Does coffee sober people up?

Does coffee sober people up?

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  1. It can help with headaches but it will not help you “sober up” what will help you sober up is healthy fatty foods (fish), lots of water, vitamins, and a little bit of salty foods pretzels or something.
    When you drink you essentially pour poison into your liver, and the hangover is the affects of your body trying to recover from all of that damage you have done. So to clear this you just need to eat things that the body needs to naturally repair itself through mitosis and the like. Some people say exercise can help because it increases your metabolism in turn increasing how many new healthy cells are in your body.
    Hope you feel better 🙂

  2. Only time is a factor in “sobering up”. Rehydration is also important to feel better but caffeine is a diuretic. An old joke says giving coffee to a drunk just results in a wide awake person doing dumb stuff at an increased speed. This usually not desirable.

  3. As far as I’m aware, it doesn’t actually ‘sober’ you up.
    It may be that the stimulant effect of caffeine ‘perks’ you up and partially counteracts the drowsiness that can be a result of mild intoxication.
    Equally, the fluid content may assist with the mild dehydration that can ensue after a few drinks.
    The individual may ‘feel’ more sober but I can guarantee that the blood alcohol level would not change if it were measured before and immediately after a cup of coffee.
    Research undertaken at Temple University in Philadelphia ( Published in Behavioural Neurosciences) debunked this myth.
    “The myth about coffee’s sobering powers is particularly important to debunk because the co-use of caffeine and alcohol could actually lead to poor decisions with disastrous outcomes. People who feel tired and intoxicated after consuming alcohol may be more likely to acknowledge they are drunk. Conversely, people who have consumed alcohol and caffeine may feel awake and competent enough to handle potentially harmful situations.”
    Dr Thomas Gould

  4. None of the “sobering” techniques you hear about actually sober you up.
    At best, they heighten your alertness, making you feel the effects of the alcohol a bit less, but the alcohol is still there until your body finishes metabolizing it.
    If all you need is a bit more alertness so you don’t get lost walking home, or you need pay more attention to a conversation than your current state allows, some coffee could be a good idea.
    If what you want is to do something that you shouldn’t do while intoxicated, DON’T. You are still intoxicated, even if you feel momentarily not, and you WILL be a danger to yourself and others, even if your liquid courage tells you that you can do whatever stupid thing pops into your intoxicated mind.

  5. Does coffee really help in sobering someone up?
    No, the cognitive effects of alcohol are not changed at all by the consumption of coffee. It still takes about the same amount of time for the liver to process and deactivate the alcohol.
    What coffee can do is combat the drowsiness associated with alcohol consumption, but it does not affect sobriety. You may be more awake, but you’ll still be just as drunk.
    There are also some potential associated dangers. Being more awake may lead you to assume your judgment is less impaired than it really is. And since both caffeine and alcohol can each temporarily increase heart rate and blood pressure, the combination could prove hazardous for those who already have circulatory issues.

  6. Scientists have measured the difference caffeine makes to mental performance by testing regular users and non-users. Here’s what they discovered from their study: Frequent caffeine users seem more alert, awake and have better attention after they consumed caffeine.

  7. For most people. Back in the Seventies, my brother in law ,his wife ,and my wife ,and I went out on the town clubbing. Afterward, I said, hey,let’s stop at a diner and get a cup of coffee. He said Hell no, I’m not going to spend a Dime to put out a $35 fire! I thought about it and I never looked at it that way. So l guess it does work. Huh?

  8. In one of my other lives, I’m a fan of the English language. Which sometimes leads me to parse questions that may be misunderstood, or are otherwise not clear.
    Given that, I’ll address the words “help” and “sober up”, in the question as stated.
    In reverse order:
    1. “…sober up…”: Sorry, no. Coffee will not speed up your body’s ability to break down the alcohol, or oxidize the remaining crap and detritus left over from your failure to control yourself last night. Your liver, kidneys, and other organs that are involved in removing contaminants of various types from your body cannot be “sped up”, no matter how much coffee you drink.
    2. “…help…”: Well, sort of. It will make you a little more alert, it will help you stay awake, and the sti…

  9. No. You will be a wide-awake drunk which may be better than half-asleep drunk if you get behind the wheel. Just take a taxi – it is far cheaper than a lawyer.

  10. I will not say that coffee wakes me up, but it definitely keeps me awake! It usually raises your heart rate and blood pressure to boost your energy levels. I also feel like coffee keeps me in a good mood. However, I don’t really know if it will have the same effects on someone else.


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  12. No, but taking in caffeine while drunk will make you more awake while drunk. In my experience, you’re much better off asleep while drunk. Drinking coffee may keep you from falling asleep, but it will NOT make you more sober.


  13. No. It’s just a movie/TV trope. Coffee does not remove or negate alcohol in your system. Ever drunk vodka and Red Bull? You just end up drunk and wide awake. It’s a nightmare.

  14. A very long time ago, I heard that if you are drunk, coffee won’t make you sober, you’ll just be a more wide awake drunk. I have never had any reason to doubt the wisdom of this piece of advice.

  15. No. Yes, caffeine can seem to counteract the feeling of sleepiness that drinking alcohol can produce, but that’s an illusion. Caffeine is actually potentially dangerous in combination with alcohol- all that is going to be achieved is the drunk person believing he/she is more capable (less intoxicated) than he/she actually is. The only potential part of caffeine that might help sober a person up is if he/she takes the time to grind, brew, and enjoy a cup of coffee. It’s the time spent on that process that will push an intoxicated person closer to sobriety, nothing else.
    The liver can only filter out ethanol so fast, and there isn’t anything that can speed up that process. Having food in the stomach before or as the alcohol is consumed can slow the absorption of the alcohol into the bloodstream and so can mitigate the severity and/or rapidity of the intoxication. Once the ethanol is in the bloodstream, however, it can’t be undone.

  16. Nope, although it may help you pass time and wake up a little.
    If you have two or three drinks throughout the night, then top it off with coffee and breakfast then you’ll likely to be well fed and sober because you occupied yourself and passed time .
    Eggs are always a great option, however, because they contain an amino acid called cysteine that help break down a metabolite called acetaldehyde. This will help make your morning a little less miserable.

  17. Provided the caffeine hit exceeds your tolerance level, yes. Otherwise, no. As you drink more and more caffeine, your body builds up a tolerance level for the amount of caffeine. The trick is to limit your caffeine intake for when you absolutely need it otherwise using it will no longer work until you wean yourself off it and resensitize your body to caffeine again.

  18. Coffee does not make you sober. Time away from alcohol makes you sober.
    Laugh when you see people on television giving coffee to drunks. Coffee makes them pee but little else.
    How long does it take to get sober after drinking?
    An average liver can process approximately 1 unit of alcohol per hour. This means that if you drink 12 units, it’ll take you roughly 12 hours to fully sober up. Our calculator uses an average for drinks size and strength to give you a rough time for sobriety. (Google)
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  19. No. In fact it can help to make you drunker. You get drunk on whiskey and then drink coffee, you are drinking flavored water. Water mixes well with whiskey and it will speed up the process of being drunk. I know this because I had to take the TABC test in order to sell alcohol and that was on the test.

  20. Yes (long term)
    I used to drink lots of alcohol,
    For a few months during summer, I binge drinked coffee, and you could say that sobered me up

  21. I don’t think coffee is able to sober someone up. The only way to truly sober up is to wait until your body metabolises the alcohol in your blood.
    You might be mistaken for thinking that coffee helps, when really all it does is make you slightly more alert, which in turn makes you more likely to think you are sober and then perform acts that might be more dangerous (e.g. driving) than you would if you didn’t drink coffee in the first place.

  22. There is only one way to sober up. That is to pass the alcohol out of your body and bloodstream. This your body does automatically through your kidneys. This happens at a constant rate, usually around 1 unit of alcohol per hour for an average, reasonably healthy, person. Drinking coffee, or anything else, will not affect this.
    Coffee contains caffeine one of whose effects is to give you a boost and make you make you more alert. This counteracts tiredness and sleepiness making you feel less affected by the booze. What you are, at this point, is a wide awake drunk rather than a sleepy one. You are still just as drunk.
    What you will be, as the process continues, is dehydrated so, to prevent the worst after effects, drink plenty of (non-alcoholic) liquids.

  23. Actually, the only real thing that helps get you sober and staying that way is by not abusing alcohol. Take it from me, I know. The sooner everybody realizes this fact, the better off everyone will b.

  24. From what I’ve read, it doesn’t. The only thing that sobers someone up is time for the body to process and eliminate the alcohol. One doctor said the only thing you get by giving coffee to a drunk is a wide awake drunk.

    Victor Allen’s

  25. Have you never heard, if you give a drunk person coffee, all you will have is a wide awake drunk person?
    Usually we prefer to let them sleep it off.

  26. Depends. All coffee has some amount of caffeine in it. Frozen, or blended coffe drinks often have ice added, which reduces the amount of caffeine overall due to watering the drink down, but the amount of caffeine could still keep you awake. A cold brew drink may actually have more caffeine than hot coffee as it steeps much longer.


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