Does heavy cream in coffee break a fast?

Does heavy cream in coffee break a fast?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “can you have cream in your coffee during intermittent fasting

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  1. If a food has nutritional value, technically, it breaks a fast. Coffee contains negligible nutritional value, and doesn’t really count as a food, but some would argue against that.
    However, when I fast for many days, I will water down apple juice or white grape juice, in a 1:10, juice-to-water ratio, to keep up sugar, if I feel headachy, but that’s not often. I also may sip a drink that contains electrolytes.
    I will drink black coffee, hot tea, and, bland as it is, straight hot water ( I typically fast in January, when it’s cold in my hemisphere of the world). No sugars. No creamers.
    You can do it!

  2. Crude answer: If you eat/drink anything in the morning, that breaks your fast! That is exactly what breaking fast means! What are you talking about?
    Nuanced answer: Consuming fat does not raise insulin (enough) and so your body stays in the fasted state even though you drink fat mixed coffee. Heavy cream (I take extra thick double cream) comes with very little carb and adding a couple of teaspoon full of that in your coffee shouldn’t disturb your fasted state. But we are all different and may have different response to cream coffee and so, I would request you to check your blood glucose level (or ketone level) to see the effect.


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