Does coffee cure colds or otherwise?

Does coffee cure colds or otherwise?

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  1. No, coffee cannot cure a cold. The hot liquid may help loosen secretions and soothe a sore throat, but cannot cure the virus that causes the cold, nor completely eliminate all of the symptoms of the “cold”.
    Same thing for chicken soup, a remedy that is often recommended for colds, etc. There is nothing magical or therapeutic about chicken soup, necessarily, but the hot liquid (be careful not to get the liquids so hot as to burn yourself!), as w/coffee, helps liquefy and loosen secretions. This can make the secretions easier to deal with. It also helps w/hydration, an important factor w/any illness.
    So, drink up, but don’t expect a cure, just some relief from symptoms.

  2. It is unlikely that coffee makes a cold worse.
    When a person has a cold, drinking lots of fluids, preferably hot, is often recommended. Coffee can serve in that capacity. Furthermore the caffeine in coffee will as a mild stimulant, lift your mood.

  3. It is perfectly safe, but lemon tea, especially lemon tea, might be more soothing to cold symptoms.
    If you do drink coffee, make sure to drink common coffee.,

  4. Not especially. It is good as far as it is a liquid and drinking plenty of liquids with a cold is important. However, having said that, it is not an especially beneficial liquid due to the caffeine content and sugar if you add that to your coffee.

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  5. You can’t cure a cold because it mutates to quickly for any medication to be effective. Therefore coffee does not cure the common cold.

  6. It is perfectly OK to drink coffee if you have a cold, unless your physician advises you not to do so because you are pregnant or have certain medical issues.
    It is a good idea to increase your consumption of liquids, in most cases, when you are ill.
    Warm liquids, such as tea, broth, and, yes, coffee will help to relieve nasal congestion and soothe irritated throats.
    A little caffeine may help to relieve the tired, draggy feeling you often get with a cold.
    On the other hand, too much caffeine is not good for you, so don’t overdo the coffee. If you normally drink one to two cups of coffee per day, it is probably OK to continue doing so, but avoid larger amounts. Switch to decaf, if you simply love the taste of coffee.
    Remember that there are other beverages that contain caffeine. If you drink cola beverages, most contain caffeine, so avoid them if you drink coffee, whether or not you have a cold. Regular tea contains caffeine, so switch to decaffeinated or herbal tea, if you are also drinking coffee. And some energy drinks contain quite a bit of caffeine, so skipping them makes good sense.
    Remember that both caffeinated and decaf coffees are calorie-free, but only if you don’t add sugar or cream/milk. If you can’t enjoy coffee plain, remember that each cup that you lighten or sweeten will add calories and contribute to weight gain. Yes, there are non-caloric sweeteners, but many doctors do not approve of them, especially aspartame.
    The same issue, of course, arises with tea. Tea is non-caloric unless you buy it pre-sweetened or add sugar or honey. Once you add sugar or honey, you add calories. And your doctor may or may not approve of artificial sweeteners. As far as soda goes, it tends to contain a great deal of sugar, or else relies on artificial sweeteners. Read the label on your favorite energy drink, and you may find that it also contains a good bit of sugar.
    Personally, I actually prefer clear soups when I have a cold. I make a pretty good chicken soup, though I may not have the energy to do so when I am sick. Some delis sell containers of store-made chicken soup that is decent. You can also use canned chicken soup, though avoid brands that are high in sodium.
    In recent years, I have found Vietnamese pho to be a great alternative to chicken soup. It is a beef broth, to which you can add rice noodles, various cuts of beef, spring onions, bean sprouts, fish sauce (optional), hot sauce (optional) or hot peppers (optional).
    Overall, nothing “cures” a common cold except time, but warm liquids and a little Tylenol or Advil are helpful in relieving symptoms.
    Two things to avoid:
    Nasal decongestants, unless prescribed by a doctor. They can actually worsen nasal congestion if used for more than a day or two.
    Alcoholic beverages. Yes, hot tea with a shot of whiskey, plus some lemon and honey, is often recommended for a cold. Honestly, you would be better off with all of the ingredients, except the whiskey. Whiskey can irritate your already sore throat, add to your headache, and so on.


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