Does softdrinks, caffeine, coffee can cause mouth ulcers?

Does softdrinks, caffeine, coffee can cause mouth ulcers?

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  1. Yes, ulcers are occurs due to an inflammation of the mucous membrane of mouth including lips, with or without oral ulceration. Some are due to allergic reactions such as gluten allergy, food sensitivities to strawberries, citrus fruits, coffee, chocolate, eggs, cheese, or nuts, allergic response to certain bacteria in the mouth may also causes. Complications are high grade faver,dehydration etc..when these are faces visit your doctor. Drink more water(Luke warm), avoid beverages/food as well as salty, spicy or citrus based foods etc..

  2. Mouth ulcers are usually small and painful lesion which occurs either in your mouth or along the gum line.
    Mouth ulcers can make it difficult for you to chew, eat, drink and speak.
    Moreover, there is no definite cause as to how they can occur.
    Accidental injuries from cheek bite, aggressive tooth brushing, ill-fitting dentures, rough or sharp edge on tooth or dental braces are some of the causes for ulcers from trauma.
    Some of the other causes of mouth ulcers include stress, hormonal changes, nutritional deficiency, viral or bacterial infection, allergic reaction to certain food and medications, mouth cancer, radiation therapy in head and neck area.
    To speed up the healing of your mouth ulcers use a soft bristled toothbrush to minimize further damage, consume cool food and drinks so as to not aggravate the ulcer, drink lots of fluids, avoid spicy and acidic food, maintain proper oral hygiene, take over the counter pain relieving medications, use anti septic and pain relieving mouth gels, use a good nonalcoholic mouthwash containing chlorhexidine.
    These ulcers mostly vanish within few weeks, however if it is large and lasts for more than two to three weeks you must consult your nearest dental care provider


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