong emotions. Read a paragraph of an exciting story that you bring along for just this purpose. (I used to do this when getting sleepy at work.) Some people think of sex, but your ethics may vary on this. The idea is to get your heart beating faster and increase your alertness before continuing with class. Also move your arms and legs if possible, motion keeps you awake and increases blood flow. Just don’t distract fellow students too much. The same goes for chewing gum, a great trick for staying awake.

  41. 1. Please consider re-prioritizing your off-school activity.
    You may be spending too much time in the evening doing what you like to do in your personal time. These activities cost energy (which you need to stay awake) – You only have a certain amount a day, spend your energy and time wisely.
    2. Please consider your diet.
    University life = young people = eat whatever, who cares. It actually affects you more than you think.
    3. Please consider your sleep schedule.
    University life = young people = who needs sleep. Try to go to bed at 9pm everyday without fail.
    Good luck, oh youngster .
    Enjoy your time in school!!!

  42. Use techniques like concept mapping or other more active ways of recording notes. Ask yourself questions, switch out colors, try to identify the key concepts or most important points. Look up information on flipped classrooms and draw on some of those techniques, even if the prof is using lectures.

  43. 1) Drink espresso shot before lectures. Caffeine would be great to decrease your sleepiness.
    2) When your focus disappeared, try to translate lecturer’s sentences to another language. It will help you to boost your concentration again.
    3) Try to increase your awareness about your current environment. Feel the temperature, check the people behaviours and try to understand why you are in this classroom.
    PS: They can only increase your concentration but if you don’t love what you are learning about, check your decisions.


  44. Reply
  45. In my opinion and experience, you can’t resist inattentiveness if the topic is not of your interest. The only way to go is to get out and do something recreational. Something of your choice and interest.

  46. The lecture method of pedagogy, is designed for Auditory personality types, who learn by hearing. But all of us are not Auditory. We may be the Visual type, who prefer seeing something, or kinaesthetic, who learn by touch or feel.
    Audio-visuals and practical exercises are increasingly being used to cater to all types.
    If you are not the Auditory t…

  47. This is common problem of student, don’t worry, you are not along. There are many cause behind fall asleep in class. Main cause of falling sleep in class is, not properly sleep at night.
    It may be study, talk with friends, watching TV or Web series etc. If you are doing any of these, I would suggest to sleep early so that you can get proper sleep. Follow a routine. Take balance diet. Listen good music. Spend time in good company. It will solve your problem. Other possible causes may be following.

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    1. No interest in particular subject
    2. Have interest but couldn’t understand properly, It happens due to carelessness in study at school level. Remedy: Go and read previous book ( school leve…

  48. It is very simple: get the proper amount of sleep at night.
    The “proper amount” is measured from when you fall asleep until you wake up “naturally” (that is, without an alarm clock). For most people this will be from 8 to 10 hours.
    If you get this amount of sleep at night, you will not fall asleep during lectures. You may be bored, you may fidget, or daydream, but you will not fall asleep.
    If you give yourself this adequate amount of sleep each night, you’ll find you spontaneously wake up 1 minute before your alarm setting. The brain is better at keeping time than we think it is.

  49. For the lectures, one thing that I do myself is play a mindless game on your mobile phones.
    Something like temple run, flappy bird etc.
    These are games where sessions are quite small.
    You would pay attention to what is being taught, strangely though.
    And, you won’t fall asleep.
    Well, that works me! I don’t know about you.

  50. Take notes. Focus on the professor and what he saying. Stop looking at the girl 3 rows over even if it does keep you awake. Draw a big red F on a paper because that will be your grade for the course if you fall asleep.

  51. Same thing happened to me last semester. I started taking coffee to class, if you can’t do that, then have a cup before class begins. And I wouldn’t buy from the coffee shop so no worries about the money. Vending machine.
    Chew a gum.
    Keep drinking water, small sips every 2 mins.
    Start taking notes, like make yourself take notes even if you don’t feel like. It’ll keep you mentally active.

  52. Getting a proper amount of sleep usually helps. If you are not sleep-deprived, does this happen during all lectures, or just in one course that you are not interested in? If this is happening in all lectures, and there is no obvious reason for it, then you may have a medical problem.

  53. Try to,
    Find mistakes in the lecture,
    Prove that there exists an alternative solution, explanation.
    You might think that where is the question of doing this when i am feeling sleepy /uninterested.
    But go to the class with this intention, you will be awake, learn more without that being the intention, also it gives you a kick and appreciation from both classmates & the professor.
    Be polite with the prof. when you are pointing out the mistakes, as some might screw you in assessments.

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    Of course, you will find that staying awake is easier than doing this in the classroom.

  54. Take something along with you to the class to eat! Works well for me!Share them along with your bench mates for some more fun.This works good because you have to be extra careful to eat without being noticed by your lecturer and your sleep flies away. 😀

  55. I can understand your situation very well. First of all, it is very important to have your fair quota of sound sleep. Since you said that you are sleeping for 7 hours a day, I guess that should not be a problem. Now to help you in raising your level of alertness, start your day with a very hearty breakfast and take a good shower. Even though your schedule is very demanding, try to dedicate some time to exercising your body – a long walk for about 40 minutes or 4 kms daily will suffice. It shall help you in staying active in the long run. Also, it is a good idea to take a break whenever you are feeling sleepy in the class, take a sip of water or ask to leave for the loo – the choice is yours. Lastly, please visit a physician if things deteriorate and ask for his advice, but I do hope it won’t be necessary. So, good luck and have a bright future.

  56. Try writing with your opposite hand in whole class or take out a sheet of paper and write anything on it. In few days your writing will also improve.

    How can I keep myself awake during boring lectures?

    It helps a lot. I tried it. Productive and interesting than sleep 🙂

  57. Drowsiness may be for two reasons
    1: Not had proper sleep at night.
    If this is the reason i suggest go to bed early or if you are stressed for some reasons speak to your near & dear ones.
    2: You find topics meaning less & boring
    If it’s due to professors
    Start good communication with them by this you will bridge the gap & lectures will start appealing.
    If it’s due institution
    Try find out people who studied & have made big names in corporates, Business & society from your institute. This will inspire you & will boost your moral also keep you alert.
    I hope my answers have some what justified your question, if it did
    Just try it & see the change.
    Thank you!

  58. No lecture is really boring, it’s up to your interest level. Before leaving you house for a school or college take a cup of tea or coffee . Caffeine is present in coffee that will never let you sleep . Drink water during lecture or focus on each and every word.

  59. You entered into studies by choice. You shall have to live with it till it’s over. Moreover those guys who teach have not come to amuse you. Let them do their jobs and you do your own by being attentive during lectures.

  60. Skip it. Technically – you’re awake and the lecture is still ongoing.
    Just kidding.
    Develop interest within yourself to learn the concepts and master them.

  61. Well, I had this problem during history class. I actually sat up front thinking that being so close to the teacher staring at me would keep me awake. It didn’t work and I got a D for the first semester. For the second, I had a cup of coffee before class and it kept me awake during the lecture and I got a B. I think the teacher marked me lower because I would start nodding off halfway through the class in the first semester, and of course, I was sitting right in front of him so he saw me.
    The other way to stay awake is to get more sleep at night. You fall asleep during boring lectures because you’re actually tired and you nod off. You have to get more sleep and then you can get through the lecture, or get through anything boring, without sleeping.

  62. Do you have any goals – or ambitions?
    If so – you need to study and pass exams. It’s not ‘cool’ to call a lecture boring. Go study something else if it’s that bad. If you had enough sleep at night – you’d be able to stay awake during lectures!
    Start taking your studies seriously – and your sleep routine.

  63. I used to chew airwaves chewing gum – the menthol is a good stimulant. Also, sitting near a window, and taking little sips of water used to help.

  64. Keep preparing notes of whatever goes on during the lectures. You feel sleepy because you cannot pay attention to what is going on.
    If you keep writing whatever the lecturer says, automatically you won’t feel sleepy.
    Also have 2-3 sips of water after every 5-10 min. This will keep you attentive.


  65. Pinch yourself : There many sweet spots which produce the most pain with the least effort. And use the right technique. Here’s an article to help you – Ouch! The Mighty Little Pinch For Self-defense
    Think of something that turns you on : It can be anything from your girlfriend / boyfriend , a sexy person, or even porn. Just don’t take too long, your professor might notice!
    Take a break : Ask permission to go to the toilet and wash your face.
    Take lecture notes : This has a double gain since it takes away our sleep and we also have some notes to refer later. (But don’t go on and write down each and every word he says, you should listen too! Listening in lectures is more important than taking notes)
    These tricks take a little time off your lecture but once you are done with it, you get some time before you go groggy again. So use that time to get interested in the lecture. If you feel sleepy again try out a different method and continue the cycle till your awake and concentrated. There are loads of other methods in the rest of the answers. Try ’em out and see which works best for you.

  66. If lectures are important in making your life, imagine if you do not have the lectures. If the lectures are not important in your life, do other things more important and interesting to you. Estimate and judge how important the lectures are and consider the opportunity cost.

  67. one of the recommendation to remain awake during boring lectures is took keep drinking water at regular intervals..water has natural properties which keeps ur brain awake ..and u can not only sit during boring lectures but something might start getting in your head too u can enjoy boring lectures too
    coffee is undoubtedly the best to keep u awake..but in abrubt situation water is always available


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