Has anyone made you an offer you couldn’t resist?

Has anyone made you an offer you couldn’t resist?

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  1. I think when we sold each of my startups, the offers were hard to resist — but for different reasons.
    The first time, it was just 12 months from founding, and we’d closed $6m in contracts our first year, and had an amazing team. But while that all sounds incredible … structurally, we had huge challenges. We’d need pseudo-FDA approval (not direct, but indirect). We’d need to build a $50m+ plant that we had zero domain expertise in building. We’d need to plan for an 8–10 year development cycle. We were doing something that actually might in fact be impossible from a technology standpoint (it still wasn’t 100% clear). The future was exciting, but incredibly challenging and way beyond the skillset of the team. Way beyond.
    12 months after founding, our competitor came to us and offered $50m in total. The number wasn’t a coincidence. They’d gotten our Certificate of Incorporation, figured out the valuation of our investment round, and offered an all-in price of 5x what the investors paid 12 months before.
    And they told both the founders we didn’t have to stay if we didn’t want to. (I only had to stay 20 days).
    And they said — go shop it. Take 60 days. Find a better price. And if we found a better offer, they said they would beat it.
    At the time (2004), that place … it was an offer that was hard to resist. As they’d addressed all the objections.
    We sold for $50m after 12.5 months, no regrets, never looked back, and both of us went on to co-found other successful startups next.

    The second time, it was different. The price was higher, the dilution lower. But this time, it was 5 years in, not 12.5 months. So much more time in, and further along.
    The offer wasn’t hard to resist operationally, in that we were crossing $10m in ARR, growing 100% and cash-flow positive.
    Zero need to sell.
    But the team was tired, it was 5 years in, and the price was an order of magnitude more capital than we’d raised.
    It was an offer you could refuse. We had 2 offers, in fact. If you’re cash-flow positive and growing nicely, there is zero need to sell. But it was an offer that was hard to refuse intellectually. If we said No, I had to sign up without a real co-founder for 10 more years. I had a great management team, and unlike last time, I had a team that could truly execute. But I didn’t have a true co-founder this time. That was hard.
    Emotionally, it was easy to refuse. We’d be twice as big, twice as strong, in 12 more months.
    But intellectually, it made sense.

  2. I was once made an offer that no red-blooded young male could resist.
    No, not sex or money or drugs.
    Something far more important than any of those.
    Lots of it.
    This was a few months before I left to study at university.
    One evening a couple of guys from a newly opened Domino’s Pizza store in the neighborhood turned up at my parents house.
    They were selling bunches of coupons. Yes, selling coupons for a good reason. Each one was a whopping 50% off a pizza of any combination.
    Now it was a sheet of forty coupons. Ten coupons each for stuffed breads, small, medium and large sized pizzas. Each one half off.
    I bought them right away of course. To me it was a no-brainer, like winning a mini lottery.
    Such chances come but once in a lifetime and there was no way in hell I was ever going to have to tell any future kids of mine that their father passed up a shot at so much pizza!
    But there was one not-so-minor detail – the coupons were valid only for a month.
    Now being the dingbat that I was, I was hell bent on using them all.
    To go where no man had gone before. To go where no man should go.
    I wasn’t messing around. No sir, not with something as serious as pizza.
    So I ate 40 pizzas in 30 days.
    No, I ain’t shittin’ you. I tried virtually every single combination possible.
    Ma thought that her son was going quite mad.
    After running through the popular combinations, I then moved on to the merely sane ones, and then finally into straight-up batshit crazy territory as far as pizza toppings were concerned.

    Towards the last days, a typical phone call to the pizza store would go something like this –
    “Hi, I’d like to order a large pizza please”
    “ Pick-up or delivery?”
    “ Okay sir, and what toppings?”
    “Cheese, anchovies and let me see,…onions”
    ….a few seconds of silence while the guy thinks what kind of nut job orders fish with onions and cheese on his pizza!
    “ Sir, are you sure you’d like that combo? It’s kind of … unusual”
    “Yes, thank you. Anchovies with onions. Extra cheese, okay?”
    One time the person taking the order thought that the toppings were so bizarre, he actually thought it must be a prank call – I mean who in their right mind would actually pay for such a culinary abomination!
    He then put the owner of the store on the line
    “Is this Allen calling?”
    “Okay, it’ll be ready in 15–20 minutes.”
    I could almost hear a sigh and hands thrown up at the other end.

    I finally got so sick of pizza that I’ve had less than one per year ever since then.
    And something tells me that the owner of that store never reckoned with the fact that some dude out there would actually take his salesmen up on their offer so seriously.
    A2A Henrik Grünfeld .

  3. I once had a boss who heavily relied on me to proofread all of his work. Our documents were our product (the intellectual property contained therein), and he was dyslexic, so he really needed someone good at editing/proofreading. We had an excellent relationship, but I ended up leaving the company when I got married and moved away.
    Unfortunately that marriage didn’t last, and somehow he found out and tracked me down. He was in Los Altos, California (between Silicon Valley and Palo Alto in the San Francisco Bay Area), and I was in Sacramento.
    He asked me to come back, and I literally said to him, “Make me an offer I can’t refuse,” so he did. I got a serious bump in salary, my profit sharing was reinstated, and the company paid for my move. I also got a private office with a window, instead of my previous interior, smaller office.
    How could I refuse all that, as well as getting to escape Sacramento and come back to the Bay Area, my favorite place to live?

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