Does a coffee shop/cafe need a drive-thru to be successful?

Does a coffee shop/cafe need a drive-thru to be successful?

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  1. That’s not the question I suggest you ask yourself.
    The better question is “Does my coffee shop need a drive through to be successful.”
    There is a huge distinction here. You are the owner operator. You make the decisions, you conduct the market research, you know the area in which you are going to establish your business, you know the local customers. Does a Starbucks in Manhattan need a drive-through to be successful? No.
    Does an owner operated coffee shop out in the middle of a prairie need a drive-through? Who knows. It’s up to the owner to really do that kind of research and come to an understanding of what the local community would actually like.
    In business generic answers are really not what you should be looking for. You should be looking for in-depth data that is extremely relevant to your exact time and place and location.

  2. No, a coffee shop/cafe does not “ need ” a drive-thru to be successful. But it depends on the sort of “coffee shop” you are trying to be.
    If you are a Starbucks or Dunkin’ fan, where people go just to grab a coffee and run, then you probably want a drive-thru.
    However, if you are more of a cafe sort, who wants to sit and chat with people, or get work done, or read a book, or munch on a great sandwich or cake, then a drive-thru will attract the people who won’t participate in what your shop has to offer.

  3. I lived in a town where they had a drive-through window at a mortuary. They put the open casket in a window and people could drive by and stop to pay respects from their automobile, then drive on. Other than that, I think if you have a way to add one on or are looking for a new location with one, it can’t hurt. No one likes standing in lines when you can sit in your car, listen to music and chat with your family or friends while your coffee is being made. It helps to have inside seating as well I think many college students take up that space while spending very little money, though. Especially if you offer free refills.


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