Does EBT cover coffee?

Does EBT cover coffee?

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “is coffee covered by ebt

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  1. At the risk of sounding pedantic, EBT doesn’t cover anything. It’s the name of the card that accesses various benefit accounts. Electronic Benefits Transfer card. If you are eligible for several programs, each of them will have a separate account you can use with your EBT.
    You can purchase ground coffee, instant coffee, creamer, or cold coffee drinks using SNAP or WIC, if you are eligible for either program. You cannot purchase hot coffee, or coffee filters. Those need to come out of different income streams.

  2. Not pre-made, hot coffee, no, but you could buy a bottled Frappuccino, or cold-brew in a carton.
    You could buy coffee beans, although I COULD be wrong, because I do not drink coffee. I remember we always had coffee growing up, though, and we were on food stamps quite often.
    I don’t believe EBT covers K-cups. Would not be sure there.
    It does cover tea bags – herbal or regular – and Chai tea in cartons.
    It covers cocoa mix.
    It covers water enhancers, including Kool-Aid (regular or sugarfree), Crystal Light, and those things you drip into bottled water. Also covers the bottled water.
    It covers juices, even those you could mix with alcohol, but I don’t know if it covers things marketed as mixers, because I don’t really drink alcohol. So I know you could buy lime juice, but I don’t know if you could buy margarita mix (the kind without alcohol.)
    It covers pre-blended, freezer-case milkshakes and smoothies.


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