Does iced coffee or regular coffee cause more teeth staining?

Does iced coffee or regular coffee cause more teeth staining?

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  1. Both iced coffee and regular hot coffee stain teeth but, iced coffee stain your teeth less than regular coffee because it contains fewer polyphenols. If you prefer iced coffee, try drinking through a straw to reduce the risk of stains.
    Dental stains are very hard to remove. I would advise you to rinse your teeth every time you consume a cup of coffee. Moreover, you will also need to brush your teeth twice a day for at least for 2 minutes each.
    Visit your dentist/oral health care expert regularly and use the best toothbrush he/she advises.

  2. Coffee Lovers Update: I am right in the middle of an awesome series on coffee & stains check it out –
    The iced coffee would stain your teeth less, but not for the reasons you might think.
    Tooth staining from coffee is directly proportional to the quantity of polyphenols in the coffee. Not considering the type of bean, where it was grown, the method of roasting, etc., the methods of preparing the coffee significantly affect the amount of polyphenols present in the beverage. The type of grind, brewing method, proportion of coffee grind to water, the length of contact with water, and of course the temperature of the water all impact the polyphenol content.
    Traditional cold brewing relies on time, rather than heat, to transfer coffee flavorants to the drink. Cold dripped coffee not only contains less polyphenols, but also up to 70% fewer acids.
    What you will likely get at your corner coffee shop is a drink prepared with espresso which contains less polyphenols simply because espresso has less polyphenols than drip coffee (about a third of what there is in drip coffee).
    Ironically, even though polyphenols stain your teeth they are quite good for your general health and make your teeth more acid resistant (ever wonder why people on national geographic with really stained teeth don’t have cavities).
    The best thing to do is to drink whatever coffee you like and manage the effects. Get a Sonicare toothbrush (it has been shown to remove stains effectively), and try some crest whitestrips. Obviously don’t overdo at home whitening, since some of the products can negatively impact your teeth with time.


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