Does keto coffee really help you lose weight?

Does keto coffee really help you lose weight?

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  1. Well, that depends! By ‘keto coffee’ did you mean coffee mixed with ghee/butter/coconut oil? Or did you mean coffee with ketone esters?
    How heavy are you – is the second question. If you have quite a few pounds to shed, you should have fat-coffee at the beginning of your journey (just to tell your mind that you have had a ton of calories and send hormonal signal to your brain so it does not ask for food for next few hours), say for a week or maximum 2 weeks.
    Once you are keto-adapted, you should just drink coffee without the fat so your body burns more of your body fat and you lose weight quicker.
    Now, if you are not very heavy and do not have a ton of stored fat, you need to think about that too. Each pound of body fat can give you maximum 30 calories per 24 hours (said Dr Ted Neiman). Now, if you do not have enough fat to satisfy your BMR, you should take fat-coffee to compensate.
    How does that help? Well, without ample supply of calories, your Basal Metabolic Rate will plummet making it difficult for you to lose weight and you will feel weak too.
    So, thus having fat-coffee sometimes helps and doesn’t at other times. If you make ketone-coffee, that will not help with weight loss in most cases. If you provide ketone from outside, why would your body breakdown fat to make ketone? Your body is smarter that you, you know! ;-D

  2. People who are following a ketogenic or low-carbohydrate diet for health reasons may benefit from drinking bulletproof coffee in moderation. Drinking a version of bulletproof coffee alongside a healthful breakfast from time to time is unlikely to be harmful to health .

  3. As far as i know, not really. Atleast not the coffee itself.
    I assume keto coffee is that so called bullet-proof coffee, i.e. coffee with lots of fat (butter, maybe cream… no sugar).
    Well, no, but really yes.
    Here’s the thing. This coffee is often recommended in the context of low carb, usually ketogenic dieting. A diet high in fat (60–70% of calories coming from fat, moderate in protein and very low in carbohydrates).
    Many people on this diet have trouble actually eating enough fat to stay satiated and induce ketosis. Thus, tricks like bullet-proof coffee, eating chicken breast with bacon and cheese, and just adding butter and cream to everything and more, have arisen.
    Plus, i think people have made money by marketing these diet-centered products. Aside from keto coffee, we find paleo bars, some atkins stuff and things like that.
    What helps us lose fat is being in a caloric deficit, while nourishing ourselves with healthy food. Using some tricks here and there, namely low carb dieting and ketogenic dieting, carb-cycling, intermittent fasting, HIIT cardio etc.
    So will keto coffee help you lose weight?
    It depends. Maybe yes, maybe no.
    It may help by giving you more calories right at the front-end of you day, so that you stay hunger-free and stop snacking on processed sugars. Reducing your total caloric intake and insulin fluctuation.
    It may help if you’re already following a low carb diet, and you need to eat more fat to induce ketosis.
    It may help by providing your body with more energy from the fat, as to get a more intense morning workout and activate the fat afterburner effect.
    But it may also just add even more calories to the ones you’re already consuming and you’ll just get fatter.
    It could fill you up in the morning, but due to lack of actual nutrients, you’ll feel even hungrier later on in the day, and overeat on bad foods.
    And what weight will be lost!? Excess fat or lean muscle mass!?
    It doesn’t seem like there’s a direct and universal answer.
    I’m honestly a bit hypocritical on the issue, as i think of butter in coffee and freak out because of the fats! Although i’ll add white sugar without a single care!
    Plus, i do add cream to cottage cheese so… Am i doing anything that different from adding butter to coffee?
    You know what most certainly will help with fat loss?
    Hydration. If we drink more water, starting right in the begining of the day, as to replenish what we’ve lost, it will be of great assistance to our health. Instead of downing a cup of coffee, which will dehydrate us even more, have a cup of water first (and maybe after)!

  4. The short answer is not really . Simply adding Keto Coffee to a regular, non- keto diet will not lead to weight loss. In fact, it’ll do quite the opposite.

    Does keto coffee really help you lose weight?


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