Does a tea maker exist just like a coffee maker?

Does a tea maker exist just like a coffee maker?

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  1. There is (or was) an ice tea maker on the market, and I got one as gift. I used it for a while and saw no real advantage over just making it on the stove or in the microwave. It was just one more counter-top appliance cluttering up my kitchen.

  2. I am not aware of any device built to automate the brewing of tea. I own a nice electric tea kettle which lets me heat water to the specific temperature I want for a specific type of tea, but after the water heats I have to pour it into a tea cup (for bagged tea) or into a tea pot (for loose leaf).
    There are several reasons I think there are no automatic tea-makers (or at least no popular ones):

    Tradition. People have been making tea for a long time. There is a ritualistic element to brewing a pot of tea. It feels civilized and a lot of tea drinkers enjoy the process.

    Complexity. Your typical coffee machine involves throwing a few scoops of powder into a filter, making sure the machine has water, and pushing a button. Hot water passes through the powder and filter to fill up the pot. It’s a pretty simple process.

    In theory, tea is even simpler. Throw leaves into hot water. Done. Except that you want to use different temperatures and steep times depending on whether you are brewing White, Green, Oolong, Black, or Pu Erh tea. Often for loose leaf, you will do three or four steepings of the same leaves, and you will want to vary the steep time for each steeping.

    Demographic. Many coffee drinkers consider their beverage primarily a source of caffeine. As such, they are eager to purchase devices that make putting coffee into their bodies easier. A tea drinker thinks of tea as a cheap treat. If you buy premium loose leaf tea, the price of a cup of tea isn’t significantly higher than if you were drinking the junk that comes in bags and looks to be the consistency of sawdust (friends don’t let friends drink Lipton tea….).

    So manufacturers would need to build a more complex machine to sell to people who might not want it and definitely wouldn’t pay a lot for it. Of course, the Keurig machines will make you a cup of tea if you put a tea K-cup into them, but I consider that a coffee machine with a tea option. Plus, the tea that comes out of that thing isn’t exactly quality.

  3. I have a “Mrs Tea”, which is the counterpart to “Mr Coffee”. It works in a similar way, with a chamber you add cold water to, and a place to put your tea. There’s an adjustable setting for stronger/weaker tea. There is a warmer that keeps the teapot nice and hot.
    I actually don’t know where to get one; mine is more than 15 years old. It is the absolute best when you have a cold.
    Edit: it looks like eBay or Amazon (for a lot of money) is the way to go.

  4. I have always seen Coffee Making Machines but never came across a tea … Yes, tea maker does exist just like a coffee maker . However, the concept of coffee .


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