Does adding milk in coffee reduce the effect of stained teeth?

Does adding milk in coffee reduce the effect of stained teeth?

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  1. Yes, especially if you put less coffee and add a straw.
    The straw will minimize the amount of contact that your coffee will have with your teeth which prevents staining.

  2. Coffee is known to cause tooth discoloration. Coffee is not only high in tannins and chromogens but very acidic as well, which negatively alters the pH balance in the mouth. These combined characteristics cause discoloring over time, and the high acidity can allow foods eaten later to stain or damage teeth more quickly. When you add milk to your coffee, it lightens the color of the drink and it actually provides your teeth with protection for the staining acids in the coffee.
    Milk is high in protein that binds to the polyphenols in coffee. Instead of attaching to and staining your teeth, the polyphenols move on to the stomach, where they can then be swiftly broken down. It is important to note that only animal milk will prevent staining in this manner. Soy milk may taste just as good in your coffee, but because it does not contain the same kinds of proteins, it may not adequately protect coffee stains on teeth.
    Try to take coffee in a sitting rather than sipping it slowly over the day. Avoid creamer and sugar, as this only speed up the growth of discoloring bacteria. If you prefer iced coffee, drink it through a straw to reduce the risk of stains. I would also advise you to rinse your teeth every time you consume a cup of coffee. Moreover, you will also need to brush your teeth twice a day for at least 2 minutes each.
    Visit your dentist/oral health care expert regularly and use the best toothbrush he/she advises.

  3. Does adding milk in coffee reduce the effect of stained teeth?

    I am happy to announce that after several weeks of digging I have a much better answer for you all
    and I just posted it up as a video on my blog:
    In case a fantastically exciting 2 minute video is too time consuming, here is a quick summary:
    Yes, Animal-Based Milk Products will reduce staining from coffee

    Milk proteins bind to a portion of the staining compounds in the coffee (these compounds may become unbound during digestion so this binding action likely does not have an impact on coffee as a source for antioxidants although the verdict is still out on that)
    The coffee stain binding effect is enhanced by a higher lipid/fat concentration so whole milk will bind more staining compounds than skim milk for instance.

    These principles apply to both your latte and your coffee con leche. Soy milk and non-animal based milks do not produce the same effect.

  4. Does adding milk in coffee reduce the effect of stained teeth?

    Does adding milk or cream in coffee help reduce teeth stains?
    A resounding, Yes!
    Ah! Chemistry is the Guiding Light for this question, as diluting an acidic drink such as Coffee with Milk (a vase liquid) could not make Coffee more acidic now could it?
    Bye the Waaay, what is a mixture of Milk and Coffee called? Reach way back into U’er HS class and If U did not take HS Chemistry, what about College?
    That is correct O’ inquisitive one ! A colloidal Suspension! Well done! Class dismissed!
    Now back to The Query!
    Dentists have long cautioned against excessive coffee or tea consumption because it stains or strips enamel. This is because the dark tannins, which add bitterness (acidic) to the drink, also leave a residue on teeth. But, researchers found that, the main protein in milk, attaches to acidic tannins and prevents teeth staining.
    Add This to Your Morning Mug for Whiter Teeth

  5. Amount of stain on the teeth is directed proportional to the amount of coffee. If you reduce the coffee:milk ratio by adding milk, then the amount of coffee in the cup will reduce, and there will be less staining of teeth. But if you are going to use the same amount of coffee, the staining will be the same.

  6. Adding milk to your coffee (or tea) will reduce coffee’s ability to stain your teeth. So, if you want your teeth to stay white, this is a good habit to follow.


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