Do you like Jerry Seinfeld’s show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? Which is your favorite episode and why?

Do you like Jerry Seinfeld’s show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? Which is your favorite episode and why?

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  1. Huge fan here.
    I AM a car guy (in the loosest sense of guy) and have been all my life. When I see the cars Jerry picks, I’m amazed. He either has something I’ve always wanted, or had something he picks.
    As far as the stand up advice he gives, it’s invaluable. I’d like to do stand up, but I’m too old, too direct, and have a terrible sense of timing. He is great with other comedians, giving them advice.
    His kindness to other comedians, especially those with problems of some sort (Gary Shandling, Tracy Jordan, others…) is so graceful and dignified.
    No matter how awkward the conversation (rare) he handles it. “I don’t care about being right,” he says often.
    The funniest episode to me was Alec Baldwin in a 2019 episode in which they go to Massapequa diner. Alec’s spot on portrayal of a role he once had has Jerry laughing helplessly in his seat, his head on the table.
    The episode in which he brings Barack Obama a ’63 ‘Vette to drive at the WH is outstanding , and will make fans of Obama remember what a terrific guy he is. Jerry does a good job interviewing him. Barack handles all the silliness with dignity and a little humor. It’s a casual, unscripted view of what life is like as President, and how even the best are weighed down by it.
    Jerry is great at interviewing and can even listen to people. I think he’s one of those people who live life and take it all to a higher level than most of us. Funny, kind, a family man, whip smart, fast, pleasant—he’s got it all.
    The Miranda sings episode is the worst until you learn it’s a youtube hoax personality.
    The most unfunny and annoying is Neal Brennan. How he ever got a job as a comedy writer amazes me. I’d suggest he doesn’t play NYC, as I know two hecklers who would not only hate his material, but are great at engaging the crowd.
    They’re kind of a walking Apollo theater, where no one gets a hand except for the insanely talented. But NB would be killed at the Apollo. My critics look like Bambi and Thumper, but when the comedy isn’t funny and the comic thinks it’s ok to refer to women as ho’s, Ohhhhh….. B&T have long sharp metal teeth and loud voices and large vocabularies.
    Jerry forever.
    Any anti Barack comments will be deleted as soon as posted, so don’t knock yourself out, haters.

  2. YES!
    It’s like classroom for me.
    I keenly listen to Jerry’s conversations with the comedians. They fleetingly throw in titbits that are very valuable, to a relatively new comic like me.
    But to be honest, I’ve only seen the episodes that feature the comedians that I like. Eg. Dave Chappelle, Neal Brennan, Kate McKinnon, Kathleen Madigan, Bill Burr, Kevin Hart, Louis CK (before he was outed) & Chris Rock.

  3. Nope, boring as heck. I’ve heard much about it and just started watching season 1 on Netflix. Liked the first 1 or 2, well maybe I was just thinking it would get better, and have been bored to death over the next several. Not entertaining in the least, unless one has low thresholds to be entertained.
    And this is from someone who thinks Seinfeld the show was and is absolute genius.

  4. Eh…it’s OK. I am not a car guy, and do not drink coffee, so those aspects of the show don’t really interest me, but I do like some of the guests. However, most of the episodes are boring.
    There have been a few noteworthy guests that I enjoyed watching, including Larry David, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Norm Macdonald, Barack Obama, Mel Brooks/Carl Reiner, Chris Rock, Steve Martin, and Tina Fey.
    Everyone else has been meh. Jerry is not really an interesting character on his own, he needs great guests to carry him. Not all of them click with him, …

  5. Love it!! What a great conception, incorporating spontaneous comedy, riding around in unique cars, and coffee! And sometimes food 🙂 I loved the episode with Michael Richards, Jerry picking him up at his home and the two of them in “real life.”


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