Does green coffee bean extract have caffeine in it?

Does green coffee bean extract have caffeine in it?

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  1. Yes, roasting has very little impact on the caffeine content of a bean. There is about the same amount of caffeine in a green bean, light roasted, or dark. Some say roasting drops the caffeine level (in theory, roasting is at a high enough temperature to drive some of the caffeine off), but in practice it removes little if any.

  2. It most certainly does. Here is a good overview of the medical information regarding green coffee beans:
    Green coffee is POSSIBLY SAFE based on the limited research that has been done in people so far. In clinical research, no serious side effects were reported when green coffee or green coffee extract was taken by mouth at appropriate doses.
    Green coffee extract is LIKELY UNSAFE when inhaled due to adverse respiratory effects.
    Also, it is important to understand that green coffee contains caffeine [ ], similar to regular coffee. Therefore, green coffee can cause caffeine-related side effects similar to coffee.
    Caffeine can cause insomnia, nervousness and restlessness, stomach [ ] upset, nausea [ ]and vomiting, increased heart and breathing rate, and other side effects. Consuming large amounts of coffee might also cause headache, anxiety [ ], agitation, ringing in the ears, and irregular heartbeats.
    Special Precautions & Warnings:
    Pregnancy [ ] and breast-feeding: There isn’t enough reliable information about the safety of taking green coffee if you are pregnant or breast feeding [ ]. Stay on the safe side and avoid use.
    Abnormally high levels of homocysteine [ ]. Consuming a high dose of chlorogenic acid for a short duration has caused increased plasma homocysteine levels, which may be associated with conditions such as heart disease.
    Anxiety disorders: The caffeine in green coffee might make anxiety worse.
    Bleeding disorders: There is some concern that the caffeine in green coffee might make bleeding disorders worse.
    Diabetes: Some research suggests that caffeine contained in green coffee might change the way people with diabetes process sugar. Caffeine has been reported to cause increases as well as decreases in blood sugar [ ]. Use caffeine with caution if you have diabetes and monitor your blood sugar carefully.
    Diarrhea [ ]: Green coffee contains caffeine. The caffeine in…


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