Drinking coffee causes me to have heart palpitations but I love coffee. What should I do?

Drinking coffee causes me to have heart palpitations but I love coffee. What should I do?

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  1. Switch to decaf. Honestly, something like Folger’s decaf, I can’t tell a difference between that and the regular. I’ll allow myself one cup of regular and the rest of the time if I want more I’ll have decaf.
    Caffeine is a drug. People need to learn, understand and accept that. It’s a drug. It is a psychoactive drug and a central nervous system stimulant. It also affects the autonomic nervous system which is connected to our fight or flight instincts. It causes adrenaline release. What happens when adrenaline is released into your system? What happens when your fight or flight system engages? Your heart rate increases. Since caffeine can artificially stimulate that system, it can also cause your heart rate to change. It affects the nervous system and can affect the signals controlling the pace of your heart.
    So especially if you have heart issues, it would be best to abstain from caffeine. Now, even decaf has SOME caffeine in it. But it’s minuscule compared to regular. Some people are hypersensitive to caffeine and can’t even have that.
    If you can’t even have that, then I’m not certain what else you can do that will give you the experience of coffee without any risk. Some people use chicory root as a substitute. To my knowledge, it has no caffeine. How similar it is to coffee I can’t say as I’ve never had it.

  2. Caffeine. When it comes to heart palpitations, anxiety is a common cause and it may be triggered by consuming caffeine. If you notice that your heart pounds faster after you have a morning latte, it may be a good idea to cut back. Caffeine acts as a stimulant that increases heart rate. Reduce or eliminate beverages that contain caffeine such as coffee or soda to avoid palpitations. Consuming large quantities of chocolate has been linked to heart palpitations. Chocolate provides the same stimulants as caffeine and can trigger abnormal heart rhythms.

  3. Because of a heart valve surgery I also had heart palpitations (A fib) and switched to half decaf and half of a light – medium blend regular coffee. I was then able to tolerate an 8–10oz. cup in the morning.
    Do you know what type of palpitations you have? Perhaps seeing your doctor and having an EKG…

  4. You can try decaf. But first how much do you drink, and what type? Espresso has the most caffeine. If you are drinking more than two or three cups a day, you are probably addicted to the caffeine. Caffeine addiction is just like any other addiction – you have to wean yourself.
    Start by drinking a mixture of 3/4 of the regular strength coffee you drink, and add 1/4 of decaf. Do this for a week. 2nd week, do 1/2 regular and 1/2 decaf. 3rd week, do 1/4 regular and 3/4 decaf. 4th week all decaf.
    If you don’t want to gradually reduce the caffeine, you can try going cold turkey.
    You can try herbal coffees made with Chicory. They contain zero caffeine.
    Be aware, energy drinks have tons of caffeine.
    But first, get yourself checked by a doctor. There could be a cardiac reason for your palpitations.


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