How can I brew the strongest cup of drip coffee possible?

How can I brew the strongest cup of drip coffee possible?

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  1. 1. always grind your coffee fresh, as it lowers the chance of getting a bitter flavor from old grounds – in fact, most coffee aficionados recommend using beans that have been ground less than 18 hours previously;
    2. use the proper ratio of coffee granules to water according to your preferred taste; for instance, if you like your cup with stronger taste and small body you may use 1 tablespoon (15ml) or so of finely ground coffee per cup (250ml) of water; if you prefer weaker tasting but fuller-bodied cups then try 2 tablespoons(30-50 ml) per cup (250ml).
    3. add sugar or other flavoring substance only after brewing to avoid having them dissolve in the

  2. What does bold and strong taste like to you?
    Try grinding the coffee beans finer because that will increase the extraction of the coffee into your cup.

  3. When we talk about strong coffee we are either referring to the flavor or caffeine content.
    If more caffeine is what you fancy, you should choose a lighter roast, or a longer brewing time. A lighter roast has more mass and therefore, more caffeine.
    The longer your grounds brew in water, the more the caffeine content increases.
    If stronger flavor is what you want then do one of the following;
    1. Change the water-to-grounds ratio. For regular brewed coffee (in a drip coffee maker) the suggested ratio is two scoops (2 tablespoons) of grounds to one cup (6 ounces) of water. To make your coffee taste stronger, add more grounds.
    2. Choose a darker roast. A dark roast tends to have a stronger flavor because the longer the beans roast the stronger the flavor gets.
    3. Try another brewing method. You should consider changing your brewing method coffee will taste stronger if you add more grounds, but note that it may also begin to taste bitter.
    This said, to get the strongest cup of drip coffee, use a good dark roast and also make sure to use the right grind.

  4. Make coffee in a french press. Take that coffee out of the press and warm it to a hot, but not boiling temperature. Now make a new pot of coffee in the press, using your first batch instead of water. Repeat until you can’t pull yourself off the ceiling.


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