Do you drink hot coffee in the summertime?

Do you drink hot coffee in the summertime?

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  1. I prefer iced coffee in the wintertime…
    I’m serious, believe it or not…
    I’m quite obsessed with it…
    Iced coffee, that is…
    With two shots…
    Of espresso…

  2. Of course I do.
    I live in dry, arid Australia, and I don’t care what temperature it is outside – I’m drinking coffee.
    “Oh, well you must eat ice cream in summer and hot chocolate in the winter.”
    Stop with this! Who made this a rule?
    I drink hot coffee, ice coffee, medium temperature coffee regardless of the temperature.

  3. Yes. Directly in front of the air conditioner.
    Someday perhaps I’ll live in a climate where that air conditioner is unnecessary even in summer. Greenland? Northern Norway? Antarctica? Somewhere.

  4. Yep.
    Unless the coffee in my mug cools off to room temperature and I get so involved in what I’m doing that I forget to go to the coffee pot and freshen up the stuff in the mug…
    Which happens every now and then…

  5. YES! I don’t think I could function anymore without coffee. Never been a fan of cold coffees and definitely not iced ones – my teeth are waaaay too sensitive.

  6. Tea at home and coffee when I am out, unless I find one of those really rare places that can serve proper tea. Rarely drink anything cold other than water down the gym.

  7. I drink hot coffee all the time , summer , Autumn , winter and spring , it is nearly all my daily fluid intake of around 15 mugfulls . However I only drink a mild flavour coffee , but the caffeine keeps me alert and stimulated . It does not prevent me from sleeping and every night I have a mugful just before going to bed , the sugar I take with it makes up quite a bit of my energy intake daily , as I do not eat breakfast and only eat a light lunch , and a main meal in the evening .

    Victor Allen’s

  8. I drink ristretto. A very short espresso. Not much hot liquid but plenty of aroma and caffeine.
    Of course not as an only drink, I also drink a lot of water, or juice and water, or green tea (sometimes iced).

  9. No, I make iced coffee. Delicious.
    A hint, though. Make the coffee quite strong. Let it cool down and, if you can, refrigerate for a while. This will prevent the ice from diluting the coffee.
    Serve with the usual things…sugar, cream, milk, or for a nice treat, simple sugar.

  10. Actually, I do, but only when it’s early and not hot yet or if I am somewhere with indoor air conditioning. If I am outdoors and starting to feel too hot, I will stick with just water to re-hydrate. Also, for the best benefits to my body, I drink room temp water with no ice. There is a reason for that, but that’ s another story not related to your question.

  11. Yes, I’ve been drinking coffee for about 3 years now and I still drink it in summer to keep myself awake during the day; I learned to enjoy it all black. If I feel like I need something cold, I’ll just eat ice cream or make a cold brew, but I’ll still drink normal coffee. It kind of became necessary.


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  13. I drink and enjoy hot coffee every morning 365 days a year. I have lived in Hialeah Florida, Edmonton Alberta, Chanute Kansas, Chanakkle Turkey, Huston Texas, Temara Morocco, Erie Pennsylvania, Chihuahua Mexico, Speed Indian, Islamabad Pakistan, Hokendauqua Pennsylvania, Paris and London. I have enjoyed coffee in a few dozen more places that my experience was required. Every place I have lived and worked had coffee. My work experience broadened my experience and taste for my morning beverage.
    And… I drink iced coffee on many an afternoon.
    And I finish many great meals with a double espresso.

  14. Only very early in the morning. After that, no. Cooler months, different story, coffee until early afternoon sometimes. Just my personal preference.

  15. I no longer drink hot coffee in the wintertime or the summertime. My coffee if I drink it must be iced, and flavored. I usually go with green tea or if not available a coffee and lemonade concoction that I call a Nuclear Arnold Palmer.


  16. Yes I do. It is not as hot as one might think, however. I prefer my coffee between 100 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit (~38–54.4 deg. C). Thus I drink it from a small, cast iron, cauldron. In addition to bringing that delightfully spooky je ne sais quoi to my daily existence, it cools freshly brewed coffee to a drinkable temperature quickly due to the thermal load of the cast iron. This is how I drink coffee year round. I am sorry if you find this offensive, but for me, every day is Halloween.

  17. No but I drink iced coffee in the middle of winter in a snow storm (ok well I live in Florida so we obviously don’t have snow storms) but I’ve traveled all over this country and was in plenty of snow storms and always drank the iced coffee.
    Once in Montana they did look at me a bit funny, but that’s life.


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