Do you know about Arabic coffee and coffee makers? I am asking about the Saudi Qahwa.

Do you know about Arabic coffee and coffee makers? I am asking about the Saudi Qahwa.

You can check the answer of the people under the question at Quora “how to make qahwa coffee

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  1. Arabic coffee is a symbol of generosity in Kingdom of Saudi ,Arabic coffee is made from Arabic peninsula, Coffee drinking is associated with socializing and conversation,Apart from that serving Arabic coffee and dates are the part of culture and hospitality of middle east.
    Arabic coffee also have the link with the arts and cultural events. Traditional Arabic coffee is prepared in a pot called Dallah and is served by non handle cup( Qawah)
    Arabic coffee (Arabic: قهوة عربية‎) is a general name that refers to the way coffee is prepared in many Arab countries throughout the Middle East.
    There are two main ways of preparing Arabic coffee. The first is the way which contains cardamom, and sometimes other spices like saffron to give it a golden colour. This is popular in the Arab states of the Persian Gulf.
    The other method called gahwa saada (plain coffee) is plain and more bitter, popular in the Levant countries.
    It has a special coffee pot called dallah (Arabic: دلة‎) and the coffee cups are small but with no handle. The portions are very small, covering the bottom of the cup. It is served in houses and in good restaurants by specially clad waiters called gahwaji, and it is usually offered with the compliments of the house and is free. It is also offered at most social events like weddings and funerals.
    (From Yahoo anwers)
    “Arabic coffee” is a general term that alludes to the way espresso is set up in numerous Arabic nations all through the Middle East. So, there is a decent arrangement of variety from place to put, including how the beans are broiled and what flavors and flavorings are included. Arabic espresso is set up on the stovetop in an uncommon pot called a dallah, filled a bottle, and served in a finjan, handle-less container called finjaan. You may be astounded at how it contrasts from Western-style espresso, however after a couple tastes you’ll be making this for every one of your visitors”
    ( wiki answers)
    Making Arabic coffee
    * Arabic coffee beans
    * cups water
    * Cardamom
    *A pinch of saffron-Optional
    * Rosewater-optional
    Preparing the Ingredients
    Get Arabica coffee beans and roast it then grind it to the powdered form
    Get Cardamom and grind it to powdered
    As per your convenient taste you can add saffron or rose water
    Making of Arabic Coffee
    Step 1:
    Heat the water in the dallah. Use all 3 cups of water and bring to a boil on medium heat.
    If you don’t have a dallah, you can use a saucepan or Arabic Coffee Maker(Arabdalla)
    Step 2
    Remove the dallah from the stove for 30 seconds. Let it stand and cool just slightly.
    Meanwhile, reduce the heat on the burner to low.
    STEP 3
    Add the coffee to the water and return to the stove.
    You do not need to stir the coffee at this point, since the boiling itself mixes the grounds in the water.
    Step 4
    Let the coffee brew on low heat.
    After 10-12 minutes, foam will start rising to the top of the pot.
    Do not let the coffee boil, as this will burn the coffee. If it begins to boil, remove the dallah from the stove. You may also want to reduce the heat slightly before returning the dallah to the burner.
    Step: 5
    Turn the stove off and let the pot settle for a minute. If you have an electric stove that is slow to cool, remove the pot immediately.
    Step: 6

    Remove the pot from the stove and let the foam settle. Once the level of the foam has lowered, add the cardamom.
    You can also add a few cloves at this point, if you’re using them.
    Step 7
    Return the coffee to the stove and bring it nearly to a boil again.
    This process will create the same foam as shown in prior steps.
    Step 8
    Remove the coffee from the stove and let it stand for 5 minutes.
    The grounds will settle to the bottom.
    Step 9
    Prepare your thermos.
    Empty the boiling water used for preheating. If you are using saffron and/or rosewater, add them now to the empty thermos.
    Step 10
    Pour the coffee into the thermos until the grounds start coming out.
    Once you see grounds in the coffee, stop pouring. A small amount of coffee with grounds will remain at the bottom of the dallah.
    You can pour the coffee through a strainer if you wish. This catches the spices and coffee sediment, but is not a necessary step.
    Step 11
    Let the coffee steep for 5 to 10 minutes, then serve.
    For a traditional presentation, use small cups on a serving plate.
    Traditionally, the small cups are filled no more than halfway.
    While Arabic coffee is traditionally made without sugar, it is served with something sweet, like dates.
    Milk is not added to Arabic coffee. If you prefer adding milk to yours, keep in mind that light roasts in particular are best without milk.
    For making arabic coffee i recommended Arabdalla
    Arabic Coffee Maker ( Auto matic dallah | Electrical dallah )
    Now a days we are in busy life and we are not getting time for prepare Arabic coffee in home or during long travel but don’t be sad because currently we have available Arabic coffee makers,I am highly recommend ARABDALLA same like Dallah for easy preparation of Arabic coffee in its perfect way ,Automatic and digital display is an added advantage of them.
    How to make Arabic Coffee with Arab Dalla
    Add Water To Dallah
    Press Start Button
    When Water Boiled , Beeping will start Now Add Coffee With dallah’s Spoun
    After 15 Minutes Of Coffee Cooking The Base Will start beep now add Cardamon and safron (optional)
    After 2 minutes of adding Cardamon The Base Will Beep, now Coffee Is Ready For Drink
    By pressing keep warm function you can have hot coffee upto 2 hours
    دلة العرب


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