HELP ! What do I do if a 10 month year old baby bumps head on side of a table?

HELP ! What do I do if a 10 month year old baby bumps head on side of a table?

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  1. You only worry when someone, young or old is knocked out after a bump to the head. Then you take them to hospital. Straight away.
    If they become disoriented/confused/not their usual self, or starts vomiting, also seek medical help. Lethargy would only be a problem if there was no reason for it.
    Sometimes bumps on the head will cause a lump no matter what you do. It’s ok. It will go in time.

  2. Sorry my answer is too late for you but I was asleep! In the future don’t worry about bumps like the one you describe. But definitely ice it for more than 2 minutes if you can. My kids hated the ice and were more traumatized by me holding them down and icing than by the initial trauma so do your best. On for 5 and off for 5 is best for 30 min. You can ice it later too. Try giving your baby some arnica. It is harmless and often reduces the damage (swelling and bruising) from any kind of trauma.
    You should seek help if:
    1. babys eyes won’t focus
    2. baby loses consciousness
    3. baby cannot do something they could before (walk, talk, sit up)
    4. baby vomits (and doesn’t do so usually, my kids still spit up at this age.)
    5. the impact was significant AND the baby seems off. Significant and off can be subjective. You know your baby best but at the same time you don’t want to fly off to the ER for every little thing. A baby can be off for a few minutes but still be fine. Consider getting baby checked if the time span is longer. Significant means a bump hard enough that you’d be worried about yourself if you were bumped on the head. If you spin around and smacked your head on the wall would you be seriously injured? People worry more about their kids of course but they are quite tough. In fact their skull isn’t fully bone at this age so it can flex somewhat rather than breaking. You have to worry more about the brain inside but it’s tough than you might thi…

  3. Babies get hurt. And if he bumped on the side of the table— Wait, why are you asking random strangers on the internet? If you’re that worried, go to a doctor

  4. I am not a doctor, or a nurse, so this is not to be considered medical advice. However, I have three children and have seen a few bumps like the one you describe.
    The absolute most likely outcome of what you have described is that your baby is just fine. If your baby only cried for two seconds, and stopped when you picked him up, that is an extremely good sign that he only got a startle.
    As a general rule, head bumps that occur from the baby’s movement over less than half the baby’s own height are not damaging, just startling. So, for instance, if your baby was sitting and fell over, hitting their head on the edge of the table on their way down, then there would be little to worry about unless the table edge was very sharp.
    The time to worry is if the baby hits something sharp, or they traveled a farther distance (like falling off a changing table), or there was extra force involved, like if you were turning and accidentally bumped your baby’s head into the table — in this case, the bump has extra force behind it because of your movement.
    Taking into account all of the above, you should be fine. Here is an article on baby bumps that says many of the same things that I said, and talks about what to look for as well: A Baby Concussion or Just a Bump on the Head? Here’s How to Tell!
    If you live in the US, some health insurances provide a nurses’ line that you can call 24 hours a day; you’ll be able to have a more interactive discussion with them and I would recommend calling if it will set your mind at ease. Pediatricians often provide a similar service, but I’m guessing they’re closed now due to the late hour.
    When I have called about bumps on the head, here is the standard of what I get asked and instructed:
    Did the child cry right away? (Delayed crying is a sign of a more serious injury)
    Has the child vomited? (Vomiting is a sign of a more serious head injury)
    Are there signs of lethargy or seeming ‘out of it’? (These can be signs of a more serious injury, but as you note it is bedtime anyway, so this one might not be meaningful).
    In general, the instructions I receive if there is cause for concern are to wake the baby every two hours for the first 24 hours after the bump, and call if either the baby can’t be woken, vomits, or is not ‘acting like themselves’.
    Good luck!

  5. If he is behaving the way he normally does, then he will be fine. At this age, he is probably trying to stand or learn to walk, and will possibly have a few more bumps in the next few months. You have treated it with ice, and likely averted any serious bruising. Sometimes an egg shaped bump will appear after such a bump and this is normal too.
    However, if he appears too lethargic, or behaves in any way outside his normal behaviour, call an ambulance and get straight to an emergency department. Very occasionally, a bump can be more serious.

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  6. My kids Been through this stage and it’s not fun. The bump does go down just put a wrapped up ice on it. My kid doesn’t like the Ice, so I just do it when she’s Not moving for like a minute. Don’t stress about getting him to sit still and the bump goes down in like a day or so. It will slowly change in to a bruise. It took at least two weeks for my child’s bump/ bruise to fade.

  7. Observe baby for signs of mental confusion. Babies often will sleep after a head bump, which can be alarming but is pretty normal and not a sign of a problem. Just check on them throughout naps and through the day for changes in breathing patterns, but kids who are crawling and learning to walk hit their heads all the time. It is most likely fine.

  8. Father of 3.
    Don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal for babies to bump their heads when they start practicing standing and walking. Unless the fall was from over 50 cm or if the baby went unconscious, I wouldn’t worry.
    If it’s not your baby I’d tell the parents ASAP what happened. Because they will notice the bump.

  9. What you need to do is bump your own head on the table with the same force as your baby’s head. See how you feel. I wouldn’t worry about it unless you are having problems with children’s services, babys bounce ( not really, don’t try) but they are very resilient to little bumps like that


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