Does Starbucks have a dairy-free cold foam?

Does Starbucks have a dairy-free cold foam?

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  1. In order to make the cold foamed milk the milk need to have protein in it. This is why only full fat cold milk is used to make cold foam for beverages like freddo cappuccino. You can try making it with other types of milk but they just don’t get that thick.

  2. They have dairy creamer I have no idea if you can make that into foam or not as I’m not a barista & I don’t make foam at home either. But I’m sure you can ask any barista there.

  3. As of the end of the summer in 2021 (right now), no! There isn’t a dairy-free cold foam on the menu.
    However, if you want to take advantage of there being milk-free cold foams on the menu previously, order:
    Cinnamon Almond Milk foam: if the barista taking your order asks for the recipe, it’s “almond milk and cinnamon powder as a cold foam”.
    Dark Chocolate Almond Milk foam: we used to have something called a “bar mocha powder” as of this past year. Most Starbucks’ don’t have it any more, so you can order this one a couple different ways. “Almond milk foam with two pumps of mocha”, “almond milk foam with 2 pumps of mocha and cocoa powder”, or, right now there is a chocolate malt powder on the menu, you can ask for “almond milk foam with chocolate malt powder” if you’re feeling daring.
    These foams, formerly on the menu, aren’t very sweet by the recipe. If you’d like to adjust the sweetness in the chocolate one, adjust the number of pumps of mocha. For reference, a grande (medium) mocha latte gets 4 pumps of mocha. Adjusting the sweetness on the cinnamon almond milk foam is a little trickier because it doesn’t already come with sweetener; I would try adding Cinnamon Dolce, Vanilla, or cinnamon dolce powder for a little extra sweetness if that’s your style.
    I’m not supposed to say this, but technically any of the dairy free milks we have can be turned into a foam. Just ask for “(insert milk name) foam”. If you’re going to do this, be prepared to tell the barista taking your order whether you want a flavor syrup in the foam.
    A hypothetically similar dairy-free alternative to our “Vanilla sweet cream foam” could possibly be made by asking for oat milk foam with about 6 pumps of vanilla. I haven’t tried this yet, but sweet cream is essentially very sugary vanilla milk, so feel free to experiment.
    Lastly, don’t order these. It is possible to! But don’t. They’re moderately annoying for a barista to make.


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