Do you have your morning coffee every day? Why or why not?

Do you have your morning coffee every day? Why or why not?

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  1. When I was fourteen or fifteen, Mom and I went to visit her sister. When my aunt made coffee, she offered me some. I enthusiastically accepted. Coffee was for grown-ups! And I was going to have some! I took a sip and found it horribly bitter. I added some cream and sugar which didn’t help. Still unpalatable. I added some more which didn’t help. I can’t remember how many more times I added cream and sugar, but I came to realize that there was not enough cream and sugar in the entire world to get rid of the bitterness in coffee.
    I never had coffee again. I don’t like coffee flavored anything, so no, I never have morning coffee.

  2. Without morning coffee, to quote a colleague, the “software” won’t load and the “system” can’t boot up.
    Added bonuses : vague , persistent headache ,brain fog and the blues.
    No, not in denial. It’s a food group (like Ibuprofen) and my drug of choice!

  3. Do you have coffee in the morning?
    I drink decaf at home and anywhere else it is available. I drink it from the time I wake up until I go to bed. A little cream and no sugar. Folgers Decaffinate French Roast when I can find it, but Maxwell House will work as well.
    I have never had nor will I have Starbucks or any of the other $8 a cup coffees, or whatever they cost. If I want to try some thing different I put a tablespoon of hot cocoa in a cup, or a few tablespoons of ground cinimmon in the bottom of the carafe.
    That is about as freaky as I want to get with coffee. But, I really enjoy having a cup or two with my wife out on the porch whenever the weather permits. Sometimes we do steak and eggs to go with the coffee, or homemade biscuits and white sausage gravy.
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  4. I don’t drink coffee nor tea. I have never enjoyed either of those beverages, too much caffeine and coffee tastes like turpentine to me. I used to drink iced tea but that was when I was a teenager. I don’t drink any alcohol and no soda pop either. I drink Spring Water, it comes from an aquifer in Northern Arizona. I wake up amped, every single day, the last thing I need is caffeine. I do enjoy making Turkish Coffee though for guests,…

  5. Hi Mike , I ve been drink coffee every morning for 10+ years. Here are some good benefit of drinking coffee in the morning.
    Many people believe that drinking coffee is harmful to health, but if used properly, at the right time every morning, you will realize many unexpected result of this drink.
    The fatigue, stress? A cup of coffee will definitely help you to be more alert, because the main ingredient of coffee is caffeine. Caffeine has the effect of stimulating the activity of the nervous system, increasing physical activity related to the nervous system. Thereby, it works to increase mental excitement, increase mental concentration and work efficiency.
    A cup of coffee when tired can help you maintain 4 hours of alertness. However, for regular coffee drinkers, this effect is not great. You must adjust the dosage accordingly. In addition, not every time of the day drinking coffee is good, here are some “golden” time frames for the day to sip a cup of coffee.
    Drink coffee every morning
    Drinking coffee every morning is a habit of many people. According to many studies, coffee can improve constipation. To make this function effective, drinking a cup of coffee in the morning is best. The remaining time of the day will be less effective. You should enjoy a full cup of coffee after breakfast, between 9:30 – 11:30 every day. Because this is the best time for caffeine to peak, help us stay awake, work effectively.
    Drink coffee 30 minutes after a meal
    Many research results indicate that coffee can promote digestion, help digest food better. 30 minutes after a meal is the right time for you to enjoy a coffee and enjoy this benefit. However, anemic people should not use this drink regularly because coffee affects the body’s iron absorption.
    Choose a cup of coffee before exercising
    This is a golden time to drink coffee that few people know about. When you drink a cup of coffee 30 minutes before exercising, you can enhance your metabolism, help burn more calories, and make exercise more meaningful. Also, if you maintain a stable time to drink this coffee you will see the results of the exercise will be higher than the time you have not tried to drink coffee at this time.
    Few people know when each cup of coffee is bright
    Pain relief
    A recent study conducted at the University of Illinois showed that taking two to three cups of coffee about an hour before conducting exercise will help relieve muscle pain. Scientists believe that the amount of caffeine in coffee contributes to strength and flexibility.
    Enhance blood circulation
    A study conducted in Japan on the effect of coffee on the blood circulation of people who do not regularly drink coffee. Accordingly, each person drinks about 30 ml of coffee. Later, the researchers determined the flow of blood to the fingers.
    Results showed that those who drank coffee regularly increased their blood circulation by about 30% over a period of more than 75 minutes compared to those who did not drink coffee. Better blood circulation means more oxygen is transported to the muscles.
    Improve memory
    Load more fuel for muscle
    Another study published in the Journal of Applied Physiology indicates that a small amount of caffeine is useful for people who have to exercise at high intensity, especially athletes. People who added caffeine increased 66% of their glycogen content. Glycogen acts as an essential energy source for energy-intensive exercise sessions, helping you train for longer periods of time.
    Mechanical protection
    Animal studies conducted by scientists at the University of Conventry show that caffeine in coffee helps to compensate for the decline in muscle strength with age. With a moderate amount, coffee can also protect our health, reducing the risk of age-related injuries.

  6. Yes

    Even tho coffee is addictive, it’s still something apart of my everyday life. Or pretty close.

    Thanks for reading!
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    Answered April 30 .

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  7. Not every morning.
    But, I like good coffee, oh the smell.

    Do you have your morning coffee every day? Why or why not?

    Then carefully

    Do you have your morning coffee every day? Why or why not?

    This is how I make it, but usually it takes a smaller flame.
    I’m trying to cut back, so not every day. Tea is fine too.
    I also cheat sometimes and make it the same way but with milk.
    “It’s lighter this way” I say that :).
    Coffee was made in our family on this thing…by grandmas.

    Do you have your morning coffee every day? Why or why not?

    But, believe it or not there are still people don’t like it except this way.

    Do you have your morning coffee every day? Why or why not?

    We had one of those in our kitchen, not to use; Mom used to say “I like how it looks” I do too.
    Egyptian old black and white movies captured some of our old traditions, sometimes in a comic way.
    You could see how girls had to be clever in making coffee and delivering them with their toping face intact.

    Do you have your morning coffee every day? Why or why not?

    It’s very important to carefully pour it.
    Or the committee of mother in law and companions will fail the bride to be:D.
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  8. Absolutely! It all began when I was 10 years old. Our next door neighbor left a container of coffee ice cream in our freezer. When I tried it, I LOVED it!
    Dad was the first one awake in our home. He made a pot of coffee every morning so it would be ready for mom. Sis and I tried it with milk and sugar, and we never looked back.
    Coffee became a great ritual after waking up every morning. I’ve gone though different methods of making coffee – everything from using instant coffee to using a coffee press. The press is my favorite way to make my coffee. I get out of bed and go directly to the kitchen and boil the water. The gas burner boils the water quickly, and 2 minutes I’m sitting at my desk looking out the window and loving my freshly brewed coffee.

  9. I do not have morning coffee because it makes me feel sick and want to throw up, however sometimes if I’ve been awake several hours before I drink the coffee it is tolerable and tastes great to me.

  10. Yes. For me the morning is the best time for a freshly ground, freshly brewed cup ‘o joe. The aroma itself is enough to wake me up. I have a full glass of water before any coffee, but then enjoy this wonderful vice throughout the early part of the day. Some people recommend watining until about two hours after waking but I don’t like waiting that long. I avoid coffee after mid-afternoon as I don’t enjoy decaf and don’t want to have any sleep issues.
    The Best Time Of The Day To Consume Caffeine

    Do you have your morning coffee every day? Why or why not?

  11. Yes, decaffeinated.
    I used to be the worst caffeine addict, consuming up to 20 cups a day in the early 90s.
    I read somewhere that it takes one week to get over caffeine withdrawal symptoms. So during the Christmas break from work a few years ago, when I didn’t have to get up for anything or do anything, I decided just to wake up naturally every day, with no caffeine boost, and to sleep as long as I needed to for that week.
    Since then, I’ve started every day with a cup of decaffeinated coffee. I still drink a lot of fluids in the mornings but, instead of 4 cups of coffee, I follow the decaff with a cup of barleycup, then a tea, then another barleycup.

  12. Yes. I drink at least 1 cup in the morning everyday. When I’m at work on the night shift, I drink at least 2 to keep me goin’! Does that help?!

  13. Yes 2 big cups and no more. I need it to clear the sleepy cobwebs from my brain lol. I love coffee but it irritates my stomach if I have more than that!

  14. Almost every morning yes.

    Do you have your morning coffee every day? Why or why not?

    Unless I do not have coffee capsules or grounded coffee at home or some type of coffee.
    I prefer having a cup of mildly intense but delicious Arabica coffee in the morning and another cup before noon, less intense if possible so that my sleep pattern is not interrupted.
    Unless special occasions, I do not have coffee after 2 PM.
    I like the aroma of hot morning coffee with a dose of whip-splashed full cream milk.
    But I also like my sleep.
    I find a way to have both.


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