Does espresso coffee contain more or less caffeine than regular coffee?

Does espresso coffee contain more or less caffeine than regular coffee?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how much more caffeine in espresso than coffee

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  1. There is generally a higher concentration of caffeine in espresso than regular coffee (I assume “regular” referred to pour-over, or similar?).
    But since a “normal” espresso shot is smaller than a “normal” cup of regular coffee, the total amount is higher in a normal cup of regular coffee, than in a single espresso shot*

    * “Single” referring to the traditional 7 grams of beans, which by definition amounts to 14 grams of espresso. I know that most places use around triple that for their “normal” espresso. I still think there might be more caffeine in a cup of regular, but the espresso is probably getting close in that case.

  2. The level of caffeine in a coffee is calculated as a ratio between the actual coffee contents and the total amount of coffee including water.
    Basically, there are types of coffee.
    1. Arabia: Contains 0.6% to 1.2% of caffeine.
    2. Robusta: 1.8% to 3% of caffeine and,
    3. Liberta 1.2 % to 1.5 % of caffeine.
    We usually buy coffee online in Canada , and all three types are easily available here. The percentage of caffeine doesn’t change much.
    Now, coming to espresso, espresso is a brewed coffee and not a type of coffee. It has a mix of acidic and bitter taste. To get the typical taste of an espresso you will need to add 90 to 200 mg of coffee beans. And, if you are brewing a double espresso, you will need to increase it to a range of 250 to 300 mg.

  3. Regular brewed coffee would contain a bit more than espresso based drinks. I still drink espresso based drinks though, because I feel the coffee taste is stronger/bolder. That is personal preference I guess.
    The best comparaison would be between an Americano vs a brewed cup, since they are identical, except for the extraction method and grind. One a large order, the regular brewed coffee would contain around 150 more milligrams of caffein.
    I think pour-overs would have a higher content of caffein than both, but I am not sure.

  4. It depends on how much you drink.
    “typical” 2 oz espresso – 100 mg
    ‘typical” 8oz filter coffee – 91 mg
    The Rundown on Caffeine Amounts in Popular Food and Drink


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