Does doing crossword puzzles make you smarter?

Does doing crossword puzzles make you smarter?

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  1. It broadens your vocabulary and improves your pattern matching skills, but it doesn’t make you smarter per se. It may give you the appearance of being smarter to some people, but then that is a superficial comparative. Exercising the mind may build additional neural pathways or thicken the myelin sheath, but this might be better for delaying something like Alzheimer’s Disease than increasing raw intelligence as measured by standardized tests.

    Crossword expertise as recognitional decision making: an artificial intelligence approach.

  2. Crossword puzzles are good for the brain. But only if you keep challenging yourself with new and difficult crossword puzzles every time. It takes focus, practice and demand memory to solve crossword. In short, it act as a activity or exercise for your brain.
    Furthermore, it improves your vocabulary and decreases the level of stress hormones.
    Based on the several studies, it would be fair to say that solving crosswords everyday;
    Stimulates attention, reasoning and memory power
    Improve mental functions of the patients with early stage dimensia
    Thinking out of box to solve crossword can help us in dealing with routine challenges
    Enhances concentration power
    Act as the extra dose of dopamine
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    You can explore them anytime, anywhere. All you have to do is play crosswords!

  3. I would say definitely yes. Most people nowadays just use TikTok or social media when they are trying to pass time by. Like say you’re waiting for your food to be ready so you just hop on your phone to avoid awkward eye contact with the people next to you. Anyways, my point is that if you consistently fill your time with doing puzzles, especially pertaining to vocabulary, it will definitely make you smarter. I believe that anyone can change their intelligence based off of effort and lifestyle changes overtime; such as switching out TikTok with a crossword puzzle.

  4. Yes! Any type of puzzle that involves critical thinking helps the brain create and solidify solid neural connections, thus improving how you think and how information is passed along through your brain.

  5. Yes, it does. Playing crosswords is one of the best ways to keep your brain active. As suggested by a lot of experts, brain exercising should be an integral part of our routine.
    It helps us to improve our memory, cognitive skills and enhances our logical reasoning. Also, playing online game is a big stress-busters. Thus, playing crosswords actually make you smarter.
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  6. Nope, it doesn’t.
    But on the other hand, you find yourself more focus on the puzzle because it is never about left to right but all round of the angle.
    It allow you to think harder by using your brain. The more you do, the happier you go, the faster you get. Thats one of the beauty I like crosspuzzle as well. =)

  7. No. It makes you better at doing crossword puzzles, and there may be some crossover into other similar fields of interest, but that’s about it. There aren’t many places in life where you derive a benefit from being able to remember a seven-letter synonym for “diagonal”.


  8. Absolutely!
    Anything that stimulates your brain is likely to improve mental acuity. That said, it isn’t going to make you super-human smart. It probably will just keep your sharp to the extent that you possibly might be!

  9. That depends how you define ‘smarter’. It can make you more informed and increase your vocabulary, if you then use any new words in regular speech. Many use that to define ‘smarter’.
    Doing crosswords will not make you more intelligent which you’d defined for yourself before you’d lived for three years.


  10. I feel that things like crossword puzzles and any and all intellectual games are of benifit to Becoming smarter. The one aspect I want to focus on is this. It teaches that challenges to the intellect are rewarding. Crossword puzzles in a sense are like a homework assignment. The difference is one may be boring and one may Be fun. the reward is the same. A feeling of success ,accomplishment ect… it may be good to reward yourself some time, to do a crossword puzzle ,one in between home work assignment sessions. Actually your senior year in college may actually feel like a crossword puzzle. Your mind adapts to homework So it’s not so Difficult.

  11. Crossword puzzles are a great way of improving your knowledge and IQ. You can improve your command over the language and even learn new vocabulary, which helps in enhancing your speaking and writing skills.

  12. Perhaps you should rephrase the question. You can become better informed/educated by working crosswords. However, intelligence or being smarter are attributes, which you have from birth.


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  14. The answer is big Yes !!
    Crossword puzzle enhance the IQ level of our brain, which makes one logical and increases the capability of a person to think in a different way .

  15. Doing crossword puzzles, to improve your brain power, has not been substantiated in current science. They aren’t bad for the brain either! Crossword puzzles can help with memory and assist boost your brain power, so to speak, simply by making it work a little bit harder. Challenge yourself on the crosswords and…

  16. Yes. Reading, recalling memory, research and spatial awareness and writing, learning new vocabulary and completing are all brain expanding methods.

  17. Doing crossword puzzles stimulates the brain, which keeps it from becoming sedentary and lazy, so… Yes. Crossword puzzles can be considered as “good for the brain.” Any kind of activity that gets you thinking is going to be beneficial to your brain.

  18. I’m not a medical or psychological researcher so I can’t use the phrase “Research has shown.. “ and all that stuff.
    But I can tell you my point of view.
    Firstly, a good crossword will help with your vocabulary and keep you up with all kinds of trivia.
    Secondly, it gives you a problem solving mentality. Not the usual kind, but a I-don’t-know-the-answer-but-I-can-probably-guess-this-by-hints-given mentality.
    We Indians like to call this the tukka.
    Its basically a calculated guess when there is a limited search space for the the answer.
    I can tell you from personal experience that this mentality will always benefit you.
    So take a good cup of coffee and the morning newspaper.
    And attack that goddamn crossword.
    Hope this helps.

  19. Original question: “ Are crosswords good for the brain ?”
    Good for my brain. I do them every day. And have been doing them for decades. I’ve completed easy to hard books of crossword puzzles for years. Do them every night in bed before I go to sleep. Every night.
    “Are crosswords good for the brain?” Don’t know for sure, but I’m 81 years old and don’t have any mental problems like some politicians I know about. So doing crossword puzzles probably do keep my old brain active.

  20. Honestly don’t know! Have no empirical evidence or research! I don’t do them. Waste of bleedin’time! I could be writing, instead of doing crossword puzzles! So I honestly am not the guy to ask! I would make a hypothesis that exercising your brain in any way is a good thing, but “make you smarter”, that’s a whole different ballgame. Would you taking an IQ test, getting the results, then spending six months non-stop crossword puzzling & taking the test again, would there be an improvement? Actually raising your intelligence? I can’t say for sure, but I doubt it. I suspect (lots & lots of!) reading & understanding more & varied concepts & how they interact with each other, may be a better, though more time consuming way to go about it. But does simply remembering things mean you’re intelligent? Or is it how you put those things into practice? A parrot can talk. It Don’t mean it’s gonna cure cancer anytime soon… heh heh. I do think (to reiterate) that ANY kind of brain stimulation is a good thing. Just not sure how crossword puzzling fits into the grand scheme of things. That conundrum, I fear… It’s fer better minds than I!

  21. Playing brain games make may not make you any smarter, say scientists who found that such games fail to improve mental abilities or help prevent age-related cognitive decline, a new study has found. Another group of players performed crossword games or number puzzles.


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