How can I invest in coffee?

How can I invest in coffee?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “coffee companies to invest in

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  1. It can too be traded on the stock market!
    First of all there is a futures contract for coffee under the symbol /KC (though it might be slightly different depending on your platform).
    Next there is JO, a coffee ETN from Barclays.
    CAFE is another Barclays coffee related offering, but it is thinly traded.
    JVA is Coffee Holding Co, not quite a pure play on coffee itself, but strongly correlated.
    There are certainly other options, such as SBUX, you’ve heard of Starbucks I’m certain, and you can use that as a proxy for trading coffee as well.

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  3. There is one option, which is Czech portal , which permits investment into mexican coffee cooperatives, with return of 7%. They also provide interest payment in coffee at a wholesale price.

    How can I invest in coffee?

  4. Generally, significant investments in the coffee industry start at the ground level: meaning the individual coffee estates and communities in which coffee is grown. These types of investments can take the form of monetary resources or, better, infrastructure initiatives.
    Developing a community or estate’s coffee processing infrastructure can really end up paying off in improved quality and scalability. Some projects include:
    Raised beds for sun-drying beans (“natural process” sun-dried coffee is often dried directly on the ground, which is why it has such a reputation for tasting bad)
    Improved washing stations (most coffee is processed by “washing” to remove the coffee cherry shell and pulp surrounding the bean [actually it’s technically a seed])
    Better roads (improved access to washing station, communities, export point)
    Storage facilities (storage conditions of green coffee beans can effect flavor profile and viability for high-end specialty markets)
    Longer-term investments can be in the community or estate its self, to improve quality of life for the farmers and their families.


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