Do you have a funny, emotional or simply interesting story involving tea or coffee?

Do you have a funny, emotional or simply interesting story involving tea or coffee?

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  1. Both of my parents were coffee addicts. They drank coffee constantly and there was always a pot on the stove. When I was about 13 years old I came home from school and was alone in the house. This was an odd occurrence because I come from such a large family and my mother made it a priority to always be home when we came home from school. So while I was in the kitchen making tea I decided to play a practical joke on my parents. I filled the sugar bowl with salt. That was a MAJOR mistake.
    I forgot about what I had done in minutes as everyone started arriving home. We all had dinner and while my parents talked about the news of the day, the children went into the living room to watch “Lost in Space”. I can still remember that day as if it were yesterday. My father called my sister into the kitchen. I pieced together the story later. He asked her, “Ellen, why did you put salt in the sugar bowl?” Ellen was astonished — she didn’t do it, and her denial had the ring of truth. In any event, nobody in my family would be suicidal enough to lie to our parents. So my father dismissed my sister who returned to her chair. “Danger! Will Robinson!” My father called my brother into the kitchen. “Al, why did you put salt in the sugar bowl?” My brother denied any knowledge of the act. Even at that age he was skilled at weaseling out of difficulties but he was able to convince my father that he was telling the truth. He was dismissed and returned to the couch to watch the show while playing with his Legos. My sister Dorothy was next. She also denied any knowledge of the salt caper. She returned to the TV and her “Best of the West” dolls (which she still has).
    Then my father called me into the kitchen. I had not noticed until that moment the back and forth of my siblings and with the innocence of ignorance I traipsed into the kitchen where my mother was sitting at the table leaning over her coffee cup and my father was sitting back in his chair while smoke wriggled lazily to the ceiling from his Camel cigarette in the ashtray. It was then that I noticed the brown plastic sugar bowl on the table and remembered what I had done. My stomach turned a somersault. I was a dead man.
    “So, Jay,” my father began in a reasonable tone, “Why did you put salt in the sugar bowl?” When my father acted reasonably he was at his most dangerous. I would have to join the French Foreign Legion – if I survived the evening. In that moment I was in awe of my parent’s deductive capabilities. How in the world had they discovered that it was I who put the salt in the sugar bowl? It wasn’t til much later that I doped out that they used their ability to eliminate each suspect individually until only one remained – me. So I tried to bluff my way through it. “It was just a practical joke,” I stammered, “pretty funny, huh? Ha ha ha.” My parents looked up at me through the cigarette smoke. I flinched when my mother picked up my dad’s Camel and took a drag.
    “The joke is on you, funny boy,”my mom said, pointing to her cup, “Have some coffee.”
    Now at that point in my life I had never had a cup of coffee. As children we drank tea every day after school but never coffee. My mother pushed her cup over to me and told me to sit. My father took off his belt and wrapped it around his fist. I was ready to wet myself. If I refused to drink the coffee, I would get the belt, or worse. I took a sip. The coffee was completely corrupted with salt. I took another sip. “Drink up,” my mother said, seriously. It took a little while but I finished the cup. My parents sat there in silence. Then my father pushed his cup over to me. “Here, have another,” he said in a friendly way, as if he were giving me a gift. I was sick to my stomach from the unfamiliar coffee mixed with salt and I could barely choke down the second cup. They watched me in silence until I finished the last sip. “Not so funny, is it, funny boy?,” my father said. I couldn’t take it any longer. I bolted upright and out the back door and puked the salt coffee into the hedges by the door. My mother came to the door with her arms crossed. “Don’t ever do anything like that again,” she said softly and turned into the house. I staggered back into the kitchen. My father was doing the crossword puzzle in the Boston “Globe” and didn’t look up at me as I staggered past. His belt was rolled up on the table like a deadly snake. I went back into the living room and collapsed into my chair, my mouth watering from salt and vomit. I was actually relieved that I got off so easily. I didn’t get the belt, or worse. My siblings didn’t even notice that anything strange had transpired. They were absorbed by the antics of Will Robinson and Dr. Smith. Even if they had noticed, willful ignorance was always the best course of action when it came to punishment in my house.
    I am fifty five years old. It’s been more than forty years since that event. I cannot drink coffee at all. Whenever I take a sip, all I can taste is salt.

  2. It was early morning rush before the new class had to began, students had already made a cacophony around the famous Tea stall. Chotu, the only staff of this stall was already busy as a bee serving his customers.
    “Chotu Bhaiya, one special coffee for me” order was placed by her at her regular tea stall.
    “One masala tea and bun maska” Said an unfamiliar voice. He was already engrossed in a newspaper, a morning masala tea from amma was something he had a luxury back home every morning but today was a new day in a new city.
    Chotu Bhaiya amidst that chaos exchanged the cups unknowingly. The special coffee was handed to the guy and the masala tea was served to the lady.
    The guy without realising what he had been served took a sip, the coffee was super strong and his morning laziness was shot an adrenaline rush by the coffee beans.
    The gorgeous lady came across this guy “I guess this your masala tea and thats my coffee” the lady exclaimed. “Oh! I am sorry, but I took a sip without realising it’s coffee. Wait I will order another one for you” explained the guy hesitantly.
    “No it’s already late, though I am not a fan of tea but lets see if this masala tea makes me feel alive” enquired the lady. She took a sip and a surprise was evident on her face “This taste is much better than the normal cup of tea I have”
    “Oh I know. After all we all need some masala in our lives to make things more interesting” the gentleman said with a wink. “But do remember that it has to be in the right quantities or else you spoil the taste and the flavours life has to offer” she smiled.
    “You seem a new guy here. Chemistry class?” The lady enquired. “Yes. Chemistry. I joined a bit late. So you are also in the chemistry section?”
    “Yes, I gotta go the class is about to start, goodbye” the lady passed by.
    “ She’s cute! I guess I found an element which I could mingle with and who knows if me and her would become another compound” He said to his conscience with a smirk.
    After paying for the coffee, this guy was already delighted with a beautiful start to his day. Having a coffee with a gorgeous company was something he couldn’t have even asked for.
    He entered the classroom, eyes searched for the ‘Special coffee girl’. To his dismay she couldn’t be seen. Opened his copy and suddenly a sudden silence took over the class. The teacher had stepped in. To his utter shock the Special Coffee girl was his chemistry professor.
    After standing at the Podium, she started with a sentence “ Morning class, I hope you guys have had your morning beverages and even if you haven’t life ensures that it wakes you up with surprises, after all chemistry came in our lives way before it came as a science in our books” she said with a grin.
    After all she was good in creating chemistry, as a professor and as well as a person.

  3. It was a fine winter afternoon when our protagonists Akash and Ayushi met at CCD, Noida Sector-16. Akash was a software engineer working in HCL Technologies and Ayushi was HR Head in Just dial. This CCD was common between both the offices and witnessed the most interesting lovestory of a couple which was merely a coincidence.
    Be ready to expect the unexpected…
    At the billing counter :
    Akash: Hey! Can you get me a Cappucino ?
    A Latte Macchiate…plz , the voice interrupting in between was so miraculous and amazing that Akash could not resist himself from turning back. This was the time when he could not have control over his heart…and the song hit his mind was… “dekha jo tujhe yaar dil me baji guitar” (when I saw you, the strings of my heart started tingling).
    Ten minutes later:
    Both arrived at the counter to collect the order.
    Akash: (just trying to gain an opportunity to talk to her) Excuse me! I think we have exchanged our orders.
    Ayushi: No, I know well. I can see and identify coz I order the same everyday (considering him as a stupid).
    Akash: (a bit embarassed) Ok ! May be u are right!!
    Ayushi was gone… paying no attention to his words, and he was like I am foolish. (The song..I Got A Girl Crush was being played in the cafe matching to his conditions).
    Everything felt like different this time to him..that amazing voice and ravishingly elegant beautiful face hit his mind and heart now…
    Next day, Akash could not wait for the lunch timings and was so restless that he reached the cafe 15 minutes before the lunch timings.
    2:30 pm, the clock striked, his heart was on fire. He saw her again. Now on multiple ocassion, he tried to come across her in the cafe and just strike some useless and pointless conversations. After 1 week , she started noticing his presence and one day she just passed a smile, had a coffee sitting beside him coz her colleagues didn’t come that day and had a little chit-chat. Literally, the boy couldn’t sleep at the night properly (really this happens). Oh!! That killer smile…
    He was on cloud nine. He spent whole night listening to the song—
    “All I wanna be , all I ever wanna be, is somebody to you”
    Next day, he reached the cafe 15 minutes before and to his surprise…she was already there with a tall and average looking guy(that he did consider, otherwise he was hot).
    He saw her having a coffee with him and posing for selfies…hands on shoulders..cheeks on cheeks…and different poses. Believe me, his internal voice just suggested him to kill the man at that very instant.
    This was a heart breaking moment for him. A typical “Chann se jo toote koi sapna wala” moment.. (moment he felt like his dreams shattered on the floor ). And he was like… Why Me ???
    He tried convincing his heart by thinking that the guy could have been her colleague (may be she is very friendly type and have posed as such with him) , friend (that doesn’t matter then) or brother (this is the best that can happen). His mind was filled with such thoughts…and he was trying to satisfy his heart giving various reasons. And suddenly, he decided to give it a last chance..
    Little did he know about her…he mailed her after asking with a guy her email id…and asked her out for a coffee at the same cafe. He did this before coming to the office and then he didn’t check his mail box.
    2:30 pm, that day, he sat in the CCD waiting for her…she didn’t come.
    3:00 pm, his eyes were still on the door waiting for that pretty lady of her dreams to arrive but she didn’t.
    3:30 pm, still there was no sign of her.
    4:00 pm, no signs yet, now he decided to leave and donot ever come to the cafe again. But before leaving, he wanted to have a sip of his coffee.
    So, he went to the counter and said – 1 cappuchino plz..
    A voice again interrupted… ‘and 1 latte macchiate plz’…(this was ayushi who rushed towards the counter)
    Akash was taken aback…he didn’t actually expected it to happen now. She clarified him that she mailed him to meet up at 4:00 pm and see how this fucking stupid guy was ordering a coffee for him only.
    “Actually, today was my friends birthday and we were celebrating it in the office” — Ayushi exclaimed
    Akash was laughing on himself for being such an idiot. He further enquired about the guy she was having coffee with last day…taking her rounds and rounds on his words and was on seventh heaven knowing that he was a ‘brozoned friend’ of her (he took a deep breathe…a more relaxing once again).
    This small meeting ended up clearing big doubts and two acquaintances becoming a great friend.
    Next few meetings were immemorable…and soon this friendship resulted into a special feeling which they both understood but noone confessed. Really, lots happened over the coffee.
    At such points, girls usually expect boy to propose her first . They usually take no charge of it… so as the tradition says…Akash took the charge to confess it to her that those feelings were nothing else than love. So, it was time for our coffee lovers to confess their love for eachother…
    Akash planned a better day for her, booked a table at the cafe, decorated it with candles, bought a gift for her and got her favourite red roses. He was waiting eagerly for the clock to tick 5′o clock and the time for his dream girl to arrive who ruled over his heart.
    As soon as she arrived…everything was set with dim lights and she entered walking on the carpet of flowers..he stood there speechless watching the beauty of god’s creativity.
    Then he kneeled down and said the most lovely and funny proposal lines—
    Dear Coffee Partner,
    These days in cafe have always been so special coz u were with me…
    The coffee tasted never that good until I saw you beside me smiling graciously over all my stupid things…
    When you were not there, I wished I could say…

    Do you have a funny, emotional or simply interesting story involving tea or coffee?

    (literally having a cup of coffee in his hands)
    When I knew you for few heart started beating for you. Now, I think I must say that …

    Do you have a funny, emotional or simply interesting story involving tea or coffee?

    And if you agree over this…may I have a opportunity to ask you that , Will you…

    Do you have a funny, emotional or simply interesting story involving tea or coffee?

    Oh!! My beloved coffee partner… make me your life partner
    Me Cappucino.. You latte…
    We will have small small latte and cappucino lovers..
    She burst into laughter and agreed .
    “And then there was love and love and love forever…”
    They met over coffee and rest is the story..
    #sanskar # my creations

  4. Raj was about to pick up a cup of hot coffee from the table. Just that time, a mobile flashed and his hand moved towards mobile. He picked up his mobile and noticed a Whatsapp from Meera which read, “Someone’s looking handsome today.”
    Raj scanned the message, picked up the coffee cup and typed, “Thanks! Now, that’s refreshing.”
    “And you still need the coffee.” Meera wrote her words and pressed send.
    Raj moved his eyes around and answered by moving his thumbs on digi keyboard, “Miss stalker, care to ask why?”
    “Do I have a choice?” Meera fired a quick question on Raj’s number.
    “I bet you don’t.” Raj typed & send.
    “Okay, enough said. Tell me why?” She typed the question and get it delivered, but her eyes were stalking at Raj for the answer.
    Raj took a sip from the cup and answered by typing these words, “Because, the last sip of YOUR coffee is still my favorite. <3"
    Within a few seconds his message got two blue ticks, but Meera didn’t reply from her end. So, Raj tapped his mobile and turned it into the sleep mode. The next moment, he was about to drop the coffee cup.
    Just at that time, Meera who was seated on the other chair of the table, held Raj’s hand and the cup jointly in her palms
    They looked at each other. Meera was blushing and their eyes were communicating the feelings of love.
    Both were deaf and dumb, but their love wasn’t. The cup of coffee witnessed their language of love.

    Edit : Some friends made a beautiful visual from this script. I thank ’em all from the bottom of my heart.

  5. This incident took place at my tution.
    Our teacher used to have tea during the morning class. There used to be an assistant Suresh( he was teacher’s relative and was very strict with the fees). So sir used to ask for tea in this manner- “Are yaar Suresh bhai. Chai laana jara.” And the way of asking was quiet hilarious. We used to tease Suresh bhai by quoting those words when sir was away.
    So, one morning sir asked for his routine tea -”Are yaar Suresh bhai. Chai laana jara.” And we started laughing and even Suresh bhaiya was laughing except sir who had no clue. This one student now tried a prank on sir.
    Student-”Sir, what’s the time”
    Sir-”Kyun, bdi jaldi hai” (Why are you in a hurry)
    Student-”Are sir batao na ghadi nhi hai aaj”(Sir pls tell. I don’t have a watch today)
    Sir-”It’s 6:50″
    Sir did not realize that he had a cup of tea in his hand which was now on his pants. We were all laughing like hell and sir after realizing the troll gave a smile, dissmissed the class and went to change.
    From that day till the end of classes that boy had to sit on the first bench.

  6. Walking across the hotel’s cafeteria, he turned towards a familiar voice. To his astonishment, it was Arunima, his college friend. “Oh my god! Long time no see…. where were you after college?” he asked as he hugged her. “Wanna have tea first?” she asked as they approached a corner pool-facing table.
    “Waiter, two ginger tea, sugar less, full fat” she ordered. “You still remember my favorite…” he smiled. “I even remember you like it as hot as it comes, and direct from cup, no saucer…” she answered giving her the tea cup as waiter served. “Nothing’s changed…. You still are same…” he exclaimed followed by her silence as she sipped from her cup.
    “Nitika, my wife just hates tea, she immediately starts snee…” he said, interrupted as Anurima sneezed. “You… sneezed… don’t tell me you don’t like…” he asked in astonishment. “Tea? Yeah, i usually avoid it….” she said as she again sneezed after one more sip.
    “ You can order something else… hey wait… you used to drink tea with me at my favorite stall, you never sneez… No wait… Oh my god and we though you sneezed due to the dust on road….but… Why….. ” he asked has he kept holding his cup in hand waiting for her answer. “Same reason as today…. to be with you……..” she said and has her last sip again… followed by a sneeze.

  7. Just today that we had a blood donation campaign in our college, It was my very first time to donate blood. With all the nervousness and fear of syringes and needles in general. I get freaked out by the thought of getting pricked.. I somehow convinced myself to fill that 450 ml pouch…
    The Co-ordinator / Nurse checked my vein and applied spirit.. at that moment i knew that the syringe will insert any moment now..They instructed to press the rubber ball. i started pressing…Due to the excessive force applied in pressing the blood flow stopped… they confirmed a ‘clot’.. for a moment i was like wait am i going to die?
    They asked me do you want to try the other hand.. gone was the time that i feared… I said Go on.. Completed the blood donation.Felt like a ‘HERO’..
    Then moved onto the refreshment counter… grabbed a coffee and parle-g … the pretty standard refreshment in blood donation camps…
    I had a few friends volunteering at the counter, so i took the unfair advantage, I asked for another cup of coffee only to logically justify that i had done the donation “twice” so twice the refreshments…
    You know , I am proud of myself… despite of being scared of needles and syringes,i pricked myself twice!!! Such a kind gesture 😛 It had to be reciprocated with that extra coffee!


  8. YES.. its sis love… i love to have masala tea when its heavily raining and getting wet .. and roaming in nearby resi area .. my sis always help me in this crazyness…..

  9. Well… I was raised surrounded by coffee. My grandparents on both sides of the family had plantations/farms and coffee was the main product. On my father’s side, my grandpa would hire workers and plant, pickup and process the coffee. Me and my brother and sister would “help” if allowed when the grains were washed or dried. Once dried, my grandma would take some and fire up her “fogón” or old fashion stove (more like a big box filled with dirt, it had some cement blocks holding metal bars on top, where the pots would be place over open fire) She had a huge caldero (pot) and a burned out wooden spoon that lost its shape long ago. When she did this we had several hours of the wonderful smell of freshly roasted coffee. I used to stay with her in her unplugged kitchen (separate room without electric appliances, outside the main house where she cooked over open fire, roasted coffee, smoked meats and did most of the cooking when she was in the mood.)
    When she was done, the roasted coffee would be placed in different tin cans. Where it would stay until we wanted to consume it. Most of the time, the coffee would be grounded as needed with an old fashion grain grinder. Me and my siblings would fight over whose turn it was to use the grinder.
    Fun times… also, both grandmothers used to make coffee everyday in the morning and religiously at 3pm. Anyone in the house, no matter the age would get a cup of cafe con leche and a piece of buttered bread. Oh… the memories.

  10. I was on holidays in Cairns with my daughter and mother. One day we decided to go shopping in the local shopping mall. I was tired and was keen to get a coffee sit down and read. I told my mother and daughter to shop and that they should meet me at the coffe shop when they are done shopping. I waited at the cue and ordered a cappuccino, surprised by the price I sat down and started to read. The coffe appeared at the corner of my eye, beautifully garnished with froth and what appears to be a coffee bean on the saucer. I tried the coffe bean and to my surprise it was chocolate. When I picked up the coffe instantly I could tell the fragrance and flavour would overwhelmed my senses, with the first sip hot and mesmerising. As I enjoyed the coffee, I could hear my mother complaining to the staff at the counter, $5 for coffee you gotta be dreaming, how can you justify such a price? I heard the Barrista reply, sorry ma’am but that is just our pricing policy, I walked up to interrupt the conversation which was now a heated on. I said, that my friend is the wrong answer, the reason why you charge a higher price of $5 is because the coffe is truly great!


  11. The addiction of coffee with cigarettes :p
    Only lately did I get to know that having hot coffee gets my stomach upset :p sad but true seeing the love for coffee…I still can’t stop

  12. This guy was selling traditional Thai coffee on the streets of Bangkok for a while. Check out what he called his little business, and his cool logo.

    Do you have a funny, emotional or simply interesting story involving tea or coffee?

  13. I was in Toronto some years ago, and called into a cafe in a mall for lunch. I slid my tray of food along to the drinks guy who asked me what I would like, ‘’large coffee please “ I left him to it while I sorted out my utensils, sugar and pot of cream. I returned to my tray and slid it along to pay. I sat down, took the lid off the drink and tipped the sugar and cream in there. Imagine my surprise when it all frothed up, over the rim of the paper cup and all over the tray.
    I don’t know if you have ever tried a large COKE with cream and sugar….

  14. Scene :- A typical Arrange Marriage Meeting Set – Up.. Beautiful tale of Pia & Prem…
    It was a peaceful place, actually a open cafeteria in a Club.. Prem and his family gave a warm welcome to Pia and her family..
    All greeted each other and got settled..
    Introduction phase was just over and general talks were going on about weather and such other trivial things and here comes Waiter asking for orders intervening in the middle of the discussion..
    Everyone’s ordering something to drink.. Both Parents, The guy (Prem) and the girl (Pia)..
    Suddenly Pia heard that Prem has ordered Cold Coffee without sugar and to her surprise also mentioned loads of Ice to bring .. With a perplexed look on her face she thought that the climate was not that suitable for anyone to have a cold coffee then and that too with lots of ice..
    Weather Updates :- it was brisk, fairly cold weather and fairly strong winds were blowing around the open cafeteria..unsettled weather changes were a lot in short period.. In short, definetly not a weather to have cold coffee..
    Pia, was thinking of a way that somehow if she can tell him that it’s not advisable to have cold coffee with this weather conditions around.. ( For some reason she felt that she is concerned about Prem)..
    Pia gets another surprise, that order coming just next to her from her lil brother a “ Cold Coffee “ for me too,, she gasp in astonishment and was like “unbelievable”..
    Pia grasp that moment and started in no time with the “what is wrong with you kinda lecture” to her lil bro telling him how he could order something cold to drink looking at the rough weather, he can fall ill, may catch up cough and cold..blah.. blah.. making sure that she is audible enough to Prem..
    Everyone on the table were gauging over her protective and caring behaviour because that was just too much for the first meeting thing..
    Finally her Dad said that’s okay Pia, let him order what he wants to.. ( Eyeing her not to be over protective and let it go thing )..
    Obviously Prem noticed everything…
    Prem to himself :-
    now that’s cute.. She is really caring..
    But may be too protective..
    This is what I want..
    What if she will turn out to be bossy..
    No no she is sweet I think, She will definetly take good care of me..
    Dude You are liking her already ??
    I think so.. After what all I have been through I really want someone who’s gonna take good care of me..
    You are sick.. It’s just 15 20 mins round the table and you are liking her already.. And for God’s sake Stop starring her now.
    Order was placed on the table and everyone started with those discussions again..
    But in midst of this discourse in which everyone was busy into Prem was still starring at Pia, while she was busy thinking if she can offer him to drink her hot Coffee instead of having the cold one..
    Little they both knew that here starts a beautiful journey of two different souls meant to be together..

  15. Funny.
    I do not function properly without caffeine anymore. It started because I just liked the taste, but by the end of ninth grade I realized that I literally cannot function without a cup of caffeine.
    Mondays are the worst. My usual cup isn’t big enough anymore.
    Luckily, my lovely school has a coffee cart that trundles around the hallways. Between second and third period on Mondays, after I’ve finished cup number one, I’ll go buy a cup of iced coffee.
    One fabled Monday I walked into third period and sat down. The desks in there are arranged into fours, so there were three other people there. Two other girls had coffee cart cups, and the third had a thermos of tea.
    Tea girl looked around and laughed. “Hey, we’ve all got caffeine here! I mean, mine’s tea from home, but you guys all have coffee cart stuff. I guess everyone needs caffeine on Mondays.”
    Side note: she tries to be funny but sometimes it really doesn’t work. She thought she was hilarious for saying that.
    So I just raised my eyebrow, took a sip of my coffee, and calmly said—
    “This is my second cup.”
    I then put my usual coffee cup—a Tervis—on the desk to show them my first cup, which was twice the size of the coffee cart cup I had.
    Now they were laughing.

  16. @ coffee shop.
    After he took first sip of his Irish coffee…
    She: Will you marry me?
    He: Hey, we are best friends and I don’t feel that way for you.
    She: OK. No prob. ( Don’t lie, I believe that you love me.)
    After pause of few mins….
    She: Why u r not drinking your coffee?
    He: I thought to try something different this time. But this is not of my taste. Would you like to taste it? ( Is she really going to taste the coffee Jo maine juthi kari ..)
    She: yes. Let me taste.
    And she had a sip.
    Big smile appeared on his face and his eyes confirmed her belief.

  17. I don’t think anyone has shared this one. It’s the most beautiful and emotional Coffee Story I ever heard.
    He met her at a party. She was so outstanding, many guys chasing after her, while he was average looking, shy and awkward.
    At the end of the party, he finally summoned some courage to invite the girl to have coffee with him. She was surprised, but out of politeness, she accepted his invitation to go on a date. They both sat in a nice coffee shop, he was too nervous to say anything, she felt uncomfortable, waiting for coffee. With him being so shy and awkward around her, It seemed like the conversation between them would never start.
    The coffee was brought and suddenly, he asked the waiter. “Would you please get me some salt? I’d like to put it in my coffee!” Everyone at the cafe stared at him with a strange look! His face turned red, but still, he put the salt in his coffee and drank it. She asked him curiously, “Why this unusual habit?” He took a couple of sips and replied, “When I was a little boy, I lived near the sea, I liked playing in the sea, I could feel the taste of the sea, just like the taste of the salty coffee. Now every time I have the salty coffee, I always think of my childhood, think of my hometown, I miss my hometown so much, I miss my parents who are still living there.” While saying that tears filled his eyes.
    She was deeply touched. That’s his true feeling, from the bottom of his heart. A man who can tell out his homesickness, he must be a man who loves home, cares about home, has realized his responsibility for his family … She then started talking about her childhood, her faraway hometown, and her family.
    That was a really nice talk, also a beautiful beginning of their love story. They continued to date. She found that actually, he was a man who meets all her demands; he had tolerance, was kind hearted, warm, careful. He was such a good man and had it not been for the salt in the coffee, she’d never have really known him!
    The rest of the story was just like any other beautiful love story: they finally got married, and they lived a very happy married life. And sure! every time she made coffee for him, she put some salt in the coffee, just the way he liked it! After 40 years of marital bliss, he died after a short illness.
    One day, she found a letter he had left for her which said,
    “My dearest, please forgive me, forgive my whole life’s lie. This was the only lie I said to you—the salty coffee. Remember the first time we dated? I was so nervous at that time, actually, I wanted some sugar, but I said salt. It was hard for me to change so I just went ahead. I never thought that could be the start of our communication! I tried to tell you the truth many times in my life, but I was too afraid to do that, as I have promised not to lie to you for anything… Now I’m dying, so I tell you the truth, I don’t like the salty coffee, what a strange bad taste… But I have had the salty coffee for my whole life! Since I knew you, I never feel sorry for anything I do for you. Having you with me is my biggest happiness for my whole life. If I can live for the second time, still want to know you and have you for my whole life, even though I have to drink the salty coffee again.
    Please forgive me, darling.. for lying to you first in that Coffee Shop and then not telling you the truth every time you made coffee for me! I am not lying now when I say, I couldn’t have that coffee any other way! – still madly in love with you”
    Tears fell down her cheek as she finished reading the letter.
    If anybody asks her: “How did that salted coffee taste?” “It’s sweet.” She always replied.
    Hope you enjoy the story and pass it your kids and generations.

    Victor Allen’s

  18. Yes I do. Yes I do.
    And here goes the story……
    After a long shopping day with my bff, we stepped into a restaurant to have some food. It was beverage time after food and I was told they serve amazing Tea at that restaurant. I wanted to have Tea and my friend being a coffee fan wanted to have coffee. Also we didn’t want to have a whole full cup of coffee/tea since we were full. When the waiter stopped to take the order, I asked him to get us 1/2 coffee and 1/2 tea (1/2 read as one by two). He gave me a confused look and repeated the order making sure if that was what I wanted. My friend was confused too.
    After few minutes, he came back with two cups of coffee and two cups of tea, all the cups filled little more than half.
    So my assumption of 1/2 cup of coffee was half a cup of coffee turned out wrong and it actually meant one cup of coffee shared by two people.
    That explained the confused look of my friend and the waiter and they laughed out loud learning I had no idea what a one by two cup order means.

  19. Chinese people tap the table when you serve the tea. There is an interesting story behind it.

    Do you have a funny, emotional or simply interesting story involving tea or coffee?

    Since ancient times, many people in China have liked to drink tea, and even have produced a tea ceremony. The tea ceremony culture is an excellent culture in China. When drinking tea, there are also many etiquettes. For example, when someone pours tea, someone knocks the table with his fingers. So, do you know what it means to knock these few times?

    Do you have a funny, emotional or simply interesting story involving tea or coffee?

    It is a kind of etiquette to knock on the table when pouring tea. What he said is the meaning of thank you. Of course, different regions have different etiquettes, such as the tea ceremony etiquette of knocking on the table, more in Guangdong, China. In their view, knocking on the table is basic etiquette. This is the return of your comparison person, expressing your gratitude to others for pouring tea for you.
    The origin of this etiquette has been for a long time, and it has appeared since the ancient Qing Dynasty in China. At that time, an emperor called Qianlong, and his minister dressed in ordinary clothes went out to toured the city and countryside, to see what everyday life was like in his kingdom.
    When they came to Guangzhou, the Emperor Qianlong suddenly wanted to pour tea for the ministers in the teahouse. Everyone knows that in ancient times, the status of the emperor was very high. So the emperor serves the ministers the tea, it was a great honor. Usually, at this time, the ministers need to kneel down to thank the emperor.

    Do you have a funny, emotional or simply interesting story involving tea or coffee?

    However, since the ministers couldn’t really kneel down and thank the emperor, that would blow their cover, this worship is not appropriate. To this end, a minister proposed to use the index finger to knocked on the table while curling the forefinger and ring finger, symbolizing he’s kneeling down and knocking his head on the ground to thank his emperor for such honor. Later it became a thank you ceremony on the tea table today in China.
    Of course, this kind of etiquette is also divided into many situations, and there are different ways to face different people. Like an elder, it usually means knocking twice. Of course, some elders just point their heads. However, if it is a younger generation, then you must express your gratitude, usually the index finger, the middle finger knock on the table, express gratitude.

    Do you have a funny, emotional or simply interesting story involving tea or coffee?

    Eight O’Clock


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