Does coffee help me focus or just fool me into thinking so?

Does coffee help me focus or just fool me into thinking so?

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  1. Black coffee with ginger really helps in losing weight and removing toxic things from your body and is really beneficial to your body! But as far as focus(concentration) is concerned I don’t think any food material or any other stuff is going to help you sorry but it’s your mind that has learn to deviate through the continuous action of your deviation you have practised distraction throughout your life that’s why you are good at distraction. if you want to increase concentration then simply practice concentration by bringing it back to the subject every time it gets deviated.
    Tell me how many times you have tried to learn concentration and have given your mind a good dose of concentrating lessons? Practice it you will be good at it without any coffee or other stuff!

  2. Both, but ultimately the focus you get from coffee is very real.
    Let’s look at what it does to you.
    Adenosine and caffeine share a very similar chemical structure.
    When you drink coffee, caffeine molecules attach to the brain receptors that adenosine would normally attach to, thereby blocking its attachment (think of a lock and key mechanism with the caffeine/adenosine being the key and the receptors as the lock).
    What’s Adenosine?
    Adenosine acts as an inhibitory neurotransmitter, hence, it regulates the nervous system to not get too stimulated. Specifically, Adenosine helps your body get ready to sleep as it gets released more and more as the day progresses, dilating your blood vessels, and slowing down your heart rate.

    Does coffee help me focus or just fool me into thinking so?

    Making the connection
    Caffeine improves your concentration and awakening by the aforementioned mechanism — (essentially) ‘fooling’ your brain and not you (as in: your persona).
    Besides focus, Caffeine also has the ability to improve your memory as shown in various studies yet.
    The other compounds in coffee have shown the greatest benefits — I’ll be happy to expand on that in another question.


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