Do vegans drink coffee?

Do vegans drink coffee?

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  1. Some do, some don’t. But an observant vegan would not add cream, milk, or as some of the paleo diet enthusiasts bizarrely suggest, butter, or any other animal product.

  2. A2A. Coffee is a seed from a fruit, and therefore vegan unless one adds honey or dairy products to it. When people boycott coffee for reasons of principle (vegan or otherwise), it tends to be over concerns about its shade-grown or fair-trade status.
    So in closing: yes, provided that they actually like it.

  3. Umm yea!
    And if you try out my recipe, you’ll never go back to a ‘normal’ iced coffee ever!
    mejdool/regular dates (as many as u care for)
    insta coffee
    cinnamon (1/2 tsp), nutmeg (1/4 tsp), vanilla essence
    ice cubes+ water
    dash of soy/almond/rice/coco mylk
    carob/cacao/cocoa if you want something more chocolateey (I dislike chocolate, so I skip this)
    BLEND Babie!!!!!!!
    Let me know if you like this!

  4. I like Silk soy creamer (unsweetened, not the vanilla flavor) in my organic coffee as part of my plant-based dietary lifestyle. I buy fair trade coffee from Honduras, because I want to buy a product from farmers who choose to make the best lives for themselves in a country with many problems. I would love to find more products from countries like Honduras, Guatemala (also great coffee, btw) and El Salvador so jobs will increase, their economy will improve, people will no longer feel the need to traffic in drugs, and people will live nice lives in their own countries instead of fleeing to the US to work in crappy jobs they hate while hiding from ICE in fear. Anyone who can produce the great cup of coffee I enjoy every morning deserves everything they want in life.

  5. I love coffee! I usually have an almond milk cappuccino – make sure you ask the barista if the chocolate powder contains milk though!
    There are many milk alternatives that are available in most cafes these days such as:
    Almond milk
    Soy milk
    Coconut milk
    Hazelnut milk
    Or if the cafe you are going to does not have any of these milks, a long black or tea will do!

  6. I do but I drink it black, without milk.
    As long as no animal was hurt in making it, for me it’s absolutely fine. Furthermore it wakes me up and boosts my metabolism, but I don’t drink too much. Just one coffee a day.

  7. That is actually an interesting question. The answer to this question largely depends on how coffee is made . If coffee beans are roasted with animal fats or byproducts, it would be fair to say that coffee beans were roasted with animal products, and therefore, coffee would count as a vegan. However, if all stages of the production process are without animal products, then the coffee would not be considered vegan because some processes could still include animal ingredients (like water). Luckily, many vegan-friendly cafes offer soy and almond milk options for those who want to avoid animal-derived caffeine.
    The popularity of veganism is rising, and coffee is no exception. Several companies are now producing vegan coffee, which allows those who practice a vegan lifestyle to enjoy their favourite beverage.
    There are several reasons why people choose to go vegan, but one of the most popular reasons is because it is healthy for you. Many believe that going vegan can help lower cholesterol levels and improve blood pressure.
    Coffee is a great way to get your daily dose of antioxidants, which are believed to be beneficial for your health. There are also many ethical reasons to go vegan. For example, some animal rights activists believe that all animals should be able to live without being exploited for food or clothing. They argue that humans should not be the only species that gets to have dominion over other creatures.

  8. We most certainly do!
    If coffee was found to not be Vegan, then I’d have to stop calling myself a Vegan.
    Coffee is a bean. Beans are a plant.
    I have sugar in my coffee. Sugar is a plant.
    What I don’t have in my coffee is dairy products. I don’t add animal milk.
    I have almond, macadamia, soy, hazelnut or rice milk. All plant based milks.

  9. Yes! It just depends on the person. Coffee without milk or cream is 100 percent vegan. I’m a tea guy myself, but I know plenty of vegans who go for a good cup o’ joe.


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