Do you think keurig machines are better than the old-fashioned coffee pot?

Do you think keurig machines are better than the old-fashioned coffee pot?

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  1. It’s more convenient. And that’s where the advantages end.
    Oh I suppose you can make a dozen different types of coffee. Or tea, or cocoa. Fairly quickly.
    But is that worth paying around 50c for a cup of coffee you make yourself?
    But I do not have one and I do not want one.

  2. My MIL has a Keurig, so I have drank it’s coffee.
    Our Cuisinart pot was rusting on the warming element. So, my wife went on a hunt. After months (not exaggerating) she finds that the Coffee maker that has the best reviews now, is the Cuisinart. With the following two caveats:
    1) Sometimes the coffee has a “plastic” flavor.
    2) Occasionally, the Cuisinart catches FIRE when plugged in but, NOT in use.
    She says, its time for more research. (It’s been about 4 months, so far). Well back on the internet. Finally, she found a CHEMEX POT you can see: Chemex Coffeemaker – Wikipedia
    Very long story…….with a HAPPY ENDING! When we started making coffee in the CHEMEX, it was the same coffee beans that we had been buying. The flavor was AMAZING! No acidity…very smooth.

  3. I like the ease with which I make 1 cup of coffee. I also like that I can have a second cup of a different type very easily. When I tried to make 2 cups of coffee in the drip coffee pot, I found I had to measure out different amounts depending on the type of coffee. Some coffees took one tablespoon per cup, others took 2 tablespoons per cup and if I didn’t make coffee for awhile I forgot which was which and it came out bad.
    If you’re making breakfast or an after dinner coffee for 4 people, the old fashioned coffee pot is better.
    I live with family. She gets up at 6 and makes a pot of coffee (most of which she throws away). I get up several hours later and use the Keurig. Fresh, ready when I’m ready, voila!

  4. No with the caveat that I’ve had really nice cups of K-pod coffee occasionally.
    Given the same bean, made well, and an interest in getting more than a single cup of coffee, the regular methods are better. (All coffee is more or less the same, but all of us have our preferences – boiled, drip, French press, espresso, mocha pot etc.)
    The only place Keurig excels is in spots like hotel rooms or meeting rooms, where I am the only person at that moment wanting a cup of coffee. The convenience is unparalleled
    Having said that, there are things you need to know about K-cups.
    they come in a wide range of bean quality and flavours, and just like regular beans, if bean is of poor quality so is the k-cup. I just came back from a holiday and I don’t think I had a single decent K-cup in 18 days. But I have elsewhere.
    they are significantly more expensive than beans. $75 at Costco buys 120 pods, roughly $0.60 a pod. A pound of coffee yields roughly 90 cups. At this price premium, I can afford to make 6 cup pots of coffee and throw out 4 of them and break even .
    So in the end, gimme a pot of water, a heat source and some beans, and I’ll make a fine cup of coffee. (smash beans with book/suitcase/shoe/whatever. Boil water. remove from heat. Add beans. Wait 5 m.)


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