Does flavored coffee have more caffeine?

Does flavored coffee have more caffeine?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “wake the hell up coffee caffeine content

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  1. I upvoted the previous answer as it’s “essentially” correct. One caveat…. if the flavoring is chocolate and it’s made by a pro, it’ll have up to about 5% more caffeine in total.
    Ergo, if your flavoring is chocolate, Mountain Dew, or any caffeinated ingredient, some flavored coffees could have a marginally higher amount of caffeine. There will be a far greater effect from the selection of beans and the prep method, though. As I said,… it’s marginal.

  2. No flavored coffee does not have more caffeine. The level of caffeine is determined by how the bean is roasted. For a light roast it is between 80 to 130mg, medium is 75 to 125mg, dark is 50 to 120mg and decaf has up to 3mg of caffeine. You cant determine the exact levels of caffeine by the blend because each flavor or blend is roasted differently and in different parts of the world.
    I work for a high named coffee company and I love working with this company. I get these questions a lot of the time.
    The decaf decafination process is either swiss, regular process or another way….I forgot this way because its not used a lot.
    But it is considered priporitaty business information on how this process is done. Only certain roasters are willing to divulge this information.
    But the level of caffeine is definitely not determined on the flavor of the coffee. Just on how the bean is roasted.
    Hope this helps.
    Oh and espressos have way less caffeine than a light or medium roast. Because when brewed in the machine, the machine will dispense at a lower cup size condensing the amount of bean to be brewed. The machine extracts the necessary amount of espresso from the bean and dispenses it at a 2 oz. size.
    Some people believe an espresso has more caffeine than coffee. This is a myth. If you googled the following it will show you what I’m saying
    Does espresso have more caffeine than coffee.
    Google this and it will bring up loads of pages of coffee websites with lots of coffee information

  3. Only if that extra flavoring ingredient is coconut & cherry flavored weaponized military-grade extra-strength caffeine powder.
    Which you can’t even get as a civilian without a high-level security clearance.

  4. No. The caffeine content is part of the original roasting process.
    Little known fact; unless artificial or additional caffeine has been added, light roast coffee actually has a higher caffeine content than dark roast. Coffee beans lose caffeine content as the beans roast.

  5. I’m really only answering this question to dispel some rather odd answers from others. The short answer is no, unless the flavour has added caffeine for some strange reason.
    Caffeine is not a product of the roasting process, and it is in fact a rather heat resistant molecule. Roasting only changes the relative concentration of the caffeine, because other components chemically change, and moisture evaporates off. The caffeine content is an inherent component of the bean & varies according to the type & source of the bean.
    Since most flavours are synthetic, there is no reason that they would increase the caffeine content, and this includes chocolate flavour. It is a myth that chocolate contains caffeine, its stimulant properties are derived from theobromine, that bears some resemblance to caffeine but is different in many ways.


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