How can I brew green coffee beans without roasting them first?

How can I brew green coffee beans without roasting them first?

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  1. I’d recommend brewing it from an already powdered form of green coffee beans.
    The main reason being that there is no practical way to extract flavor from whole unroasted green coffee beans. And no way to safely grind green coffee beans — even in an industrial-strength commercial grinder — because, unroasted, they are incredibly, impossibly hard, like miniature rocks.
    The idea itself is questionable. It’s similar to trying to eat raw, uncooked grains of rice.
    Unless you’re aiming for some sort of medicinal property, antioxidants or something, some imagined health benefit, there’s no rational culinary reason to attempt to make a beverage out of raw green coffee beans. It’s arguably unfit for human consumption. It’s the roasting process that develops the flavor, and makes coffee beans brewable and consumable.

  2. Boil a ton of them in water. Before processing, coffee grows as a cherry. The cherry’s skin, pulp, and parchment are stripped from the seed (bean) and then it is dried. That seed has an interesting flavor not dissimilar to honeydew, but much grassier and far less sweet. If you boiled enough of the beans in water it would likely create an interesting stock. But part of the issue is that you would have a lot of trouble grinding the seeds. Roasting makes them significantly more brittle and thereby easier to break apart. Because of this, you’ll have to use a large number of green seeds in your stock. However, this stock won’t be coffee. It will be something completely different yet still caffeinated. You should try it and report back.

  3. 1. Measure them out.
    2. Grind them up.
    3. Put the ground green beans in your brewer.
    4. Brew
    5. Pour into your cup
    6. Suffer.
    7. Kick yourself for drinking unroasted coffee.

  4. It’s gross, I wouldn’t recommend it. I have seen many accounts of people doing such things for various reasons and writing pretty funny things about how awful the reactions are.
    But to answer the question specifically:
    Sourcing beans: Green coffee beans are pretty easy to get from any place that roasts coffee. Many Whole Foods locations do. Greens are MUCH less expensive than roasted beans ($2-5 USD will get you a pound of nearly any origin/fanciness)
    Grinding beans: Make sure you put your grinder on the VERY coarsest setting. Then, after you do the grinding, you will probably need to throw your grinder away, as the beans will have destroyed your grinder (greens are not normally ground).
    Brewing: Who cares, the starting material is SO AWFUL that you can do pretty much anything and you will wind up with an undrinkable cup of gaggy-ness. So use your imagination.

  5. I mean.. You could give it a shot, but green coffee beans are a lot more dense and that alone would make grinding them difficult. If you try to brew them, you’re not going to get coffee- the flavor you’re used to is developed in the very necessary process of roasting. Green coffee beans aren’t meant to be brewed.


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